Acer Iconia Tab A200 review: The 'Toll Road' of Android tablets

As I said last week in my First Take, there's really nothing special about the Acer Iconia Tab A200. Not that it does anything wrong, but what it does do just isn't especially noteworthy.

It really is the Toll Road of Android tablets. It gets the job done, but not much else. What's a "Toll Road," you ask? Actually, he's an "Expendables" character you likely don't even remember being in the movie.

An admittedly flawed movie, "The Expendables" is filled with a team of colorful and memorable characters. At … Read more

Is the Acer A200's utter dullness justified by its $330 price? (First Take)

Editors' note: The Acer Iconia Tab A200 ships with Honeycomb, but, according to Acer, will receive an over-the-air update to Ice Cream Sandwich within the next few days. We'll post a full review of the tablet after Ice Cream Sandwich hits, but in the meantime, check out this exhaustive first take.

There's really nothing special about the Acer Iconia Tab A200. Sure, it's ICS-upgradable, but both the Motorola Xoom and Asus Transformer Prime have already beat it to the punch.

Also, while it features the bare minimum capabilities of all other post-Honeycomb Android tablets, it actually loses two features many Android tablet owners take for granted: a rear camera and an HDMI port.

Still, it can be yours for only $330 (for 8GB; $350 for 16GB), making it the cheapest non-contract buy-in to Honeycomb/ICS yet.… Read more

Acer's new full-featured tablet comes minus one feature

So how important is a back-facing camera to the overall tablet experience? Acer seems poised to have that question answered with the announcement of the Acer Iconia Tab A200.

Acer refers to the A200 as a full-featured tablet and for the most part, that is indeed the case. It sports a 10.1-inch screen, with a 1,280x800 resolution, plays 1080p video, and comes packed with Honeycomb 3.2.

Also, in mid-February you'll be able to upgrade to Android 4.0 via a free Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. We assume this'll be an over-the-air update, but Acer didn'… Read more

Rumor Has It, Ep. 10: Hey HTC! We'll be your flagship phone (podcast)

That's it. The month is up, and Karyne is losing the betting war.

But you know who's really losing the war? Acer, with its ridiculous leaked video promo for the Acer Iconia Tab A200. What's with that barfy piano music?

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Acer Iconia Tab A200 promo video leaks onto Web

Tablet buyers interested in Acer's upcoming Iconia Tab A200 will pick up a few tidbits from a promo video now showing up online.

Popping up on YouTube and appearing below, the 2-minute promo starts off in typical advertising fashion with a family gathered around a campfire and then at home sharing and using the tablet. But scattered throughout the ad are some interesting details.

The tablet will come with both a USB port and a microSD card slot, allowing people to share files with other devices. A standard Webcam is included for shooting video and chatting online.

Owners will … Read more

Sony's $700 dSLR looks like a contender

Though Sony's Alpha DSLR-A100 currently occupies the price slot of an entry-level dSLR, that's just an accident of time, a midrange model that stayed too long at the party. Sony's first true foray into the entry-level market arrives in the Alpha DSLR-A200, slipping into the market niche currently hogged by the Nikon D40x and Canon EOS Rebel XTi. Preliminary specs include:

10-megapixel, 23.6mm x 15.8mm Super HAD CCD ISO 100 to 3200 Super SteadyShot sensor-shift image stabilization 9-point AF sensor with single cross-type sensor in center 40 segment exposure metering system 230,000-pixel 2.7-inch … Read more