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Jaikoz for Mac review

Jaikoz for Mac updates the metadata of your music files using one of several available online databases. The app comes with a trial mode in which you can edit 20 tracks at once -- during our testing the accuracy was 95 percent. Apart from the minor tagging inaccuracies, the app suffers from a few hindrances and usability problems.

When launching Jaikoz for Mac, you will notice that iTunes will automatically launch as well, but contrary to expectations, the iTunes library will not be automatically loaded; You have to go into settings, and point the app to your Music folder. The … Read more

Review: Convert audio files to play on your device with Free Audio Converter 2014

In the crowded field of audio conversion tools, Free Audio Converter 2014 straddles the fence between ease of use and features. It's an approach that many users will no doubt want to try, especially those disappointed by stripped-down tools yet intimidated by the do-it-all software. It has the features we expect, like drag-and-drop and plenty of presets to make it easy to convert files to play on your phone or other devices, and it supports high-quality formats like Ogg Vorbis and FLAC.

Like the program, itself, Free Audio Converter 2014's user interface strikes a balance between ease of … Read more

Review: iBluff: Trivia Endless: True or False Quiz tests your knowledge of random facts

iBluff: Trivia Endless: True or False Quiz provides you with a constant stream of true or false questions on random topics. This is a fun way to see how much you know and how your knowledge matches up with other players. You can't control the category of the questions, so you'll get some about video games and some about world history, and just about everything else in between.

As soon as you open iBluff, you're ready to play. The questions display in the middle of the screen, and you can enter your answer by hitting either the … Read more

Review: Yelp searches for businesses located near you, but lacks true international support

Yelp offers powerful local search capabilities to help you discover new shops, restaurants, and similar venues while on the go. Using a somewhat outdated, yet intuitive interface, the app boasts a wide list of establishments in the U.S. and even some in Western Europe, with data becoming scarcer as you move to smaller countries.

After a quick installation, Yelp for iOS takes around 38MB of space. Once launched, the app will ask for your location and you will be prompted to create a Yelp account, which will enable you to write reviews and bookmark locations. International users should skip … Read more

Review: Add cute touches to messages with TextCutie

Leko's TextCutie adds adorable cuteness to your Android text messages. This free app lets you customize messages with backgrounds, fonts, and effects that are easy to apply, and it works with practically any social media or messaging app, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr. Regular new releases include themes for holiday greetings. TextCutie 1.6.1 runs on most Android devices (2.2 and up) and is supported by ads.

TextCutie opened with a lace-trimmed pink text field above buttons labeled "Cutify" and "Store" and a four-leaf clover we could tap to randomize … Read more

Review: iTubeDownloader for Mac pulls videos directly from YouTube to your computer

iTubeDownloader for Mac allows you to quickly find and download any video from YouTube all from a single interface. Because it contains a proprietary browser and you can copy and paste within the same window, it is a very fast and very accurate way to download videos from the Web to your computer.

After installation, the iTubeDownloader will create a folder on your desktop where it will automatically save all videos that it downloads. It goes to the YouTube homepage immediately, as well, and you can start downloading videos from there. Just find a video you want, copy the URL … Read more

Review: Listen to YouTube lets you take your favorite YouTube videos anywhere

Listen to YouTube quickly downloads your favorite songs off of YouTube, as well as YouTube videos, but its format support is limited. It only supports one major audio format and makes you pay for the full version to use the converter.

Listen to YouTube isn't just geared to music, but would work with TED talks and other lectures to make a podcast to listen to on the go. The program's installation process was clean with no alerts from our antivirus software. While its interface isn't much to look at, it is quite intuitive. By default the interface … Read more

Review: PDFpenPro for Mac is a sleek, fast PDF editor that works well with most files

PDFpenPro resolves one of the biggest issues users have with PDF documents -- their intractability when edits are needed. Rather than requiring expensive first-party software for edits or a source file, PDFpenPro allows you to quickly and easily edit the documents, changing text, highlighting segments, and adjusting on-page elements. It's not as powerful as the full Acrobat suite, but it's close and it's a lot more accessible.

When you open PDFpenPro, you're asked to register for ease of updates and file saving, but it's not required. You can then immediately start opening and editing files. … Read more

Review: Compress and resize image batches on the go with Caesium Portable

Caesium Portable lets you take Caesium Image Compressor's fast and powerful image compression capabilities with you. Like the installed version, Caesium Portable is freeware that quickly resizes and compresses images with minimal quality loss and also helps you post them online. It's a great choice for Web admins, bloggers, and photographers, but anyone who needs to take their megapixel snapshots and reduce them to a manageable size can benefit from Caesium Portable. It handles different compression levels for multiple images, and its preview feature make it easy to achieve the best balance between image quality and file size. … Read more

Review: Share beats and rhymes on The Booth Rap Studio social network

The Booth Rap Studio offers a way to share beats and rhymes on the go, but there aren't enough features and there are too many ads covering the app. It's a shame because there are some unique artists filling the network with content that's worth exploring.

This app offers a place where aspiring hip hop artists can share their homemade beats and best freestyles. You have to create an account to use the app, but you can use your Twitter or Facebook info. to save yourself some trouble. The app's layout is fairly smooth and lets … Read more