Todoist review

Packing all the task management features you could dream of in a well-polished interface, Todoist helps you improve your productivity and become more organized. Although the free version of the app puts at your fingertips great features like project sharing, visual scheduling, the ability to add tasks from any app, and cross-platform support, you will have to pay $29 to be able to add notes to your tasks, receive reminders, perform automatic backups, or use task labels.

Todoist installs in a flash and asks you to sign in -- which you can do through your Google account -- before presenting … Read more

DAEMON Tools Pro review

DAEMON Tools Pro helps you mount virtual disks with no problem through its streamlined interface and clear sets of controls. With all features easily accessible, this program is powerful enough to satisfy advanced users while intuitive enough for beginners to figure out quickly.


Conversions: Not only does this program mount disk images for you, it also converts disks to disk images, so you don't have to find another program to perform that function. Having these features integrated into the same app makes the process smooth from beginning to end, and it also makes it more accessible for less-experienced … Read more

Any Video Converter review

Any Video Converter takes videos from your computer or downloaded from the Internet and converts them into just about any format you'd like. Just import the video, pick your preferred format, and hit convert, and you're ready to transfer that video to your mobile device.


Tons of options: You're almost guaranteed to find the right format in this app's long list of options. The formats are also organized by device, so you can quickly find the format you're looking for whether you have an iPhone, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Samsung Phone, Roku, or just … Read more

Bakery Story review

Bakery Story is an exceptionally fun and addictive cooking simulator, even if it isn't the most original game of its kind. In fact, it's a spitting image of a popular Facebook game, even down to its distinctive graphics. That means that you'll have no problem learning and loving this game, if you're a fan of its distant relative.

This game lets you take control of a boutique bakery, starting with its décor and name and later what you serve and how many customers you can handle. Different foods and drinks take different amounts of … Read more

jBidwatcher for Mac review

jBidwatcher for Mac lets you search and bid on eBay auctions through an easy-to-learn interface. It can place bets on your behalf, seconds before an auction ends, a practice known as sniping. Other features include drag-and-drop integration for adding auctions right from a browser, the creation of custom tabs, customizable double-click actions, My eBay integration, and advanced features like setting up a remote database, proxy, or firewall exclusion.

jBidwatcher for Mac requires Java. After installing the app we encountered a peculiar error where the OS thinks the app is damaged and recommends deleting it -- we resolved this by allowing … Read more

Aeon for Mac review

Aeon for Mac incorporates a new visualizer into some of the most popular media players, including iTunes. Like others of its kind, this premium extension presents you with abstract graphics and animations that react to the tempo of the music that is playing. What sets Aeon apart is the underlying hardware acceleration that improves the performance on slower machines.

Since it integrates with iTunes, Aeon for Mac will ask during installation for your administrative password. The demo version we tried does not come with a standalone app. Instead, it has to be activated via the View menu in iTunes. We … Read more

CAPS Warn for Mac review

CAPS Warn for Mac alerts you when you press keys such as the Caps lock or Num lock unintentionally during your typing sessions. You can enable the app to "warn" you through icons displayed on the computer screen, with the flashing of the screen, or even through an alert sound.

You can install CAPS Warn for Mac in a few clicks and then locate it under System Preferences. Once you launch the program, it quickly opens to a rather basic but clear interface. The app is easy to understand and gives clear instructions on how to enable CAPS … Read more

Review: iSwifter Games Browser is an ad-supported Flash browser for your iPad

iSwifter Games Browser allows you to view Flash on Web sites that use it, as well as play any Flash games that your iPad would not otherwise support. The Flash playback and interface are effective, but the iSwifter app places many restrictions on their use in the free version, along with heavy ad support to gain more trial time if you don't choose to buy the full app.

The app loads with a clear explanation that, until you unlock the full version, you can only use it for ten minutes per day for one week. During this time you … Read more

IBM's 5 in 5: The five ideas that will change your life

Imagine doctors using your own DNA in diagnosing and treating you for everything from cancer to heart disease to stroke. According to researchers at IBM, that technology, now in use in just a handful of cases, will become common practice in the next five years.

IBM researchers included DNA sequencing and other ideas on their annual "5 in 5" list this year. It's a list of what they call the five "innovations that will change the way we live" in the five years to come.

The theme of this year's list (below) is "in the future everything will learn." … Read more

Review: InstaLomo HD for Instagram lets you create and post interesting photos

InstaLomo HD for Instagram isn't a bad photo editor by any means, but it doesn't have enough filters or features to beat out countless other options. It's prone to glitches and slower performance, as well. There's just not much here to pull you away from your current photo filtering app of choice.

Though this app references Instagram, it's not connected to it at all. This means that while you don't have to log in, you don't get any of the polished Instagram features, either. Instead, you'll get a handful of Instagram-esque photo … Read more