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EZ Bathroom review

EZ Bathroom is an app that promises to help you design a bathroom with a variety of options for furniture and décor. Unfortunately, an unintuitive interface and the fact that most of the app's features can't be accessed without an upgrade make EZ Bathroom hard to recommend.


Some Flexibility: To be honest, we're struggling to come up with much of anything that we liked about EZ Bathroom. We suppose we can give it some credit for the fact that the fixtures it includes can be resized, making it easier for you to see how … Read more

Roomeon 3D-Planner for Mac review

Roomeon 3D-Planner for Mac gives you the tools you need to design and arrange any room through its intuitive and versatile interface. Drag and drop different types of furniture, accessories, and decor into your room, while also adjusting the dimensions of the room to suit your vision. Then save your creation, or share it with the community.

To use Roomeon, you'll have to set up a free account or log in with Facebook. Once that's done, you can jump right into designing and decorating the room of your choice. The first step is to choose a template for … Read more

Synology flagship DSM 5.0 NAS operating system now live

Two months after the beta was announced, Synology's DiskStation Manager (DSM) 5.0 is now live.

Since its inception, DiskStation Manager has been by far the most advanced operating system for NAS server and helped Synology NAS sever to win many of CNET's Editors' Choice awards, such as the Synology DiskStation DS1513+.

The new upgrade brings in a totally revamped user experience. The interface has been overhauled with lots of improvement with a Control Panel that incorporates a new ease of use collectively found in other native operation system, such as Windows, Mac OS, and even iOS. It … Read more

Peazip Portable review

Peazip Portable would be a fantastic zipping program even if it wasn't portable. The fact that it is makes it a phenomenal option to choose for zipping and unzipping your files. It's especially potent if you need the same experience on multiple computers or have a do-it-all Flash drive.

This is a portable program, so it's made to live on a USB drive and work with multiple computers without needing installation. If you have an overly sensitive anti-virus program, it might flag this app as suspicious, but ours didn't make a peep when we tested the … Read more

Business Card Shop for Mac review

Business Card Shop for Mac enables you to create professional business and personal cards with a high degree of detail. You can start from scratch, or you can pick template card designs spanning over a hundred occupations and over 30 general layouts. Card customization is intuitive, yet powerful, with support for layers, alignment guides, the grouping and locking of items, content placeholders, and many optional adjustments to every object on the canvas.

Business Card Shop for Mac features AddressBook integration to automatically insert your information. It supports all card styles, as well as the metric, imperial, and point measuring systems, … Read more

Mobolive review

Mobolive is a smooth-enough launcher, but its major strength is how developed its marketplace and environment is. It sports plenty of themes, lots of apps for you to download, and so many ways to customize. While you'll have to make some sacrifices to get the most out of it, it's still one of the most advanced launchers available for your phone or tablet.

This app replaces your default home screen and launcher in Android, giving your phone a whole new interface. You can add custom widgets, folders, and apps right on your main screen just as you would … Read more

System Mechanic Free review

System Mechanic Free does an excellent job of optimizing your computer's performance and protecting you from viruses. Though it's not easy to set up by any means, the number of features tucked away inside of this program is too good to pass up. It doesn't hurt that the program sports a nifty, easy-to-use layout, either.

This program handles just about any task you'd need to perform to boost your computer's performance. In addition to the typical virus and malware protection, it offers performance scans, memory and Registry clean-ups, and other boosts that will keep your … Read more

Review: Stu's Quiz Boxes creates a question and answer game

Stu's Quiz Boxes creates a question-and-answer-style game for two to six players that's perfect for classrooms or parties. It comes preloaded with a few quizzes in academic areas and a few in pop culture, but you can easily add your own questions to this Jeopardy-style game, and it's quick to set up and run.

The interface for Stu's Quiz Boxes is straightforward, with options for selecting quizzes, skins, setting the number of players, and beginning the game across the top of the screen. There are three skins that come with the program including one featuring Harry … Read more

Review: Peces (Tangram Game) for Mac offers a challenging puzzle game

Test your puzzle-solving skills with Peces (Tangram Game) for Mac by fitting colored fragments that look like basic geometric figures into a predetermined shape. The game boasts no less than 18,000 preloaded shapes, which span four difficulty levels. Overall, it's a challenging game that has a lot of replay value since you can create your own levels or let the software generate some instantly for you.

Peces (Tangram Game) for Mac, like many open-source projects, doesn't put much emphasis on design; in other words, the minimalistic main window won't make your jaw drop. But the game … Read more

Review: Spy Phone App easily and secretly monitors an Android phone

Spy Phone App lets you see every picture, text, call, and message an Android phone sends. It has a handy online interface for the controller and impressively hides from any and all prying eyes. There are few spying apps that are as useful and as powerful as this app.

Once you have this app on a phone, you can see just about everything the phone does from a handy online interface. You can see the phone's calls, texts, photos, and even the details from inside of a few messaging apps. Every log is easy to find and even comes … Read more