Sothink Logo Maker Professional review

A one-stop solution for the creation of professional logos, Sothink Logo Maker Professional retains the practicality of previous versions while introducing new freeform design elements, better color management, and copious presets and ready-made design elements.


Stimulates creativity: Sothink Logo Maker Professional impressed us with its available presets and the huge, well-categorized collection of resources it offers. The well-laid-out interface panels provide access to all the features you need to design catchy logos.

Freeform tools: If you own a graphics tablet you can try your hand at creating new elements with a simulated pencil, brush, or pen, or starting from … Read more

AT&T serves up Android 4.4 to Samsung Galaxy S4

AT&T on Wednesday confirmed that the Android 4.4 update is ready for Samsung Galaxy S4.

Expected to roll out over the coming days, the KitKat update also brings a number of other noteworthy changes. Specifically, it adds compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy Gear as well as the ability to drag and drop to uninstall apps. AT&T, for its part, promises improved call quality.

The update is a sizable one, weighing between 412MB and 842MB, depending on which version of Android the user is currently running. Because of its size AT&T will only allow … Read more

HTC: Android 4.4 will come to HTC One, but a little late

You'll have to wait a little bit longer for that KitKat goodness to come to the HTC One.

In a letter to customers posted on its site, HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie said that the company would be a week or two late in delivering Android 4.4, known as KitKat, to the HTC One.

The company had a self-imposed deadline of updating its flagship smartphone with KitKat 90 days after the official release of the software. With those 90 days almost up, Mackenzie provided an update.

HTC previously said the update was being certified by all four of the major US carriers. … Read more

Motorola's Moto G Google Play Edition serves up sweet KitKat for less

Up until now, the most affordable way to get your mitts on an unlocked Android smartphone was the Motorola Moto G. For true 'droid diehards though, the device's software, which is only slightly tweaked by Motorola, may not be quite pristine enough. Enter the new Moto G Google Play Edition (GPE). Priced at the same incredibly low price as the first Moto G, $179 (8GB) and $199 (16GB), this model offers completely unadulterated Android 4.4 KitKat at bargain basement rates.

Of course the Moto G GPE also proves the old maxim that there's no such thing as … Read more

Review: Private Camera offers a slick interface for saving personal photos to iOS

Private Camera offers a number of unique features and a slick, iOS 7-inspired interface to protect your personal photos and videos on your iPhone. From the layout of the app to the smooth transitions and seamless performance, Private Camera offers fast and effective security for your personal photos and videos on the go, with the added features you need to share or move those files.

When you set up the app for the first time, you can choose to set a standard PIN-style password or a drawn password. The password can be changed later, but it's important that you … Read more

LG's Google edition G Pad 8.3 tops the original

If you're an Android purist, you're going to love this Google Play edition of the LG G Pad 8.3. Nearly identical to the original in hardware, the major difference you'll find between the two versions comes down to the operating system and skin that you interact with.

While LG's first version runs the company's Optimus 3.0 user interface, this G Pad runs the unadorned stock version of Android 4.4 KitKat. You do lose a lot of LG's built-in software features in the transition, which is a shame for the more useful … Read more

Verizon serves Android 4.4 to Droid Ultra, Maxx, Mini

Verizon on Thursday announced that the Motorola Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, and Droid Mini are receiving Android 4.4 updates. The trio of smartphones are among the first carrier-branded smartphones to pick up the most recent version of Android.

As expected, the update adds features such as full-screen mode, color emoji support, enhanced security, and an improved camera. Also included is support for the Fitbit tracker and Motorola's DroidZap 2.0 software.

Verizon took the update as an opportunity to upgrade apps and services like Verizon Tones and Verizon Mobile Security. Rounding things out, the Droids see Google Photo … Read more

KitKat is now the 1 percent -- of Android devices

Android 4.4 KitKat is now officially a blip on the Android radar a month after its debut.

Collecting Google Play stats during the seven days that ended Monday, Google's Android developer dashboard found that KitKat now flavors 1.1 percent of all Android devices. Android 4.4 launched in early November, triggering its gradual rollout to phone and tablet users.

As always, getting the latest version of Android on your device is a hit-or-miss matter. It all depends on how fast your smartphone maker and carrier can ramp up the update. So a 1.1 percent share after … Read more

Top 5 reasons to get the Nexus 5

It's been more than three weeks since the Nexus 5 made its way onto the market, and the momentum hasn't stopped. Here in the US, the black and white 16GB models sold out quickly after their launch (though both are now back in stock), and the Google Play store in India also experienced a shortage within hours of posting the phone.

True, the handset does have its faults (which we'll get to), but despite its drawbacks, the Nexus 5 is still an excellent device for the reasons we list below. Of course, if you have other reasons why you like it (or even hate it), be sure to let us know in the comments.… Read more

Manage default SMS app on Android 4.4 KitKat

For those Android users lucky enough to have already received Android 4.4 KitKat on their preferred device, changing the default SMS app is possible, but very hidden.

After installing another SMS app you might be prompted by the app to set it as the default SMS provider. Doing so will allow the app to alert you to new messages, and handle any outgoing messages you compose via another app.

There are times when you either dismiss the prompt on accident, or you're not prompted at all, and thankfully Android 4.4 KitKat includes a system setting to change … Read more