Ghostery for Safari review

The Ghostery add-on for Safari is a small, well-built application that gives you personal control of your Internet privacy. You will find the interface to be self explanatory and the performance to be of the best quality.


Ideal operation: Ghostery provides you with a list of all trackers on a given Web site, and you decide which services will be blocked. We noticed that once a tracker was blocked, no remnant of the service remained on the current Web page, as well as any other Web site that we visited.

Helpful layout: The layout is straightforward, and the design … Read more

Wondershare TunesGo review

Wondershare TunesGo lets you manage the media on your Apple devices, and move it from one to the other without going through iTunes. With this handy app, you can quickly export all kinds of files to your computer or just back up your data, so you don't have to worry if your device is lost or damaged.


Nice interface: This program offers a sleek and streamlined interface through which you can easily access all app features. Large buttons identify different actions, and clear instructions let you know what to connect and when. There are also status bars that … Read more

Google Voice review

Google Voice is an innovative application that connects your Google account and mobile phone service. It presents viable alternatives to standard calling and text messaging, but Google Voice's advertised features do not always function as promised.


Good integration: Google Voice had no hang-ups when integrating with our test phone and performed well as the main voicemail service. Notifications regarding missed calls and texts were immediately received on our email, text, and Google Voice account.

Fine quality: The calling and text messaging experience was comparable to our standard carrier, and the software made no errors during tests. We were … Read more

Coollector Movie Database review

Coollector Movie Database helps you keep track of the movies you've seen, the ones you want to see, and the ones you own. With a huge collection of movies and information, any movie buff could spend hours perusing this program and finding all kinds of interesting things to watch.


Rate for suggestions: When you first open the app, a "game" will pop up asking you to rate three random movies. As you rate each, a new one will appear, and if you get to the point that you haven't seen any of the movies displayed, … Read more

Elmedia Player for Mac review

Elmedia Player for Mac is a comprehensive solution for playing all kinds of videos and other media files on your Mac without having to convert them. Through the app's intuitive interface, you can stream online movies, and you can browse and make selections from your own media library.


Built-in browser: One of the most convenient features of this app is the built-in browser, which lets you search for online movies directly without having to use a different program. And when you find a video you want to watch, you can play it instantly, right through the app, as … Read more

Bigasoft iMovie Converter for Mac review

Bigasoft iMovie Converter gives you the tools to make all of your digital video files compatible with iMovie by changing them into an MP4 format. With this tool, you can convert from tons of different formats and enjoy all of your videos on your Mac in no time.


Nice interface: This app features an accessible and streamlined interface, with clear controls for adding videos, editing them if necessary, and then initiating the conversion. Files being converted are listed in a large box in the middle of the window along with their status. That means users of all experience levels … Read more

Expensify review

Expensify is a tool to help you track all of your business expenses by entering receipts, tracking mileage, and recording time spent. You can mark items as billable or reimbursable, and you can even generate expense reports, all from the app's intuitive and convenient interface.


Trip tools: You can add everything related to a trip into the app, so all of your details, expenses, and schedules are kept in one place. You can get expense reports automatically generated with this feature, as well as receive status updates for your flights, and view an itinerary overview with just a … Read more

TripIt Travel Organizer - Free review

TripIt Travel Organizer - Free checks your hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant confirmation emails and adds maps and weather reports to them, creating a handy itinerary you can access online as well as offline, sync with your calendar, and easily check on any computer or device. The app also lets you add and edit trips manually, but doing this feels a little awkward.

TripIt Travel Organizer - Free installs quickly and requires little setup. The grayscale interface looks drab and isn't optimized to take advantage of the screen space, but remains usable, nevertheless. While this app lets you … Read more

Library Monkey for Mac review

Library Monkey for Mac lists your media files and lets you organize them using flexible smart sets, which update their content to satisfy the set conditions. This premium app also offers conversion of media files to one of ten audio formats with customizable settings. Overall the software performs well and manages to produce output files of acceptable quality.

Library Monkey for Mac's accessible interface lets you organize files in libraries (folders), sets (playlists), smart sets (smart playlists), and bins, which can only be added while some media is playing. When creating a new smart set, you can mix and … Read more

Daily Devotion review

Daily Devotion is an app for iOS devices that provides Biblical devotions each day, along with a variety of other features. This app is a great way to learn more about the Bible and keep your faith at the forefront of your daily life.

Daily Devotion has a sleek, attractive interface. Each day's devotion shows the topic, a relevant quote from the Bible, and an explanation that relates the quote to modern life. You can view devotions for different days by just flicking back and forth between them. If you'd prefer to read devotions related to a particular … Read more