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Best Buy sale trims price on cellular iPads

Consumers looking for a 3G or 4G iPad can save some cash via Best Buy.

Starting Wednesday and running through Saturday, the retailer's latest sale brings down the cost of a cellular iPad to that of a Wi-Fi model. The details of the sale are tricky, but here's how it all plays out.

Buy any cellular model iPad at Best Buy, and you instantly get a $30 discount. Activate the tablet and data plan in the store, and you save an additional $100 off the price at checkout. Further, the usual activation fee of $35 is waived. Activate … Read more

NetZero launches 3G mobile broadband via Sprint

NetZero has officially rolled out a new broadband service that travels over Sprint's 3G network.

As of Wednesday, the service is available to the 276 million people that Sprint reaches through its 3G coverage. And for those of you unhappy with 3G access, an upgrade to Sprint's 4G LTE network is scheduled for the third quarter of this year.

The new service is the result of a five-year agreement between NetZero and Sprint announced last July. At the same time, Sprint revealed an agreement with Verizon to offer mobile broadband via its 3G network, but that deal was … Read more

Datawind releases $37.99 Android tablet in US

Datawind first made waves back in 2011 with an Android tablet available to the schools in India for a government-subsidized price of $22. Known as the Aakash 2, the little tablet that could is now available in the US for $37.99 under the name UbiSlate 7Ci.

The UbiSlate 7Ci anchors a lineup of tablets running Android 4.0. For the meager pricetag, you get an 800x400-pixel 7-inch touch screen, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of flash memory, Wi-Fi, and a 1GHz processor. Those specs aren't going to knock you off your couch, but it's completely within the realm of reason for less than $40.… Read more

iPad Mini Retina 3G/4G models now reaching Apple stores

The iPad Mini Retina with Wi-Fi + Cellular is now flowing into Apple stores.

What had been barely a trickle now seems to be a veritable stream. Models, such as the 32GB Verizon version, are now popping up for customer pickup all over Los Angeles -- where the cellular model had been absent.

The Verizon and AT&T models are now available for pickup at Los Angeles area stores like The Grove, Beverly Center, Pasadena, and Century City -- just to name a few.

Ditto on the Sprint and T-Mobile versions in the Los Angeles area. Sprint and T-Mobile are … Read more

Verizon, AT&T iPad Mini Retina backordered, ship dates lag

Verizon and AT&T are both backordered on the cellular versions of the iPad Mini Retina, possibly another indication of the supply constraints for the new Apple tablet.

Verizon says the Mini Retina with "wireless and cellular" is on "back-order" and "will ship by 11/25."

AT&T says the iPad Mini Retina "with Wi-Fi + Cellular will ship in 21-28 business days."

In contrast, Apple's Web page shows five to 10 days for cellular versions from those two carriers.

That said, cellular models are typically not available for personal … Read more

Verizon to get on board NYC subways

Verizon is ramping up network coverage for its subscribers who ride the New York City subways.

The carrier announced on Tuesday that it will start installing the necessary network gear over the next several weeks with the goal of providing wireless access in 36 NYC subway stations later this year. Once the service is up and running, Verizon subscribers will be able to tap into 3G and 4G voice and data.

The move comes courtesy of an agreement between Verizon and Transit Wireless, which runs a wireless network across the 36 subway stops in midtown Manhattan and Chelsea. AT&… Read more

iPhone 6 and Samsung: Not much in common

What do the iPhone 6 and Samsung have in common? Not much, according to a report.

Samsung will not be making processors for Apple's iPhone 6, so says the Korea Economic Daily in a report dated Wednesday.

To counter the "damage caused" by "Apple shunning Samsung" for the iPhone 6 processor, the Korean company is developing a processor with an integrated 3G/4G modem for low-cost phones to compete with Qualcomm and MediaTek, the report said.

Qualcomm is a leading supplier of processors with modems built directly onto the same slice of silicon as the … Read more

FreedomPop introduces nationwide 3G, $40 hot spot

For a while now I've been wanting to test-drive FreedomPop, the wireless Internet provider that offers, among other things, 500MB of free mobile data per month.

Alas, because it's a 4G-only service based on Clearwire's WiMAX network, there's no coverage in my area.

That changes today with the introduction of FreedomPop's new Overdrive Pro mobile hot spot, which offers both 4G and 3G coverage via Sprint.

In other words, now I can get in on the free-data action. The Overdrive Pro costs $39.99 and allows for up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect at … Read more

North Korea cuts mobile Internet access for foreign visitors

Less than a month after allowing foreign visitors to access 3G wireless networks, North Korea has reportedly severed tourists' connection to the mobile Internet.

The reclusive country announced last month that it would soon relax restrictions on visitors' access to the Internet via mobile devices within its borders, rules that long required visitors to leave their handsets at the border or airport when entering to the country. Residents were expected to have access to certain voice and text services on the 3G network, but not the mobile Internet.

Koryolink, a 3G mobile provider partially owned by the North Korean government, … Read more

North Korea readies mobile Net service, but not for residents

Just one month after North Korea relaxed restrictions on tourists' cell phone use, the country will soon allow foreigners to access the Internet via mobile devices.

3G service will be operational within the country's borders by March 1, but North Koreans won't have access to the mobile Internet, according to the Associated Press. Koryolink, a 3G mobile provider partially owned by the North Korean government, on Friday began informing foreigners living in Pyongyang that they will soon be able to subscribe to monthly data plans.

The move comes a few weeks after North Korea announced it would allow foreign visitors to use cell phones within the country, … Read more