Know your (digital) rights

Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is technology designed to prevent unauthorized use of copyrighted and licensed material, such as music, video, and software, which makes it a good thing. Unfortunately, it sometimes means you can't use stuff you bought and paid for because the DRM protection lingers long after, say, you've changed providers, upgraded software, or migrated machines. DRM issues lurk in many places. A DRM removal tool is what you need, something like DRM Removal, a cleverly named utility that strips DRM protection and converts your protected files to more user-friendly formats. You can use it to … Read more

It's all Greek

In the Greek Orthodox religion, every day of the year is a nameday, dedicated to a saint or martyr. Each day has its associated feasts, celebrations, traditions, and so on, most ancient, and some actually predating Christianity, surviving from the days of Classical Greece. It's a lot to keep track of. Fortunately, modern technology once again helps maintain ancient tradition. Today Greek Calendar from Xarka Software displays all the Greek Orthodox namedays, feasts, and more, such as facts and lore from Greek history and culture ranging from antiquity to modern times. It has a lot of extras, too, such … Read more