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PDF Max review

PDF Max is a complete PDF viewer that provides you with multiple tools for annotating, editing, and reviewing PDF documents. Download documents to the app from multiple sources including Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Box, and then view, edit, or share them through a variety of other programs.

The interface of PDF Max is accessible and intuitive, with options for viewing documents organized by name or date. Adding a new document is straightforward, as you can just tap the "+" icon in the upper left-hand corner to begin. Next, select the source of the document, or create a new … Read more

Slideshow Studio HD 3 review

Ashampoo's Slideshow Studio HD 3 can take a collection of still pictures and sound clips and turn it into a basic slideshow or a public television-style documentary with music, narration, onscreen text, and special effects. It saves projects as video clips in popular formats that will play on all your devices, plus you can share them with others or post them online. Slideshow Studio HD 3 is freeware that you can try for 40 days without registering. Registration, which is also free, enables support.

At first glance, Slideshow Studio's user interface presents a busy appearance, though it's … Read more

Review: Perfect Image is a photo editor with plenty of effects

Perfect Image is a powerful photo editing tool that lets you make beautiful photos that you can then combine in a collage or share. This tool lets you experiment with and adjust just about every aspect of the photo, and there are also tools for adding light effects, text, and more. The app also integrates with Facebook, Instagram, and your e-mail, so you can share your finished photos and collages instantly.

Perfect Image has an intuitive interface that provides ease of navigation through all of its various features. When you open the app, you have the option of working on … Read more

Review: Play 21 risk-free with LastEnd's free Blackjack

LastEnd's Blackjack lets you hone your skills at 21 without risk since "bets" involve no money, though glory can be yours if you earn and share a high score. You play against a dealer and bet against the house. You can press "Deal" to start a new hand, "Hit" for more cards, "Stand" to bet your current hand, and "Double" to double the bet. Blackjack requires up-to-date DirectX controls as well as Microsoft XNA Framework, but the game's installer can also install or update those features, too.

Between … Read more

Review: Cat Sounds is a fun novelty app that will drive your pets wild

Cat Sounds isn't much more than a novelty app, but it's done well enough to impress most fans of cat noises. It's impressively easy to use and the noises are authentic enough to confuse pets as well as humans. It's the cat's meow for any Android owner who wants a useful but not overwhelming feline soundboard.

This app gives you 45 different cat noises that you can use at any time. Each one has its own special button that can be accessed instantly. There are all sorts of different emotions, including angry, relaxed, romantic, and … Read more

Review: Super Mario Bros 3 plays just like you'd expect, but features annoying ads

Super Mario Bros 3 has all of the fun, flair, and secrets of the NES game, but has some nasty ads, too. If you know how to avoid them -- or don't mind them hanging around on your phone -- the game rewards you with some serious nostalgic fun. It's just like playing the real game and you don't even have to blow on any cartridges.

This game is a full emulator of the classic NES game that many would say is the greatest of all time. In it, you have to fight through various levels of … Read more

Review: Truecaller offers a large user-driven database of phone numbers and contact info.

Truecaller allows you to connect your phone to a large crowdsourced directory of phone numbers and contact information with your iPhone. The result is a powerful tool that can help you determine who called when you miss an inbound call, where a phone number originated, and much more just by checking the directory.

When you set up Truecaller for the first time, you will be prompted to set a few basic options and then verify your phone number, whether you want to integrate your contacts into the list or not. After verification, the free account allows you to look up … Read more

Review: Convert YouTube to MP3 is the name and the game of this freeware

Convert YouTube to MP3 applies to the developer, this freeware, and its function; namely, to convert audio tracks from YouTube videos into MP3s you can play anywhere. It can process batches and save files in several high-quality formats like AAC and Ogg Vorbis. It's easy to use, but it proved a little clunky, too, and its installer includes a few too many "extras." Although you can decline them, these optional downloads might trigger your security software, as happened with ours.

After several attempts, we were able to install Convert YouTube to MP3. The program's user interface … Read more

Review: Cal | Calendar by Any.do keeps track of important events and dates

Cal | Calendar by Any.do integrates easily with your Calendar and Contacts app and lets you keep track of all those important dates, birthdays, events, and activities. If you're already using Any.do, you'll be pleased to know that this calendar app integrates well with it. It also supports social integration, which is a big plus.

You start off by logging in with an existing account or by creating a new account. You can connect to Cal using your Facebook account, which makes it easy to import friends and their birthdays, or sign up with your e-mail. For … Read more

Review: Launch apps fast with Nova Launcher

Teslacoil's Nova Launcher replaces your Android device's home page with a highly customizable front end. Its Dock launches your most-used apps, while stuff you don't need as often goes in the Drawer (just like your real desktop). You can customize just about everything about Nova Launcher, from background colors to horizontal or vertical scrolling, 3D effects, and more. Nova Launcher is free and runs best in Android 4 or better. At 2.04MB, it's compact, especially considering its versatility. A premium upgrade adds app grouping as well as gestures and scroll effects.

We didn't notice … Read more