Pandora Radio review

Pandora Radio lets you create your own stations with the kind of music you like and even gives you the option of listening ad-free for a small fee. And you can create as many different stations as you want, so you'll always have just the right station to match your mood.


Free listening: This app gives you the freedom to listen to a wide variety of songs by numerous artists for free. There are commercials every few songs, but they aren't long and generally only come one or two at a time, unlike commercials on actual radio … Read more

Review: Attachment Tamer for Mac makes it easier to add attachments to e-mails

Attachment Tamer for Mac makes Apple Mail attachments like photos and graphics easier to handle, and also uses HTML formatting to improve readability for recipients. A basic, accessible app, it does what it promises but it can be slightly annoying, at times. Still, it's worth trying out.

One of the first things that you notice about Attachment Tamer for Mac is a window soliciting the purchase of the full version of the app. This annoying window keeps reappearing each time you open the app, even if you've dismissed it before. The app doesn't have a feature-packed menu … Read more

Listen to a customized audio stream just for you with Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is an app that provides a free audio feed that is customizable to your musical tastes. The free app provides the basic service, or you can upgrade (for $3.99 a month) to a higher-quality feed that removes all ads and has fewer interruptions. The app installs easily from iTunes.

When you start Pandora Radio for the first time, you select a favorite artist, song, or album, and Pandora Radio will start to create customized playlists with similar music. As the playlists go on, you can fine-tune the types of music you like or dislike and the feed … Read more