How the LG G2 looked to 'Gangnam Style' for inspiration

BARCELONA, Spain -- Ramchan Woo is a big fan of Korean pop superstar Psy.

OK, with nearly 2 billion views on YouTube, who didn't at one time bob to the rhythm of the mega-viral "Gangnam Style" music video? But Woo, who is the head of LG's mobile platform planning division, did more than just sing and dance along to Psy's infectiously catchy beat, he used the artist and his video as inspiration for the Korean company's flagship G2 smartphone.

"He was different," Woo said as he sat next to me during a … Read more

Firefox OS sinks its teeth into low-end smartphones

In an impressive first-year achievement, Firefox OS has found a toehold in a fiercely competitive smartphone market. The next challenge for Mozilla's browser-based mobile operating system will be to convert that toehold into a foothold.

As the struggles of BlackBerry OS, Microsoft Windows Phone, and Samsung Tizen have shown, it's extraordinarily hard to find any room in a mobile operating system market where Apple's iOS and Google's Android dominate. Yet Mozilla has managed to do just that by focusing on super-low-cost smartphones and on partnerships with carriers who want something to offer in markets where even … Read more

LG Optimus G Pro 2 could debut at MWC, report says

LG will introduce the next generation of its Optimus G Pro smartphone at Mobile World Congress, says Korea's ETNews.

The handset will reportedly run Android 4.4 KitKat and feature a massive 6-inch HD display. According to a "telecommunications industry" source, the device will boast a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB RAM, and support for LTE and LTE-Advanced connectivity.

LG has a track record of unveiling multiple smartphones in the days leading into Mobile World Congress. Last year, for instance, saw the company introduce the Optimus G Pro as well as the Optimus F5 and Optimus F7. … Read more

Alleged LG G2 press shot leak upstages smartphone's debut

A little more than 12 hours before LG is expected to take the wraps off its G2, the first press image of the company's next flagship smartphone has allegedly leaked out.

A purported marketing image of the smartphone, which incidentally displays the time and date of Wednesday's big reveal, was obtained and tweeted by evleaks Tuesday afternoon. The device's front sports the standard speaker grill and three capacitive buttons, while the back cover features what appears to be a volume rocker arm situated beneath a rear-facing camera.

CNET has contacted LG for comment on the image and … Read more

Global allies give Mozilla's Firefox OS a mobile foothold

BARCELONA, Spain--Laying the groundwork for its nascent Firefox OS, Mozilla has won over a sizeable list of allies including LG Electronics and China Unicom, and the first phones with the browser-based operating system should arrive in the second quarter of the year.

Mozilla announced today at the Mobile World Congress show here that it's persuaded 18 mobile network operators and four mobile phone makers to back its open-source mobile operating system. That's not enough to unseat the incumbent powers of Google's Android and Apple's iOS slayer, but it is enough to ensure Firefox OS at least … Read more

GeeksPhone reveals Firefox OS phones for developers

A small Spanish startup called GeeksPhone has started selling phones that let developers get a taste of Mozilla's new Firefox OS.

GeeksPhone announced two 3G phones for the browser-based operating system, the lower-end Keon and higher-end Peak. The phones, while geared for programmers rather than mainstream customers, make Mozilla's open-source mobile OS a lot more real, since programmers will be able to develop apps as well as to debug and advance the underlying operating system.

Firefox OS is Mozilla's ambitious attempt to build an operating system that brings more openness to the walled gardens of Apple's … Read more

iPhone SMS spoofing tool surfaces

A French hacker is playing "tell and show" with a security flaw in iOS and how the iPhone handles SMS.

Last week, "Pod2g" released details of the vulnerability, which is still present in the latest beta of iOS 6, that could make iPhones a bit more exposed to spoofed texts or phishing scams. The missive included a plea to Apple to fix the security hole before the final release of iOS 6.

Until that happens, however, the same hacker is apparently quite happy to help others exploit the fact that iOS shows the "reply-to" … Read more

Amazon's got game (and textbook rentals)

Tuesday's top tech stories are out to disrupt your world:

Oh Amazon, what don't you do? Well cross off game development, as it just launched its own studio to make Facebook games and compete with Zynga. It also joined the textbook rental service to face off with eBay's Half.com and BookRenter.

YouTube will no longer be a pre-loaded default app on Apple devices. Apple is dropping the YouTube app for iOS 6, and Google will create a separate app you can download. It's all part of Apple's mission to distance itself from Google.

If … Read more

AT&T to kill off 2G network in 2017

AT&T is preparing to pull the plug on its 2G wireless network, but it will be a long goodbye.

The Dallas telecommunications company said it plans to discontinue its 2G network, also known as EDGE or GSM, by Jan. 1, 2017. It plans to take that 2G spectrum and re-use it to augment its 3G and 4G wireless services. The plans were disclosed in its filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

It's one of several moves AT&T has made to improve its spectrum position and fend off a looming capacity crunch. The company yesterday … Read more

Mozilla's browser OS gets partners and a name: Firefox OS

Mozilla's browser-based smartphone operating system has grown up a notch, winning over partners such as Sprint and ZTE and picking up the marketing-friendly name of Firefox OS.

In addition, Mozilla has announced several partners, a necessity for making a bunch of software into something people actually use: only a very small number of people have the skills and interest to install a mobile-phone OS.

Carrier Telefonica and chipmaker Qualcomm already were partners that emerged when Mozilla announced B2G at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. They'd said to expect phones by the end of 2012 then, but now … Read more