LuckNews for Mac review

LuckNews for Mac is an RSS reader that you can customize to help you stay up to date on the latest news from sites and blogs you follow. With its straightforward interface, this app gives you the news you're looking for as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To begin using this app, click the + icon located in the lower left-hand corner of the interface. This will open a pop-up window that you can use to enter the URL of the site you want to add. Next, a list of feeds from that URL will show up in the main … Read more

Review: VIP Access provides a much-needed additional layer of security

VIP Access is a tool from Symantec that adds a strict layer of security to your mobile and desktop browsing through an ultimately easy-to-use mobile app. While you'll need to spend some time on the front end, understanding how it works and you'll need to add additional codes to ensure secure access, the effect of this is that it is nearly impossible for someone to gain access to your most secure accounts.

VIP Access works exceptionally well for the sites on which it is available. Using Verisign technology and powered by Symantec, it has a strong and secure … Read more

Review: Yokee automates use of YouTube videos for karaoke

Yokee draws from YouTube to curate a list of instrumental YouTube videos so you can enjoy free karaoke on your iPhone. Combining a number of tools, including recording, a search function, and quick playback, you can do quite a bit with this app. Onscreen lyrics, edits to the songs, and changing beats and tempo are not available because the app uses YouTube videos; but for a limitless supply of popular songs, you can't beat its catalog.

While you can choose to link your Yokee app to Facebook, it is not necessary, so the app works fine without any log-ins. … Read more

Review: Wunderlist is a premium-grade, to-do list manager with many features

Wunderlist is a fantastic example of streamlined, intuitive design being used to provide a powerful, feature-rich experience for productivity junkies. While other GTD and list-keeping apps can cost a small fortune for iOS, Wunderlist is free. Despite that, it operates much like a paid app and works seamlessly on your device, Mac, or PC.

Wunderlist offers a number of features, but its core attraction is list creation. When it opens, you will need to register for an account or connect via Facebook. From there, you can start creating lists and on those lists you can create tasks. The pull-out side … Read more

Review: Desktop Stopwatch is accurate but Spartan in the exteme

A desktop stopwatch is something many PC users will need at some point or another--some regularly--so UT Bay's Desktop Stopwatch caught our attention. It's a super-compact, totally portable stopwatch app that can time intervals down to centiseconds (tenths of a second), a level of precision that many similar tools can't match. Unfortunately, Desktop Stopwatch lacks many of the options its competitors offer, such as countdown mode and interface options like numeral size and color. However, its total portability, very small size (68K), and centiseconds option will suit many users' needs, if not all their wants.

Desktop Stopwatch … Read more

Share files, screen captures, and almost anything with Droplr

Droplr is a file and link sharing app for Mac OS X. Available from the App Store and many download sites, Droplr installs easily and requires an account on the Droplr servers to operate. The basic Droplr service is free, and there is a Pro service, with more bandwidth, available for an additional cost.

Using Droplr is easy. You drag anything onto the Droplr menu bar icon or use the keyboard shortcut; whatever you selected is automatically uploaded to a remote server, and the remote URL is returned to you. You can then share the URL with others through email, … Read more

Nokia unwraps $62 Asha cell phones -- but not in the U.S.

Nokia has announced two new phones designed for budget-conscious and socially-networked users, although they won't be available in the United States.

Unveiled today, the Asha 205 and 206 feature phones each sell for $62. They also offer quick access to Facebook and the ability to share photos and files with users of any other mobile phone.

Both phones are slated to reach consumers by year's end. But they'll only be up for grabs in certain markets, and users in the U.S. are out of luck. Asha phones are not compatible with Microsoft's Windows Phone OS, … Read more

Don't call it a Netbook! Atom-powered 11-inch Lenovo IdeaPad S200 is 'mini notebook'

LAS VEGAS--The netbook's not quite dead yet. The Lenovo IdeaPad S200 features a next-gen Intel Atom processor, and it should offer a significantly better experience than previous-generation 10-inch Atom netbooks.

The rise of low-cost 11-inch ultraportable laptops began last year with a wave of affordable computers powered by AMD E-350 APUs. The colorful IdeaPad S200 series does include an AMD-powered version (the S206), but it's the Atom version that bears the most interest for us.… Read more

First Alcatel phones for a U.S. carrier

After introducing its cell phones to North America at the 2006 CTIA show, Alcatel has remained silent on exactly when its handsets would arrive here. But this weekend Locus Telecommunications and O2 Wireless announced they were adding the Alcatel OT-E206A and the OT-ET227A Alcatel to O2's lineup. MVNO O2 is the first wireless operator in the United States to offer Alcatel handsets.

The GSM OT-E206A is a black candy bar phone. Its features are limited to text messaging, polyphonic ringtones, games, a 250-contact phone book and a 65,000-color display. The GSM OT-ET227A is equally simple. It sports a … Read more