2010 e-readers

Which e-readers will the iPad crush?

Now that the iPad is upon us and the reviews have started coming in, it's becoming clear that the iPad is an excellent e-reader, perhaps the best one out there. This isn't exactly a great surprise. The fact is that ever since we had an inkling that Apple would come out with a slate-style device that resembled a giant iPod Touch, we knew that it would have a profound impact on the e-book reader world. We always figured there would be a before and after shot of the market--and it wouldn't be pretty for certain companies that … Read more

Liquavista shows off full-color e-reader

LAS VEGAS--Coming from the womb of Philips' Research Labs, Liquavista is working on a full-color e-reader. Specifications aren't being offered as of yet, but you can tell by the picture above that the device is very much angled at magazine and newspaper reading.

Building upon the company's LiquavistaBright platform, the new reader uses its LiquavistaColor technology for that full color screen, as well as "electrowetting" display technology, which involves modifying the surface tension of liquids on a solid surface using a voltage.

The e-reader prototype sounds pretty promising for now, but with plenty of e-readers being let out of the bagRead more

Superslim Skiff Reader features LG's 'metal foil' e-paper tech

With plenty of e-readers expected to be trotted out at this year's CES, Hearst Corp.-backed Skiff and Sprint are hoping to attract attention with a reader that's thinner and larger than anything currently out there. In Las Vegas, the companies will be previewing the Skiff Reader, which features an 11.5-inch touch-screen display (1200x1600 pixels) that's just over a quarter of an inch thick and is designed for reading newspaper and magazine content along with e-books and personal documents.

Company reps say the Skiff Reader is the first consumer product to feature LG's "metal … Read more