ePUB to PDF Converter review

ePUB to PDF Converter offers a no-frills tool to convert your ePUB files to PDF, whether you want to read them in a different format or want to make edits. While the software has some issues, and it's arguable whether it's worth the paid cost over some other free options, it works well in most regards.


Quick conversions: The conversion process between ePUB and PDF is relatively quick, allowing you to pull the information out of an ePUB you have on your computer or one you've purchased online and into a PDF relatively fast.

Not too … Read more

MP4 HD FLV Video Player review

MP4 HD FLV Video Player offers enough quality to be worth using, but it could use a few advanced features. Its bare-bones player won't win many fans when there are a lot of video players that do everything but sit up and beg. Still, if you just want something that will play your videos without much effort, you've found a good app.

This app is a video player that prides itself on its format support. Sure enough, we couldn't find a format that this app didn't play. The player, itself, just played the video, though, meaning … Read more

Review: PaperPort Notes is a great combination of note-taking and content snipping

PaperPort Notes is a very powerful app offering numerous note-taking tools in a single, concise interface that will perfectly fit the size and portability of your iPad. While an easy comparison would be to Evernote, PaperPort Notes has its own flavor that works with a natural paper backdrop, intuitive handwriting commands, and numerous other tools that allow you to add audio clips, images, and more for notes, the way you want them.

When you open the app for the first time and agree to the EULA, you'll find a yellow legal pad look and a few directions written onscreen … Read more

Review: iGooSoft iTunes Recovery for Mac scans for files in your iTunes backup folder

iGooSoft iTunes Recovery for Mac allows you to scan through and pull items out of old recovery files you have stored on your Mac. If you have old images, videos, contact information, text messages, or other files stored in the recovery images from backing up an iPhone or iPad, this app will allow you to extract them and move them to individual folders on your machine.

When you open iGooSoft after a quick installation, you can instantly start searching through your recovery files. They will be listed by device and date. Click any one of them and it will instantly … Read more

Review: Create easy reminders with AutoPostit2

AutoPostit2 offers a plain, functional reminder system and basic calendar. If you already have calendar software or use Google's calendar services, there's not much on offer here to woo you away. If you like things very easy and have no need to sync across devices, AutoPostit2 might appeal to you.

Reminders are easily set in AutoPostit2's small, unadorned interface. Set the day, time, and create the message, and then hit "Ok." You can view three months in the calendar view, which strongly resembles the default Windows calendar. There's also an address book. Now, plain … Read more

Review: Epubor EPUB to PDF Converter alters the format of certain e-books

Epubor EPUB to PDF Converter for Mac can change the format of eBooks from the rather limiting EPUB to the more popular PDF. Fast and streamlined, it helps you quickly convert your eBook reader collection into a format easy to open on your computer, but it comes with an acute lack of conversion preferences.

Epubor EPUB to PDF Converter's rather basic interface allows you to import eBooks either by selecting them through the app menu, or more conveniently, by dragging and dropping them into the main app window. You can import multiple eBooks and process them in batches, a … Read more

Review: 100 Floors includes many challenging puzzles and nifty ways to play

100 Floors looks like a typical unlock-the-door puzzle game, but it adds in some cool gameplay elements that make it unique. It makes you think deeply about what you have to do to advance to the next stage and brings your phone's accelerometer into the puzzle. That and the ability to unlock more levels should be more than enough to keep fans of the genre happy.

If you've ever played any 100 doors game, you'll know what to expect from this one. The goal is to figure out how to open the door using the props, weapons, … Read more

Review: YxPlayer Free plays cloud, Web, and phone media from one app

YxPlayer is designed to connect with your cloud and local media applications to load and play videos, music, and more in a single app. While it works as intended, the interface is cumbersome and sometimes confusing, making it hard to find and use all of the more robust features and tools included in the app. However, if you can overcome the sometimes strict learning curve, there is a lot here to like.

After loading YxPlayer for the first time, you can start connecting with outside accounts. The music player will immediately pull from your Music Library, with the added benefit … Read more

Review: Secret Message for Mac creates and reveals hidden messages

Secret Message for Mac's streamlined interface makes it an ideal application for children to send and receive secret messages. A useful Help file and good performance also contribute to the overall appeal of this entertaining application.

Secret Message for Mac unzips and opens directly to the program's interface. The menu bar options are basic, allowing users to check for updates, or consult the valuable Help section. The application's interface is quite basic with a text box for users to compose a plain message and a secret message, followed by a selection of radio buttons where users may … Read more

Review: Glow Puzzle Free is a fun, challenging take on line connecting games

Glow Puzzle Free takes a classic game -- connecting dots on a piece of paper -- and makes it into a fun, attractive, easy-to-play iOS game. The concept is an old one. Onscreen are a number of dots and lines. You need to connect every dot on the screen without doubling back with your finger. So if you tap a dot, you cannot tap it again unless completing another line. It's easy at first, but as you progress in levels you'll really need to think about what order to connect your lines.

The game starts with a series … Read more