Archiver for Mac review

Archiver for Mac lets you access the contents of 28 archive types, including the most popular ones, and can compress files quickly. This premium app comes with a 15-day free trial and features drag-and-drop interactions, both in the app, itself, and through its icon. Despite its ease of use, you still have access to advanced features like splitting archives in several parts and content encryption.


Clean-cut interface: Archiver for Mac features a minimalist main window with a drop zone. Once a file is dropped there, the app presents you with a preview of the files that were loaded and … Read more

Google Finance review

Google Finance fails to bring to your mobile device the essential functionality of Google's online finance app, suffering from broken features and an unpolished interface. Don't expect from it more than a basic market summary and mainstream market news.


Transparent: While most financial apps bombard you with charts and numbers, Google Finance manages to keep things basic by using a straightforward interface divided into three sections: Markets, Portfolios, and News.

Stock news under stock data: Tap on Nasdaq, DOW, S&P 500 in the Markets tab and you're given not only the essential numbers, but … Read more

My Lockbox review

My Lockbox is designed to protect the contents of individual folders on your computer, allowing you to set password protection, limit access and edit permission, and more, alongside a number of other features that enhance what the default Windows settings provide for folder editing. While there are some issues with the interface and management end, the software works generally as promised.


Easy setup and folder control: It takes minimal time to set up a new account and start protecting your first folders. While the software only allows free account holders to protect one folder at a time, there are … Read more

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 review

As the sequel to a game that popularized the endless runner concept, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 adds new content while retaining the fast-paced and thoroughly engaging gameplay of the original. Although it features plenty of in-game items, you don't really have to spend a dime to enjoy it.


Intuitive, fast-paced gameplay: Robot Unicorn Attack 2 turns you into a speedy, robot-like unicorn that gallops through different worlds, jumping over precipices and dashing through stars, monsters, and other obstacles while collecting tokens and completing achievements that increase your rank and unlock customizations, new worlds, and even an online mode. … Read more

Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures review

Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures combines an adventure theme with some classic solitaire-style card games to keep you entertained. Work your way through the levels to find ever more challenging games and discover the secrets hidden ahead.


Fast paced: Unlike many types of solitaire card games that can become a bit tedious, Solitaire Blitz is true to its name. You have to race against the clock, as well as try not to get stuck before you run out of cards in your deck, which helps to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time you're playing.… Read more

Coollector Movie Database review

Coollector Movie Database helps you keep track of the movies you've seen, the ones you want to see, and the ones you own. With a huge collection of movies and information, any movie buff could spend hours perusing this program and finding all kinds of interesting things to watch.


Rate for suggestions: When you first open the app, a "game" will pop up asking you to rate three random movies. As you rate each, a new one will appear, and if you get to the point that you haven't seen any of the movies displayed, … Read more

ePUB to PDF Converter review

ePUB to PDF Converter offers a no-frills tool to convert your ePUB files to PDF, whether you want to read them in a different format or want to make edits. While the software has some issues, and it's arguable whether it's worth the paid cost over some other free options, it works well in most regards.


Quick conversions: The conversion process between ePUB and PDF is relatively quick, allowing you to pull the information out of an ePUB you have on your computer or one you've purchased online and into a PDF relatively fast.

Not too … Read more

Tiny Thief review

Tiny Thief is a medieval-themed puzzle game that pits your character against the domineering palace guards in a test of wits. As you work your way through the levels of this game, you'll have to come up with more and more inventive ways of accomplishing your objectives without being seen.


Cartoon instructions: At the beginning of each level, you'll see a few comic-book-style images that give you the general idea of what your objective will be in that scene. They tend to give you just enough information without taking you through everything step by step, and they'… Read more

Glassdoor: Jobs & Salaries review

Glassdoor: Jobs & Salaries stands out from average job listings Web sites by offering you comprehensive information about companies provided by current or former employees, all of which is presented in a neat, intuitive interface. This is a fantastic app to have if you're looking for a new job.


Provides great insight into a company: Glassdoor: Jobs & Salaries doesn't only help you find attractive jobs, but also brings you valuable insight on how it feels to work for a specific company, what the management is like, and the company's faults and virtues. Since all the … Read more

Kingdom Rush HD review

Kingdom Rush HD is a strategy game in which you have to build towers to beat back waves of enemy fighters and advance down the road. As you claim more checkpoints, you unlock greater capabilities, but you'll also encounter more diverse and powerful creatures to battle.


Variable intensity: For each new level you advance to, you can set the level of difficulty. The options are Casual, Normal, and Veteran, and because you can change it at any time, you don't have to start a completely new game if it turns out that the level you chose is … Read more