AOMEI Backupper review

AOMEI Backupper offers backup and restoration services with its easy-to-use application. The streamlined design and fast response of this program are excellent, but the lack of features offered in the free version of Backupper may be disappointing.


Quick performance: We tested the speed and precision of AOMEI Backupper and noted that backups were very fast; our 18GB partition drive was backed up in under 30 minutes. The restoration process took only a few seconds, and all files were preserved accurately.

Top-notch support: Very few free programs offer as much support as AOMEI Backupper. The video tutorials, FAQs, and how-to … Read more

K7 Total Security review

K7 Total Security provides a number of powerful tools, allowing you to scan and protect your computer from security threats such as viruses, spyware, and more. With basic scanning tools, advanced cache and hard disk cleaning tools, and more, K7 provides not just basic protection, but a range of additional privacy tools for your desktop.


Strong core security tools: The base of K7 is its suite of security tools for scanning and removing viruses from your computer. These tools are updated frequently, and scans can be run manually or automatically while you work. The tools can also be set … Read more

MDScan review

With MDScan you can quickly scan documents, from receipts to work files, edit them for clarity, save them as JPG or PDF files locally or to all the major cloud storage services, and share them via email or social media. This handy app is the ad-free version of MDScan Lite, and it doesn't have the image watermark and four-page scanning limit of the Lite version.


Accurate scanner: MDScan works well, and in our tests proved capable of scanning anything written on paper and creating a digital copy of the original.

Potent extra features: This app stands out from … Read more

Winhotspot WiFi Router review

WinHotSpot WiFi Router lets you share your Internet connection and tether Wi-Fi-equipped devices to your PC by creating a virtual Wi-Fi router in Windows PCs. WinHotSpot Version 2 requires Microsoft .Net 3.5 or better.


Multiple networks: WinHotSpot can create multiple hotspots for different needs and occasions.

Password protection: You can set a password to limit access to your shared connection.

Share or not: You can choose not to share an Internet connection, creating a virtual private network.

Repair tools: We could access Windows Network Diagnostics and our system's network adapters directly from a compact, attractive, and easy-to-use … Read more

Photographer's Tools Pro review

Photographer's Tools Pro is a handy app that contains a variety of tools that help you get the best possible shots. If you've graduated from your phone's camera to something a little more serious and could use help with lighting and depth of field, Photographer's Tools Pro might be a good thing to have around.


Useful features: Photographer's Tools Pro contains a number of utilities that will benefit both serious and casual photographers, alike. There's a depth of field calculator, a neutral density exposure calculator, and a gray card. The app also helpfully … Read more

CNN App for Android review

The redesigned CNN App for Android looks great and operates smoothly, providing you with a wealth of hot news from one of the world's most reliable sources. Unless you live in the US, however, you won't be able to access the integrated TV channel.


Allows you to post comments: CNN App for Android preserves the core functionality of the official Web site, enabling you not only to read news items, but also discuss them with other people. Other news apps we've tried don't always support comments.

Beautiful and accessible layout: News items are presented in … Read more

Hide Pictures with KeepSafe review

Hide Pictures with KeepSafe is a free Android app that lets you set a PIN to access pictures in a secure vault. The app includes a Wallet feature, takes backups, and protects your PIN. A beta feature hides SMS messages, too. New features include SafeSend, which shares pictures for only 20 seconds; long enough for a glimpse.


Secure Wallet: Hide Pictures with KeepSafe comes with a Wallet that stores backup images of your credit cards and IDs. After three failed PIN entries, the Wallet deletes itself.

PIN safe: We could set a PIN reminder and a fake PIN, too. … Read more

Financial Calculators review

Financial Calculators puts at your fingertips all the major calculators you need both at home and at the office. It's accessible and straightforward, proving to be a valuable app to have on your device, especially if you work with numbers.


Comprehensive: Financial Calculators includes calculators for loans, compound interest, credit card payoff, ROI, APR, IRR NPV, and bonds, all of which prove reliable and easy to use. And the great thing is that most of these work offline, as well.

Powerful bond calculator: Apart from standard bond computation, it supports Yield to Maturity, Yield to Call, Duration, as … Read more

Flipagram review

With Flipagram you can create short video stories set to music using your Instagram, Facebook, or local images. It's an easy-to-use and enjoyable app, but it doesn't create videos so much as allow you to create slideshows of your images set to music.


Effortless: After installing Flipagram, all you have to do is select a bunch of images from your device or from Facebook or Instagram, arrange them in the desired order, add music, and that's it. Sharing your creations online is just as easy.

Responsive image manipulation: We found it really easy to rearrange, crop, … Read more

Fox News review

The new version of Fox News comes with a significantly improved interface that makes it easier for you to digest news in text as well as media format. Apart from the wealth of news content available, you can also watch Fox's News Channel and Business Network live, provided that you have a cable/satellite/telco subscription.


Wealth of content: Fox News features a wide array of topics such as Politics, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle, and more, all of which are further divided into subtopics.

Improved interface: Having tried the earlier versions of the app, this new release is a … Read more