Why a longer iPhone 5 screen needs to happen

For months, we've heard talk of an iPhone 5 with a longer screen. The latest stories around the Internet suggest not only that this is a likely reality, but that iOS 6 supports this new resolution: 640x1,136 pixels, to be exact. That's an extra 176 pixels longer than the current iPhone's 640x960 display.

When I heard of the next iPhone's longer screen, I thought: I'd just prefer a slightly bigger screen, not necessarily a longer one. My current iPhone 4S feels like it has a perfect aspect ratio. Why change it?

Then I thought about it, and quickly changed my tune.… Read more

Something different in a PIM

Proactime Pro is a productivity software suite combining the functions of a personal information manager with time-planning and scheduling tools based on the developer's training and managerial expertise. It's designed to help the user focus on one task at a time at maximum efficiency and distinguish between productive and unproductive or time-wasting activities. In design and function, it offers a refreshing take on an essential class of software.

Proactime Pro's "dashboard" sports a wide toolbar topped by tabbed keys, a file menu, search tools, a calendar display, and an intriguing feature, real-time tracking of workload … Read more

The six best 16:9 LCD monitors for your viewing pleasure

I've talked a lot about 16:9 lately. Some people like it, others don't. For me, it depends on the monitor. For example, I love the idea of a 16:9, 23-inch monitor like the Dell SP2309W running at a super high native resolution of 2048x1152. Or even a 21.5-incher like the Lenovo L215p running at 1,920x1,080.

On the other hand, a 20-inch, 16:9-er like the HP 2009m running at 1,600x900, is a little disconcerting when a 16:10 20-incher would have a slightly larger 1,680x1,050 resolution.

Anyway, choosing which aspect … Read more

Gateway's FHD2402 trades in pixel count for 16:9

It's been awhile since we've reviewed a Gateway monitor. The last one was the 19-inch Gateway HD1900 and over a year ago I reviewed the Gateway FHD2400. We skipped the FHD2401 model, as it didn't really offer much that was new.

The FHD2402 is a different story. The biggest change is its move from a 16:10 aspect ratio--with an accompanying resolution of 1,920x1,200--to a 16:9 aspect ratio and a lower resolution of 1,920x1,080. The reason for this change is to bring LCD computer monitors closer to HDTVs in terms of capabilities. … Read more

Acer's sleek-looking 23-incher coming soon

For the most part, I'm really loving this era of 16:9 LCD computer monitors. The fact that we can get a 21.5- or 23-inch monitor with a resolution of 1,920x1,080, can't be a bad thing since previously monitors of those sizes would have topped out at 1,680x1,050 in 16:10. While I have a little something to say about 20-inchers with 16:9, for the most part I'm happy.

Today, Acer continues the trend of giving us more pixels by announcing the Acer H235H. It's a 23-inch LCD computer monitor … Read more

The buzz on Acer's business monitors

The 16:9 monitor revolution (or is that resolution? ha ha...ahem!) has begun. I reported last week that most monitor vendors were moving their lines from a 16:10 aspect ratio to 16:9, since 16:9 is what HDTVs use and monitor vendors would like HD content to fit more nicely on their monitors. Now the first related post-CES news is that Acer is joining the fray.

Last week, Acer announced its Business (B) Series of monitors, the 23-inch B233HU bmidhz and 27-inch B273HU bmidhz. According to Acer, each monitor features a dark gray bezel and a black … Read more

Hands-on pics of the Dell Studio XPS 1640

While we're still pretty unsure of what Dell was up to when it combined its midrange Studio and high-end XPS laptop lines into the new (wait for it...) Studio XPS line, at least it means we're finally getting a true 16:9 16-inch laptop from Dell, in the form of the Studio XPS 1640.

More details on specs and price to follow (being a Dell, expect tons of configuration options, including Blu-ray), but in the meantime, click through for some new photos that highlight the backlit keyboard and smart-looking leather trim.

Update: Dell's gone ahead and popped this guy up for sale online immediately. CPU options include the P8400, P8600, T9400, and T9600, all from Intel's Core 2 Duo line. While it starts at $1,199, for an extra $250, you can upgrade to a full HD 1920x1080 display. Graphics are limited to an ATI Mobility RADEON M86XT chip. There's also a 13-inch version, called the Studio XPS 1340.

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Sony's 18-inch Blu-ray laptop is our portable home theater favorite

In any collection of similar laptops, the one with the Sony Vaio logo is likely to be the most expensive in the group. So, imagine our pleasant surprise to find the Vaio AW125to be less expensive than the other 18-inch, Blu-ray equipped laptops we've seen.

Our Blu-ray HP HDX18was $2,149, while the Blu-ray version of Acer's Aspire 8920was $2,499 (both have cheaper non-Blu-ray versions). In comparison, the Vaio AW125 was a mere $1,849 (although fancier models from the AW line can get up as high as $3,200).

We're big fans of the 18-inch … Read more

Does anyone really need a 16:9 15-inch laptop?

The move from traditional 16:10 laptop displays to 16:9 ones that mirror HDTV screens is shift that's here to stay, judging by the mini-flood of new 18-inch and 16-inch systems that have crossed our desk. What's a little odder is that we've also run into a couple of systems that have 15-inch 16:9 displays (making them 15.6-inches, diagonally, to be precise).

This is a good illustration of how to be a smart laptop comparison shopper, because one of these two 15-inch 16:9 laptops is a much better deal than the other (and … Read more

Gateway releases 16-inch MC series laptops

Gateway on Monday released its first 16-inch laptops, the MC7801u and the MC7803u. With a 16:9 aspect ratio screen, 16-inch (and 18-inch) models are beginning to emerge.

Unlike traditional 16:10 laptop displays, a 16:9 screen matches the ratio of movies and HD content. Similar to the redesigned MacBook, the display on Gateway's MC series laptops features a glossy glass overlay that runs edge to edge. The 16-inch screen features a 1366x768 resolution; you'll need to bump up to an 18-inch model for 1080p playback.

The $950 MC7801u features a 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo T5800 … Read more