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XYplorerFree review

XYplorerFree is a program to help you find any file quickly and manage your files more efficiently using a versatile interface. Customize the viewing window to suit your needs, and see clearly how files are connected, so you can organize them more effectively.


Quick location: Through the app's search feature, you can quickly find any file on your computer. These searches are fast, and they don't require that you specify a location for the file. When you do find what you're looking for, you can open it right from the app just as you would from … Read more

Clipper review

Clipper promises to help users create and share attractive videos, offering an array of musical choices and effects for customizing your cinematic masterpiece. There's a lot to like about Clipper, but it falls short in one very important way: it doesn't always save your finished videos.


Attractive, intuitive interface: Clipper launches with a tutorial that walks you through the process of creating a video; but even without this, the app would be pretty easy to figure out. The interface is sleek and easy to navigate, allowing you to create and preview great-looking videos in a matter of … Read more

Invoice Maker review

Invoice Maker works as advertised, enabling you to create invoices and save them as PDFs or e-mail them, but comes with a few annoying accessibility issues that make it clumsy, slow, and at times annoying. Although in theory it supports all countries, it really feels like it's made for US users only.


Comprehensive: With Invoice Maker you can add extensive company, client, product, and invoice information, everything from addresses to product descriptions. Editing existing invoices or adding subcategories to products is also possible, making this app handy for small businesses.

Easy to use: Even if you're not … Read more

Selfie Photo Editor review

Selfie Photo Editor gives you tips on how to take the perfect selfie, and then provides an array of editing tools to help you make it even better. Get a great shot, airbrush your skin, add just the right filter, and more, and then share your photo with your friends, or save it to your phone.

This app opens to a Tip screen that gives you some ideas about how to take great selfies. When you're ready to give it a try, yourself, just tap the camera icon to take a photo, or select one from your photo gallery. … Read more

Badland review

Badland is a sidescrolling game in which you control a small forest creature on a quest to discover what's gone wrong in his world. You'll encounter numerous obstacles along the way, and there are many levels to work through on the way to achieving your ultimate goal. And you can even combine forces with up to three other players with the local multiplayer feature.

When you first open Badland, you'll be on the home screen where you can access all of the features of the app. To start playing, select "Single Player" or "Multiplayer,&… Read more

AutoKrypt for Mac review

AutoKrypt for Mac continuously runs a script in the background, enabling you to automate various tasks such as document encryption and decryption, the moving and archiving of files, as well as monitoring directory activities. It also features several wizards, which automate commonly set-up rules. This premium software performs well, overall, but due to its multiplatform nature, doesn't completely fit in with the rest of the OS.

AutoKrypt for Mac features a cluttered main interface with nested tabs and two toolbars. It requires Java and automatically launches a second process for the scheduling service, placing an additional generic Java icon … Read more

Video Player review

Video Player doesn't offer much over Android's default player, let alone other advanced video players you can find. Its better features are marred by its overreliance on ads and how difficult it is to set up. That makes it hard to recommend in a world of fantastic free players like VLC and MX Player.

This app lets you play most video formats around, but you have to download a second app just to get it to play anything. Once you download that small add-on, the video player works fine, but it doesn't offer much more than a … Read more

Free Ico Converter review

Free Ico Converter accepts multiple image formats and converts them into files to be used in creating new icon images. You can design a new image with any icon tool and then use this program to convert the image into the proper format to use as an icon.

This app has an intuitive and straightforward interface, so it's no problem to find the files you want to convert and enter them into the program. Just browse your computer to select the file or switch into batch mode to convert multiple images at once. Free Ico Converter accepts images up … Read more

Review: Bubble Pic Frames creates a cool circular pic collage

Bubble Pic Frames lets you create fun and inventive bubble collages of your photos that you can share with friends and other users. There are all kinds of ways to fill in your bubbles and no end to the number of ways they can be arranged when you're done. And you can instantly export your collages to sites like Flipagram, Instagram, Retrica, and more.

As soon as you open Bubble Pic Frames, you're ready to start making collages. The interface is straightforward, and tapping the icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen brings up information about … Read more

Review: Picr - Everyday photo reminder - selfie journal/diary for your phone creates great photo journals

Picr helps you create photo journals of your everyday life, important events, or vacations by sending you reminders to take photos. You can set a reminder for literally anything, set it to repeat as often as you'd like, and take the photo directly from the app. Your photos are automatically saved to an album so it's easy to go back and browse through them or turn them into a short movie.

When you first open Picr, a short, useful tutorial will pop up to outline the general features of the app. Then you're ready to start setting … Read more