Review: Test your brand knowledge and compete with others with Logos Quiz

Logos Quiz is an addictive mind puzzler that tests your knowledge of popular brands with an extra option to compete with others online. You should be able to get most of the logos in each level in a matter of seconds, especially since the game gives you tons of clues.

Logos Quiz gives you several levels, each with about 80 logos to guess from. You don't have to do the logos in any order; just complete as many as you can to earn points. Each logo earns you a hint you can use, and the game will tell you … Read more

Convert between video formats with MPEG Streamclip for Mac

The diversity of video compression formats means some files fail to open in different players. For those who do not want to search for the extra downloads or add-ons for your favorite media player, Streamclip for Mac may be a good option for your system.

Unlike other choices, MPEG Streamclip for Mac comes as freeware, making it easy to try out and justifying its lack of available features. Simple installation had the program up and running within 5 minutes. Unfortunately, the confusing interface was difficult to interpret and there were no instructions easily available. More specifically, the cluttered and technical … Read more

Search for movies on your Android without much hassle with MovieTube

Though you may not find them in a search, there are actually hundreds of free movies waiting for you on YouTube. MovieTube hunts all of the best ones down for you to browse. The constantly updated archive and easy navigation make the somewhat silly layout of the app worth forgetting.

The app presents you with a list of top movies you can start watching right away. Though you can't search for an exact title, you can browse through a detailed genre list or for the most liked and shared videos. If you create an account, MovieTube lets you save … Read more

Unintuitive workflow manager

The entire point of workflow software is to make work better organized and more efficient. It's certainly not supposed to make things more difficult. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happens with ISS Smart Flow Freeware Edition. The program's unintuitive interface makes potentially useful features a tremendous pain to use.

At first glance, the program's interface looks nice enough. It has a sleekness to it and is a bit reminiscent of Office 2007 products. But users are soon confronted with Work Processes, WorkFlow Templates, and Document Templates, and it's not at all obvious how any of these … Read more