Review: Equalizer for Mac fine-tunes vinyl records that were digitally imported

With Equalizer for Mac you can correct the equalization levels of vinyl records you've imported into a digital format, using general-purpose amplifiers. A purpose-built utility, it only accepts a handful of file formats and even then there are other restrictions, like the number of channels and the sample size and rate. So don't expect to use it as an everyday equalizer.

Equalizer for Mac features a main window where you'll find all equalization settings sorted in four groups. Despite being logically organized, the interface can overwhelm you, at first, with its many sliders and buttons. On the … Read more

Review: Map thoughts and ideas and organize workflow using MindNode Lite

As a functional idea-mapping program with a streamlined interface, MindNode Lite for Mac helps users think creatively and organize their thoughts logically. The software performs as advertised even though the free version comes with certain limitations.

While MindNode Lite for Mac lacks any user tutorial or walk-through, the main menu is designed well enough for most users to pick up easily. The main window contains a large white space, where a center box is placed by default. Here, the user can enter the title of the first entry, or node. Moving the cursor around the area of the first box … Read more

System information, plain and simple

System information utilities scan your system to extract information about its hardware, software, and usage. They're usually free and often portable, and they tend to extract the same sort of information, just more or less of it, depending on the tool. Where they differ most is what they do with that information, which essentially means how they present it. Free PC Audit from MIS Utilities is portable freeware that places more emphasis on convenient presentation and ease of use than on fine detail and endless options.

Free PC Audit runs when you click its executable file, which means you … Read more

Trojans begone

Loaris Trojan Remover scans and removes Trojans and other harmful spyware from your computer. It can do a quick scan of critical files or a deep and thorough scan of your whole computer.

This program's interface is clean and simple to use. Those familiar with virus protection software will find the program's layout similar to many popular programs. For users new to antivirus software, Loaris offers a good Help file that will get you up and running. To test the program, we had it do a quick scan of a target computer, which it accomplished with no problems. … Read more

Straightforward interface

It may be inelegantly named, but Extension List Dumper performs its task of displaying a list of all Firefox extensions with grace. It's easy to view and save all the data about plug-ins that you could want to know.

Extension List Dumper's user interface is accessed from the Add-on's menu through the newly added Dump List button. A window pops up containing all of your installed extensions, themes, and plug-ins. From there, you can opt to display all or some of the information. For example, you can choose to display the HTML code, IDs, URLs, descriptions, number … Read more

Super-search your documents

Rider 8 Tools may have been written by a lawyer with other lawyers in mind, but the well-designed text-searching application is versatile enough for anyone who frequently authors or refers back to long or technical documents--business professionals, academics, researchers, and so on.

The application bundles four search tools into one to search one or more documents for specific words and characters within a number of parameters, and within one document or many. Fast. You can limit the search for a whole word, case, or root (wild card); a dates bracket, even part of the file name.Rider 8 Tools will … Read more

Firefox 3.1 gets some privacy

The much-anticipated Firefox 3.1 beta 2 is out and about for Windows and Mac users, incorporating the faster JavaScript engine TraceMonkey as the default setting and introducing Private Browsing, which has been in development for years. There are other improvements, of course, but the big one is the ability to turn off the cache and other private data settings with a single click.

Private Browsing works similarly to Google Chrome's Incognito, or Safari's setting of the same name. Go into Tools on the Menubar and click Private Browsing, and all your movements on the Internet will not … Read more

Firefox 3.1 alpha 2 available to developers

Firefox 3.1 alpha 2, code-named Shiretoko, adds functionality for Web developers with very little eye candy for users.

Johnathan Nightingale of Mozilla described Firefox 3.1 as having more refinement than new features. This alpha release is intended for developers and testers only and should not yet be for general-purpose use.

The most visible enhancement in this alpha release is a feature that allows you to drag and drop tabs between two open Firefox browsers.

There are considerable under-the-hood enhancements here. Built on a pre-release version of the Gecko 1.9.1 rendering engine, Firefox 3.1 alpha 2 … Read more