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Manager review

Manager can document almost everything about your business, but it requires plenty of setup. You have to constantly update the program with new details, and you can't sync it to any other accounts to make some of your work easy. Still, as far as free business software goes, this is near the top of the list.

This program documents and reports on every aspect of your business, from personnel to cash and orders to schedules. While you can import files from just about any other business software, this program requires you to constantly update it to make sure your … Read more

Mermaid World review

Mermaid World is a fantasy game that takes you on a tour of an undersea mermaid world, complete with many characters to unlock. You can learn about your mermaids and what makes them happy, and you can send them on quests to find certain objects. They also perform duets to attract fellow mermaids, and you can earn coins to purchase even more amazing treasures.

The first time you open Mermaid World, a tutorial will take you on a tour of the game's features via pop-up windows. You'll see how to learn about your mermaids and the different activities … Read more

Action Bowling Free review

Action Bowling Free is a bowling game for iOS devices. Although it delivers fairly realistic graphics, it's not nearly as challenging as real bowling, and we found ourselves growing bored with it relatively quickly.

Action Bowling Free offers two ways to achieve the task of sending the ball down the lane: You can either swipe and release the ball, or actually swing your device in a bowling motion. The latter option is a little trickier, as you have to remove your thumb from the screen to release the ball as you swing, and this seems like a good way … Read more

NYTimes Crosswords review

NYTimes Crosswords brings all the fun and challenge of crosswords from "The New York Times" to your mobile device. If you're a fan of these popular puzzles, this app is a great way to take them with you on the go.

We were a little worried about how the app would manage to cram the puzzle, itself, and all the clues into an interface that's navigable on an iPhone, but the innovative design handles the challenge quite well. It's easy to switch between Down and Across clues, and pencil mode lets you record letters you'… Read more

Review: Video Downloader for Facebook lets you browse and download Facebook videos

Video Downloader for Facebook allows you to view or download any videos that you, your friends, or other members you like have added to Facebook. This is a good way to store videos to watch later on, or to browse the videos on Facebook without having to sort through all the other content. And when you download videos through the app, you won't even need an Internet connection to watch them later on.

As soon as you open Video Downloader for Facebook, you'll have to log in with your Facebook account. Once that's done, you can start … Read more

Review: KATT for Mac plays popular media file types and sports a Knight Rider theme

Drawing inspiration from the TV show "Knight Rider," KATT for Mac offers you a basic media player that supports more popular media formats. The app's interface is filled with buttons and designs that try to recreate the dashboard of the car from the TV series, but you won't find much in terms of features. Still, if you're a "Knight Rider" fan, you'll enjoy the app.

KATT for Mac uses rather low-quality graphics and voice-over, but features a wide main window with a built-in visualizer and equalizer. One nice touch is the addition … Read more

Review: Convert numbers and more with Calculatormatik, but there's no user help

Calculatormatik can help you convert and calculate for a number of different purposes, but you're on your own when it comes to figuring out all the options and how to use them. If you already know exactly what you need, this program could be useful; but if you're not sure or you're a math newbie, skip this one.

The program comes in a ZIP file, but doesn't require installation. Just click on the executable to launch it. The interface is plain and devoid of any graphics or user guidance. Three columns fill the screen, with the … Read more

Review: LotsaWater for Mac is an attractive, water-themed screensaver for Mac

LotsaWater for Mac is a free water-themed screensaver that looks quite good on newer Macs, even those with retina displays. The screensaver is exactly as it sounds, a rippling water effect that takes over your desktop when the timer goes off for your screensaver. It looks fantastic and it offers a nice alternative to the screensavers built into the OS X system.

To install the file, just open the image and install the screensaver file that is unzipped when you do. Your screensaver and wallpaper preferences will open immediately and you can choose this new screensaver as your default, as … Read more

Review: Stop Motion & Assemble combines videos, images, and clips into a video

Stop Motion & Assemble is a mishmash of tools designed to help you create stop motion or other types of video on your iPhone. The result at first looks like a misfire, if only because of the sheer volume of options on screen and the lack of organization or instruction in how to use them, but if you take the time to dig through options, Stop Motion & Assemble can be a useful tool.

When you open the app for the first time, you'll find a range of options onscreen, from adding new pictures to setting your timeline and … Read more

Review: CaliBrate for Mac allows you to batch edit and update your calendar

CaliBrate for Mac allows you to create custom calendar search criteria, load a number of events that match that criteria, and then edit, move, or copy/paste them in bulk. The result is an app that could be useful if only it provided more guidance on how to use its many functions. While the tool offers quite a few options for how to search and edit events, the options are not always easy to navigate.

When you open CaliBrate, you can start searching immediately, but must allow it access to your calendars. On the main screen, you will set search … Read more