Fifa 14 by EA Sports review

Fifa 14 by EA Sports gives you the chance to create your own dream team led by one of the game's current superstars. You can mix and match players to get the best possible team chemistry, and then start working your way up through the ranks until you reach the top level of competition.


Control options: When it comes to controlling your players in this game, you have several options to choose from. If you favor the pure touchscreen experience, there are various gestures you can use to get your players to pass, sprint, shoot, and tackle. Or … Read more

Asphalt 8: Airborne review

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a detailed and dynamic racing game that lets you build up your racing skills and acquire better cars to compete against the best. Even if you've never played a game like this before, the responsive controls and great graphics will have you feeling at home in no time.


Good tutorial: When you first open this game, you have the option to complete a brief but thorough tutorial that helps you get the basics of operating your vehicle down. The mechanics are quick to learn but difficult to master, and with the solid foundation the … Read more

Focus Booster review

Focus Booster is designed to cut down on clutter and help you focus on what you're doing on your desktop, integrating smoothly with the background, and featuring a number of customizable features. Combined with custom buzzers and timers, Focus Booster will allow you to implement the Pomodoro technique while working to boost focus and productivity.


Numerous settings for the app: With Focus Booster you can set the timeframe for each session, where the timer displays, when or if it makes a sound, and whether it autostarts under certain circumstances. While it's not as extensive or in-depth as … Read more

Doctor on Demand review

With Doctor on Demand, you can video chat with a licensed, US-based doctor for 15 minutes for $40. The app won't stand in for all your medical needs, but it looks good and works well.


Straightforward and quick: Doctor on Demand connects you with an MD in just a few minutes. All you have to do is set up a payment method, enter your symptoms, mention allergies or meds you are taking, and place your call.

Video or voice only: If you don't feel like video chatting, you can place a voice call instead -- a nice … Read more

Audible for Android review

Audible for Android enables you to listen to over 150,000 audiobooks on the go through an advanced built-in player, which provides some features that most media players lack. The only downside to using this app is that it supports only Audible audiobooks, which aren't the cheapest around.


More accessible than the official Web site: If you enjoy listening to audiobooks on the go, you'll find Audible for Android easier and faster to use than downloading books from the official Web site and then listening to them online or through your media player. The integrated Amazon sign-in … Read more

Box review

A popular content-sharing platform used by over 150,000 companies, Box enables you to store documents, spreadsheets, photos, and videos in the cloud and access them from any device as well as share them with your coworkers. While you can use this app as a personal cloud solution, it performs best when used in the workplace.


10GB free storage: With a free account Box for Android gives you 10GB of storage space and no file size limitation, which is more than what Dropbox or other popular storage services offer. Getting more space is easy and affordable through one of … Read more

Focus Booster for Mac review

Focus Booster for Mac is a small utility timer that helps you stay on task as you work through sessions and breaks of whatever length you like. While this program doesn't come with a lot of fancy bells and whistles, it can be a real asset when you're trying to increase productivity.


Clear interface: All features of this app are clearly accessible through its streamlined interface, which lets you specify your preferences for multiple aspects of the timer's function. You can set any session time you want, and include breaks of any length you like, as … Read more

Viddy review

Viddy is a fun platform that lets you browse videos created by other users or create your own short videos to set to music and share. You can add filters and effects to your clips, and you can string multiple short clips together to make one longer video.


Intuitive navigation: Whether you're browsing through your Viddy newsfeed or adding your own video, you'll find the process smooth and intuitive. All of the features of this app are laid out in an accessible way, so even users with little experience can find their way around quickly.

Filters and … Read more

Tempo Smart Calendar for Google Calendar, Exchange, and iCloud review

Tempo Smart Calendar for Google Calendar, Exchange, and iCloud lets you keep all of your important emails and dates in one place. Stay on top of everything you have to do when you link all of your accounts to this calendar program.


Nice navigation: This app features a smooth and intuitive interface that lets you swipe back and forth through days, and view the details of an event by tapping it on any screen. You can also view events in a list view organized by date, by week with blocks of time outlined, or by month with a split-screen … Read more

MovieScanner for Mac review

MovieScanner for Mac shows you the audio and video attributes of your movies and clips in a straightforward list. This small utility comes free of charge and is extremely basic, offering little in terms of features. Still, it lets you easily add files and folders, as well as search files by name with live filtering.

When launched, MovieScanner for Mac presents you with a very minimal interface that consists of a single toolbar and a space for a list of items. There is no menu system or app preference menu. Once you add some movies, you will be able to … Read more