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StyleCapture review

StyleCapture is a tool for capturing all types of screen and window shots of your desktop that you can then edit, save, and send. With an intuitive interface and multiple options for getting the shot you want, this program makes taking perfect screenshots accessible for beginners and experts, alike.

When you install this program, you can choose the language you prefer from a list containing over 50 options. Once the software is in place, the interface is composed of six buttons across the top of the window that let you take different types of captures, and that provide access to … Read more

Review: Insta Bokeh offers fun light effects to your photos

Insta Bokeh provides you with a variety of shapes that you can use to decorate your photos with just a tap of your finger. Choose from a selection of stars, flowers, geometric shapes, and more, and then just tap on your photo wherever you want to add one. The shapes show up in several different colors and sizes, and when you're done, there are built-in features available to share your images on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This app has a very straightforward interface, with a demo screen that pops up whenever you open the app. You can add your … Read more

Review: Mix your own beats with StageLight

Create your own tunes with help from StageLight's easy-to-follow lessons, preconfigured templates, and intuitive methods. You can try StageLight free for 30 days. Recent updates include the latest Artist Sound Pack -- the Timbaland Pack.

StageLight opens with a fullscreen display with links to SongBuilder Lessons, Demo Lessons, Fresh Start Project, and the Store. Registered users can download free extras at the store, such as the Loop Pack and Core Pack, and buy Artist Sound Packs like the Linkin Park Pack. Experienced music makers should have no trouble starting with a new project, but we clicked SongBuilder Lessons and … Read more

Review: Webshots Wallpaper And Screensaver for Mac beautifies your desktop

Webshots Wallpaper And Screensaver for Mac saves you the trouble of having to search for wallpapers and screensavers manually on the Web by giving you a collection of high-resolution, professionally shot images. It's easy to use and integrates well with Mac OS X's Desktop and Screen Saver preferences, but requires you to buy a premium version to unlock all its features. This may put you off, since there are similar apps available for free.

After a straightforward installation, Webshots Wallpaper And Screensaver for Mac greets you with a nice interface overlay, which showcases the images available categorized by … Read more

Review: Lose some time competing with your friends playing Squarge Free

While Squarge Free does have some interesting features -- timed gameplay to name one of them -- it proves too basic to be entertaining for longer periods of time. You may want to try it out, but don't expect too much.

Squarge Free features a screen nearly full of solid colored blocks that are set out in a seemingly random pattern. The goal is to match at least three of the same colored blocks by sliding rows up and down, or to the side. As you do this, a points counter increases, moving toward a high score. A bar … Read more

Review: InstaScrap offers a number of useful tools for basic photo editing

InstaScrap is another photo editing and customization app, but it stands out in a crowded field due to the range of features it offers and the relative polish on things like text tagging and stickers. Where some apps will use low quality clip art or system fonts that can appear blocky and washed out when added to a photo, some work was put into ensuring the effects you apply to your images in InstaScrap look good.

When you load up InstaScrap you can select a photo from your device or take a new one and then choose a frame from … Read more

Review: Itemize provides a number of basic accounting tools for your phone

Itemize allows you to snap photos of your receipts and save them in a single interface where you can organize and track your expenses over time. With a range of options to customize your tracking, including tagging, search and filter options, recommendations based on your expenses, and more, this is a very useful app.

When you set up Itemize for the first time, you'll be required to create a new account. This takes a bit of time and requires a lot of information so you can access everything on your computer later or send those receipts to yourself from … Read more

Review: It's death or glory (usually death) with Highway Rider

Highway Rider is a free (but ad-supported) Android motorcycle game that awards extra points for passing cars and trucks as close as possible, and the faster the better. Crashes aren't just frequent but inevitable and usually gruesome, too, so Highway Rider isn't kid stuff, but it is fun.

Highway Rider's graphics are excellent and its premise easy to grasp: Ride your bike on a public highway at highly illegal speeds, passing vehicles and obstacles as close as you can without going splat. Tilt your phone to steer; press on the right to boost speed. There are levels, … Read more

Review: EQTube allows you to find and create music playlists from YouTube

EQ Tube allows you to access and play one of numerous free playlists on YouTube. Consisting of music videos and broken down into numerous categories, the app provides quite a few options for how to view, save, interact with, and even play the videos. While there are other video playlist apps for YouTube, this is one of the few that actually feels like a music app first and a video app second.

When you load EQ Tube for the first time, you can dig through the featured playlists of which there are nearly a dozen matching different categories and genres. … Read more

Review: Manage your home screens better with fast and gorgeous Solo Launcher Free

Solo Launcher Free is a light, customizable home screen launcher that can mold and fit itself to your needs. In addition to offering plenty of apps that fit right into its theme, it is flexible enough to look like it works with all of your favorite apps. That, combined with how easily it can open and move through your apps, makes it a real winner.

Solo Launcher Free takes over your home screen, giving you another way to organize widgets and apps, as well as move from one app to another. When you first use this launcher, it offers to … Read more