Live for Mac review

Live for Mac stands out as an excellent audio production and recording software that packs all the essential features you'd expect from an application of its kind and comes with a multitude of instruments, sound effects, kits, and loops.


Arrangement and Session views: These two ways to work with Live for Mac offer noticeable convenience: The Arrangement view for recording and mixing music has the usual look and controls of other music production software, while the Session view is great for playing live music or doing improvisations. Shortcut keys enable you to easily access the different functions available.… Read more

Battery Defender review

By disabling your Wi-Fi or data networks when you're not using your phone, Battery Defender keeps your Android device's battery charged longer. Maintaining a network connection uses more power than it needs to, so temporarily disabling connections while you sleep or when your screen goes blank reduces battery drain without impacting your phone service. You can customize how and when Battery Defender goes into action. Infolife's Battery Defender is free with ads.


Stay in charge: There's no mystery about Battery Defender: Turning off Wi-Fi or data when your phone or tablet is idle reduces the … Read more

Ghostery for Chrome review

Ghostery for Chrome prevents advertisers, social media Web sites, and other services from collecting your online surfing and shopping behaviors. Although this is a small add-on, it makes online browsing safer and gives you more control.


Discreet design: Ghostery features an easy-to-understand design and a light, welcoming color scheme. The alert bubble is slightly transparent and blends well with the existing Web page, so you can see the Web content without any interruption.

Wonderful execution: We were notified of dozens of trackers during our tests and used Ghostery to block said trackers. Images and links that we blocked immediately … Read more

Protected Folder review

Protected Folder provides enhanced security for files and folders on your Windows PC, letting you safeguard against the unauthorized access of your private photos, videos, files, and more. Allowing you to set passwords, hide folders from view beyond the basic Windows settings, and more, it works well for users who want to amplify what Windows provides by default.


Easy to create layers of security: Installation of the software is quick, and you can integrate multiple layers of protection from a single interface, all accessible from your desktop.

Different levels of protection: Protected Folder allows you to lock down folders … Read more

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 review

As the sequel to a game that popularized the endless runner concept, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 adds new content while retaining the fast-paced and thoroughly engaging gameplay of the original. Although it features plenty of in-game items, you don't really have to spend a dime to enjoy it.


Intuitive, fast-paced gameplay: Robot Unicorn Attack 2 turns you into a speedy, robot-like unicorn that gallops through different worlds, jumping over precipices and dashing through stars, monsters, and other obstacles while collecting tokens and completing achievements that increase your rank and unlock customizations, new worlds, and even an online mode. … Read more

Settings Extended review

Settings Extended adds a customizable widget bar to the notification window through which you can adjust settings and launch applications more quickly, without having to quit running apps. This little app reduces the number of taps you have to make for basic system functions like lowering the brightness, adjusting volumes, or toggling Wi-Fi on and off.


Extremely customizable: Settings Extended lets you select which toggles or functions to add to the notifications bar, choose the color of active & inactive icons and of the background, and increase the number of rows to up to four. Furthermore, the app's … Read more

Tiny Thief review

Tiny Thief is a medieval-themed puzzle game that pits your character against the domineering palace guards in a test of wits. As you work your way through the levels of this game, you'll have to come up with more and more inventive ways of accomplishing your objectives without being seen.


Cartoon instructions: At the beginning of each level, you'll see a few comic-book-style images that give you the general idea of what your objective will be in that scene. They tend to give you just enough information without taking you through everything step by step, and they'… Read more

FIFA 14 by EA Sports review

With its clever controls and amazing gameplay, FIFA 14 by EA Sports brings a delightful gaming experience to football fans. You'll love the detailed graphics, the fluid animations, and the faithfulness with which players and teams are depicted; but to avoid performance issues you need a tablet with a fast CPU and plenty of RAM.


Outstanding graphics and animations: FIFA 14 by EA Sports looks fantastic on a tablet. The stadiums, the pitch, and the players all look highly realistic, having been modeled after their real-life counterparts. Also, the app interface as a whole makes a positive impression … Read more

Machinarium review

Machinarium is a game that transports you to a surreal and desolate world where you have to guide your robot character safely to the completion of your quest. The object of your journey is not immediately apparent when you begin playing, but it slowly becomes clear as you work your way through various levels.


Puzzles within puzzles: To complete each level, you have to figure out what the puzzle is and then solve it. There also is a comic-book like walk-through of each stage that you have to solve. Most of the challenges in this game revolve around utilizing … Read more

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders review

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders lets you step into the cockpit of a World War II fighter to try and shoot down enemy planes and protect your base. There are tons of options for gameplay in this app, and you can see exactly how you're doing at all times through your detailed cockpit controls.


Great graphics: When you first start playing this game, you may have a hard time focusing on shooting down your enemies, because you're too busy admiring the landscape. The detail is excellent in all game areas, and while some items are very small, especially … Read more