Panda Security & Antivirus review

Panda Security & Antivirus does deliver good protection, as it promises, offering a Quick and a Full scanner as well as real-time monitoring and several other useful device management tools. But because of its slow scanning and landscape mode interface it may not appeal to everyone. What's more, it doesn't make it clear that it's a seven-day trial until after you've installed it.


Reliable and effective: Both the manual scanning and the real-time app and download monitoring work well, identifying threats and removing them without slowing down your system or nagging you with constant notifications.… Read more

Review: It all adds up with FormulaCalculator for Mac

FormulaCalculator for Mac offers users numerous advanced calculator features, including tools for finance, geometry, and unit conversions. It's not the most intuitive program we've ever used, but it's not a bad choice if you're looking for features beyond the offerings of Apple's native Calculator app.

FormulaCalculator's interface is fairly straightforward, with a number pad on the right and algebraic and trigonometric functions on the left. A drop-down menu lets users select the finance, geometry, or unit conversion libraries; once one of these is selected, an additional drawer slides out to the right displaying additional … Read more

Review: MyTube is a personalized YouTube browser that streamlines the service

MyTube is a free app designed to strip out quite a few features from YouTube and replace them with a straightforward search interface and favoriting tool for local browsing. For those that don't want to log in to YouTube to save favorites, it works quite well, while those that prefer an access-anywhere approach will be frustrated by the limitations.

When you load MyTube, you can start searching or browsing recent top videos right away. When you tap on any one video you can see all the same information provided on the YouTube site -- the info. listing, the views … Read more

Review: ClearFM scans for available FM transmitter stations in your area

ClearFM works very well in scanning, listing, and detailing available stations for transmitting over FM frequencies, but it has a number of flaws. From a frustrating interface design to the non-mobile friendly way in which information is displayed, there are many hurdles to overcome in using this app effectively. If you do, however, you'll likely find it worth your while.

First, know that this is not a music playing app. It looks like one and the description even makes it sound like one, but ClearFM is not designed to play music or any other kind of radio station. Rather, … Read more

Review: FlipMemo offers easy-to-use note-taking features

FlipMemo is a fairly stripped down app, but the smart design and clever interface make it unique in a number of ways. Easy to use, fast to set up, and designed for frequent mobile use, it is a smart app that will evolve with you as you start creating and organizing your notes.

FlipMemo is a note-taking app, but instead of creating a long list of notes, it creates a new card for each note you create. The master list will always appear when you open the app, so you can tap the title or you can slide the cards … Read more

Review: Easy Touch (iPhone style) super charges home screens

Easy Touch (iPhone style) adds a super-powered menu button to all of your home screens and even to most of your apps. If you're stuck on Android 2.3 or earlier, Easy Touch (iPhone style) is a solid launcher that taps into some of your phone's hidden powers. However, if you're on Ice Cream Sandwich or later, the app will just get in your way.

Once you go through this app's lengthy tutorial, it sticks a 1X1 button widget on each of your phone's home screens. The button appears in most apps, too. You can … Read more

The Walking Dead - Dead Yourself 1.1.3 Review

If you enjoy watching the incredibly popular television show "The Walking Dead," or just have a general interest in zombies, then you'll enjoy this application, too. The Walking Dead-Dead Yourself app allows you to create an entertaining zombie version of any portrait you have on your mobile device. It is disturbing and fun at the same time.

The Walking Dead-Dead Yourself takes a little while to download. The app is pretty big because of the many different image files and image editing aspects of the program. Once the program opens, however, the fun begins immediately. The app … Read more

Drag the Rope Maze HD Free is puzzling

Drag the Rope Maze HD Free is a puzzle game that requires you to drag rope in various directions without retracing your steps. While we were intrigued by the game's premise, the actual gameplay was confusing and difficult to maneuver.

The first thing we noticed with Drag the Rope Maze was that English is obviously not the developers' first language; some of the wording a bit awkward and difficult to understand. For example, the directions stated, "Once you tie the rope, different way will appear." Huh? Thankfully, a hand pointed us in the direction we need to … Read more

Run, dodge, jump, and slide in Angry Gran RadioActive Run

If a mobile character gets popular, you can expect a running game with it to not be far behind. Angry Gran RadioActive Run drops mobile favorite Angry Gran into a side-scroller, trying to dodge radioactive elements. The game is a decent time-waster and a little addictive, but the out-of-control ads and difficulty suck the limited amount of fun out of it.

Accidental ads taps abound in this app, as ads are almost always bigger on the screen than the actual buttons you want to hit. The only place this isn't true is when you're actually playing the running … Read more

Applying fire, smoke effects to images is easy with Motion FX

Autodesk Motion FX is an effects plug-in for MacBook and iMac that works with the camera to give you some way-cool images. There's quite a bit built in to Motion FX, but the easiest way to learn what it does is to download it and play with it for 10 minutes. Do that and you might be hooked. Motion FX requires Mac OS X 10.7, so if you haven't upgraded yet this is a good reason to do it! Installation is easy.

To use Motion FX, you select an effect and it is applied to the image … Read more