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Bridge Constructor FREE review

Android engineers can design, build, and test all kinds of bridges with ClockStone's Bridge Constructor FREE. You've got to rescue stranded people and help a picturesque island nation recover from an earthquake by rebuilding bridges with different materials and within budget. Spans get longer as the game progresses, and your designs must meet a variety of challenges.


Civil engineering is fun! Who knew? Lots of people, actually: Bridge Constructor is one of the most popular puzzle/sims for iOS, and now it's available on Android.

Bridge building is easy! Anyone can build bridges when chasms are … Read more

Icons8 App for Mac review

Icons8 App for Mac proves to be an excellent download software for developers and user interface designers who use Photoshop and Xcode on a daily basis. If you need a quick way to grab icons and insert them into your project, this is one application you should consider downloading.


Hassle-free icon searching and inserting: Icons8 App for Mac sits on the status bar for quick access and pops out as a small window through which you can search for icons, and choose the icon you want inserted into Photoshop or Xcode. You can also conveniently search using keywords.

Intelligent … Read more

InstaPhoto Fest review

InstaPhoto Fest lets you add festive overlays to images, creating greetings for birthdays and other special occasions. The app's options are somewhat limited in the free version, though, and there's not much here that you couldn't find elsewhere.


Quality graphics: InstaPhoto Fest offers birthday and Valentine's themed overlays, and, on the whole, the graphics look good. They tend toward the cutesy, which may or may not be your cup of tea, but they are at least decently designed.


Limited content: When we downloaded InstaPhoto Fest, it featured two sets of overlays under the February … Read more

iBlendy2 review

iBlendy2 is a photo editing app that lets you combine and blend two images together. Although the app works, the interface is difficult to navigate, and we weren't particularly impressed with the results.


Plenty of options: iBlendy2 contains a large number of blending masks and filters, as well as tools that let you add text, adjust image transparency, and more. We're not able to tell you in any detail exactly what that "more" consists of, however, because the app's features are hidden in a series of poorly-organized menus that make the app a guessing … Read more

FireLock review

FireLock is a straightforward app that lets you keep photos and videos in a passcode-protected vault on your device. It doesn't have a ton of features, but if you need to keep images and videos away from prying eyes, it might be exactly what you're looking for.


Ease of use: FireLock is one of those apps that doesn't need tutorials or instructions; everything is pretty self-explanatory. The first time you launch the app it prompts you to set a four- or five-digit passcode, and from there it looks very much like the iOS Camera Roll. You … Read more

Wifi Hacker 2013 Gold review

Despite its promising title, Wifi Hacker 2013 Gold doesn't actually hack Wi-Fi passwords; it only lists networks and generates random, occasionally funny passwords that you can use to trick your friends into thinking you're a hacker. This app is the ad-free version of software developed by Ape Widgets, who are notorious for their prankish apps.


Possibly amusing: Wifi Hacker 2013 Gold can invent passwords that may amuse your geeky friends, like 12345678 or mylittlepony, provided that you use it with a network whose true password none of your friends know.

Add-free: This version of the app offers … Read more

Work Shift Calendar review

Work Shift Calendar enables you to keep track of multiple work shifts without any hassle, giving you the possibility of creating your custom shifts as well as viewing useful statistics. However, it lacks handy features like cross-device syncing, financial tools, and above all, a home screen widget.


Effective: Unlike other work shift assistants that bamboozle you with superfluous options or awkward menus, Work Shift Calendar features an easy-to-use, albeit plain, interface that requires only a few taps for adding or editing a shift, or creating a long-term work pattern.

Reliable: From its comprehensive statistics to its backup option, this … Read more

Softtote iTunes Recovery Free for Mac review

Softtote iTunes Recovery Free for Mac lets you search for and retrieve many types of iTunes files that may have been lost from your mobile device. Through its highly intuitive interface, you can browse through all kinds of backup files from your iTunes account to find the ones you're looking for, and save them to your computer.

When you install Softtote, the app will automatically check your iTunes account and retrieve any backup information stored on your computer. This information will be organized by device of origin, and then broken into additional categories for you to browse through. Categories … Read more

Text Posts Editor review

Text Posts Editor gives you the tools to customize your Facebook and Twitter posts by adding images, adjusting text color, and more. With this program, you can add emphasis to your words, or you can give extra context to a picture with text. Either way, you'll have a great image to share as your status update that will surely get the attention of your friends and family.

This app has a straightforward interface, with all features accessible from the main screen. When you open it, you'll see a large white box in the middle of the screen, which … Read more

JXCirrus CalCount for Mac review

JXCirrus CalCount for Mac is a program you can use to track your daily calorie intake and exercises to help you reach your fitness goals. While you may have to put in a bit of time upfront to create a list of your favorite foods and common exercise routines, that hard work will pay off in the end when you can enter your entire day's information in just a few minutes.

The first time you open JXCirrus CalCount, you'll have to enter your height and weight, so the app can calculate your Body Mass Index and generate a … Read more