Song Buddy review

Song Buddy recognizes the music you're listening to and provides more information about the artist and quick links to other resources. Whether you just want to know a little more about the music you're listening to, or you'd like to find similar songs, this app can give you what you're looking for through its intuitive and functional interface.

When you install Song Buddy, it runs from the taskbar in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. As you listen to music, either through iTunes or Windows Media Player, a notification will pop up on the bottom … Read more

PixWords review

PixWords is a game that uses picture clues to help you solve mini crossword puzzles and advance on to more challenging levels. As you solve more and more puzzles, the clues get harder and more obscure, but you have a few lifelines you can use, as long as you can afford them.

This game has an accessible interface that makes for a very enjoyable user experience. When you first open it, you can select the language you'd like to play in from multiple options including English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, and more. Then it's time to start … Read more

Review: ClickCharts for Mac lets you create 2D diagrams and mind maps

Specializing exclusively in the creation of two-dimensional diagrams, ClickCharts for Mac strikes a good balance between features and ease of use, but suffers from an uninspired interface. If you want a quick way to create diagrams, this app is a good choice, but don't expect too much.

ClickCharts for Mac greets you with an uninspired, but nonetheless usable interface. There is a Help file included, which can help you get started. You start by creating a new diagram using one of the available templates, such as Data Flow, ER, Flowchart, or Mind Map. Manipulating objects is easy, as is … Read more

Review: Cut N Place is feature rich but often overly complex

Cut N Place offers much more than just the typical fare found in other photo snipping apps, but because of the sometimes confusing interface, the app suffers despite its abundance of features. Where it tries to reach beyond basic drag-and-drop snipping, it becomes inaccessible in some ways. For users with the patience to watch and use the tutorials and videos provided, Cut N Place will prove to be one of the better apps for snipping photos on the App Store. For those who want something quick and easy to use, this may not fit the bill.

After opening Cut N … Read more

Review: Partition and format your drives with MiniAide Fat32 Formatter

MiniAide Fat32 Formatter lets you format or create fully customizable partitions in any hard drive. It merits using just for the detailed information it gives you about your computer's hard drive or drives alone. It's also worth recommending, even if it is a mouthful to say.

This program gives you a graphic organizer of your hard disk/s and partitions. It shares status information like the available space, style of formatting, and what they're being used for. You can create new partitions of any size, as well as delete and relabel existing partitions. If a drive's … Read more

Review: SocialPics is a unique, easy-to-use, and attractive photo sharing tool

SocialPics allows you to create story threads -- a string of photos that relate to one another and can be tagged with people from your contacts list. The result is a fun and easy-to-use app that combines the best of both social and photo sharing services to help you tell a story with your images. Whether you have hundreds of photos that haven't been shared yet or you want to create story lines during or after events and family outings, this app will help with the process.

One of the best things about SocialPics is how seamlessly it operates. … Read more

Review: Boost your speaker or headphone sound volume with Speaker Boost

Speaker Boost claims to make your smartphone's speaker louder, but while it may function properly on some devices, it doesn't work on Android 4.2, Jelly Bean. Despite being a seemingly well-made app with a remarkably friendly interface, it doesn't seem to generate any volume boost -- not a noticeable one at least.

Speaker Boost doesn't require any special permissions to run, which is quite nice. When you load the app on your phone you can use a slider to choose how much of a boost you want. By default the maximum is set at 60, … Read more

PowerPoint Reader 1.05 Review

If your phone is your go-to business gadget, you absolutely need a way to view PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint Reader lets you read them, but you won't be able to watch them as a slideshow. You can't make any edits or changes to them either.

Before you can actually read documents with PowerPoint Reader, the app has to convert them to PDF. That means you can't view the animated slideshow, transitions, or annotations. PDFs are usually larger than the original documents, as well. Make sure you have space on your phone before you convert. Annoyingly, the app drops … Read more

Organize applications on your smartphone with Easy Launcher

A mobile device can easily amass a hundred applications over time, and most of them rarely get used because of the clutter. This is especially true on older devices with Android 2.0 through 3.0, as these devices provided no way of organizing the files beyond moving the icons around on the screen. Easy Launcher solves this dilemma and adds some other nifty features.

Once the simple installation is completed, Easy Launcher automatically begins organizing applications. The home screen is then divided like a filing cabinet with tabs. The tabs represent the various types of applications, such as games, … Read more

Keep writing simple with ZetaWord

There are plenty of word-processing programs on the market, but a new one will always be compared to Word or Notepad. ZetaWord falls somewhere between those two, pairing the look and feel of Notepad with some of the features of Word. However, it fails to eliminate the usefulness of the latter by outperforming the former.

ZetaWord installs easily and has a neat and simple interface with four main links: File, Edit, Tools, and Help. It resembles Notepad but it offers a more pleasant text layout. It doesn't display code that well, though, so it doesn't outperform Notepad there. … Read more