Review: Offline Poker Texas Holdem doesn't offer much outside of a quick fix

Offline Poker Texas Holdem isn't very dynamic or loaded with features, but it does let you play some poker without interruptions. It's clearly made for people without strong data connections who therefore can't play some of the more popular, social poker games. Unfortunately, the app doesn't have much else going for it that makes it as enjoyable as those games.

This app lets you play one- or two-player Hold 'Em against a few computer opponents. There's no way to change the computer players' names, difficultly level, or avatars, so you're stuck playing the same &… Read more

Review: The Tribez gives you a fresh, fun, new spin on the building simulator

The Tribez brings an interesting, prehistoric feel to the popular nation-building genre. Though the formula is still the same, the graphics and scenery have much more to offer than games that ask you to build a medieval civilization. If you're tired of building and defending castles but still love simulation games, give this game a try. You'll realize pretty quickly if this is or isn't your style of game.

The Tribez takes the new trend of nation-building games and places it in a prehistoric tribe. So, instead of fighting off knights and collecting grain, you collect berries … Read more

Review: Action Grid for Instagram creates cool action collages but isn't too customizable

Action Grid for Instagram does a neat job of making collages, but mediocre layout and limited customization hinder the app's overall appeal. There just aren't enough ways to tweak the grid the app creates for you. The app is worth trying, but you might be better off with a more traditional collage-making app.

Though this app mentions Instagram, it's not really connected to that app at all. Instead, the app lets you record two to nine seconds of footage and then pick nine different still images to turn into a 3X3 grid collage. When you're recording, … Read more

Review: Browse better in Android with Next Browser

Instead of a mobile version of your favorite Windows Web browser, Next Browser is built from the ground up to access the Internet on Android phones and tablets. It's light and fast but doesn't skimp on features like tabs, extensions, and voice searching. Next Browser is free and designed for Android 2.3.3 and above.

During setup, Next Browser suggested activating Flash Player but then immediately advised us not to because Adobe has stopped supporting the plug-in. We concur but appreciate that Next Browser lets you use it anyway for apps that need it. Next Browser's … Read more

Review: Wake to your favorite tunes with Free Easy Alarm Clock

Wake to your favorite tunes with Free Easy Alarm Clock. It doesn't sound an alarm but instead plays your sound clips. Nothing's stopping you from using an alarm sound, but tunes are better; like a clock radio, only without risking the DJ's taste in music. Of course, sometimes you need to be blasted out of bed, but Free Easy Alarm Clock lets you schedule as many alarms (and tunes) as necessary. Let's say you need a little heavy metal help with Mondays. Just set Free Easy Alarm Clock to play the tune that does the job … Read more

Review: Fisheye Camera Live takes fun pictures with a nice effect

Fisheye Camera Live gives your photos the classic fisheye effect, but suffers from performance issues on some Android devices. With Android 4.0, we found that the app randomly crashes and freezes, especially if you're trying to run another app alongside it. If you can get past these glitches, though, you'll get the pictures you want.

Fisheye Camera Live makes your smartphone's camera look like it has a fisheye lens attached to it. That means the middle of the camera will be incredibly zoomed in while the rest won't. The application offers three different lens simulations … Read more

Review: 100,000+ Wallpapers HD impresses with the quality and variety of its images

100,000+ Wallpapers HD stands out from other similar apps because of its huge collection of wallpapers and convenient browsing features. Though it could use more automation, it's hard to knock it when it gives you so many options. It also gets bonus points for making the selection process easy and fun.

This app offers a massive collection of backgrounds for your phone's home screen. Wallpapers are sorted into easy-to-browse categories that you can organize based on popularity and date updated. You can even rate wallpapers. You can save the wallpaper you want to any folder on your … Read more

Review: Buycott puts social consciousness in your pocket

The concept of Buycott is to connect users with causes that will verify if certain products do or do not adhere to the standards laid out by that cause. While there is currently only one cause in the database, the core concept of the app could prove to be very useful for many people.

Buycott has a lot of good ideas, but also has some issues hindering and slowing its use. To start, the sign-up process is long, buggy, and sometimes doesn't work. From incomplete Facebook integration to a slow registration server, it took us two to three minutes … Read more

Office Reader - .doc .ppt .xls 1.03 Review

If you're on a mission to have a fully mobile office, this app might seem like the answer to your quest. It offers to help you read Microsoft Office documents from any smartphone or tablet, but sadly, Office Reader is a massive disappointment as it offers limited functionality and is ad-infested.

This app only works with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but instead of letting you read the documents in their native format, Office Reader has to convert them to PDFs to display them. If you have a bigger file, that leads to a very long conversion process. It also … Read more

Easy Keyboard v1.03 Review

Finding the perfect keyboard for your smartphone can be a challenge. Easy Keyboard offers a whole new way to look at texting on your phone. The only problem is that it's not one of the most convenient ways to text.

As with any other keyboard app on Android, your gadget tells you that the app can track what you type and more. During testing, there was no indication that Easy Keyboard was actually doing that, though. Once you get it up, it takes up almost half of your screen. To type anything, you need to touch the key you … Read more