ColorMania review

Androidslide's ColorMania color-guessing game isn't just for kids: Anyone can test their visual recall by filling in the missing colors of popular cartoon characters, corporate logos, and other well-known cultural symbols, icons, and memes -- from Twitter to Tweety. Unfortunately, this app also stretches the definition of "free."


More challenging than it seems: ColorMania's puzzles are extremely basic, and most involve choosing one or two colors, but every now and then an unfamiliar symbol challenges your memory for colors.

Anyone can play: ColorMania is suitable to players of every age and ability.


Ad-dominated: … Read more

Robbery Bob Free review

Help Robbery Bob, the Man of Steal, pull a few more heists before he retires from a life of crime in this free Android game from Chillingo. Bob wants to go straight, which is wise because he's not a very good burglar. This fun game combines puzzle, sim, and comic book elements in a free but ad-supported package.


Cheap fun: Robbery Bob Free has a lot going on for a free game, and the banner ads are almost stealthier than Bob. You can win or buy upgrades to Bob's abilities in the Thievin' Store (that's its … Read more

iSoccer Backstreet Lite review

iSoccer Backstreet Lite is a freestyle soccer game that will test your skills. Although this version of the game only gives you two levels of play and thus gets old pretty quickly, it's a nice way to try the game out before deciding whether or not you want to purchase the full version. If you're a fan of freestyle soccer tricks, we're betting you will.

iSoccer Backstreet Lite features impressive, realistic graphics. Users can choose between two different avatars and customize their jerseys, shoes, and other accessories. The game's first level challenges you to juggle the … Read more

Review: Sepia Shine adds filter effects to your pictures in 12 different colors

Sepia Shine is a tool for adding various sepia-style filters to your photos and then sharing them with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and more. The filters come in multiple color options, and you can scroll through each of them to find the one that complements your photos perfectly. Then choose from one of the many options for saving and sharing.

The first time Sepia Shine opens, there is a sample image available on the screen for you to experiment with. When you feel like you know what you're doing, you can go ahead and add a photo from your … Read more

Review: Teen Patti gives you a way to play poker, but it is too clunky and unpopular

Teen Patti lets you play poker online, but it rarely has any players available. Even when it does, the games are so limited and hard to play thanks to the game's lack of variation and clunky layout that it's hardly worth it. There are better poker games that will help you get your fix available for your Android gadget.

This app lets you play three-handed poker with a number of computer opponents or against other players. Every time we tried to find players in the online lobby, it was empty. Though the game advertises itself as Indian Poker, … Read more

Review: Scandit QR & Barcode Scanner will scan and open any code on your iPhone

Scandit QR and Barcode Scanner allows you to scan any barcode or QR code on your iPhone and then open it in a browser window within the app. With a universal scanner and a history tool to keep track of what you've scanned and looked at, you can use the app to track and manage a number of different scans. Whether tracking items you want to buy or QR codes related to business cards or ads you've seen, the app offers a nice interface for doing all of the above.

After installing the app, you can open and … Read more

Review: Easy Twin Camera Free lets you create fun twin photos on Androids

Easy Twin Camera Free lets you create twin photos of yourself, your pets, friends, or any object you choose, with just two clicks.

This app requires no particular setup. As soon as you download Easy Twin Camera Free you can start creating twin photos. There is one catch, though -- you can only create three twin photos with the free version of the app. While this isn't much, it still gives you an idea of what you can do with this app before you decide if you want to purchase it or not. The app doesn't feature any … Read more

Review: Change your wireless carrier's icon with CarrierEditor for Mac

CarrierEditor for Mac lets users with iOS devices change the icon that's displayed for their wireless carrier. The app is easy to use, but unfortunately, it didn't work for us.

We're not ones to really fiddle around much with our iPhone 5's display, so we were a little nervous about trying CarrierEditor for Mac. It ended up being incredibly easy to use, with a wizard-style interface that walked us through each step of the process. We were first instructed to select a new icon to use in place of our phone's existing carrier logo. A … Read more

Review: IQmango PC Cleaner boosts your computer speed

IQmango PC Cleaner quickly scans your PC and cleans all useless data found in your system registry. If there's anything slowing down your system, this neat little app will solve it with just one click.

During the installation IQmango PC Cleaner tries to install a couple of additional programs on your computer, but you can easily skip these. The program's main interface is quite basic, with no particular design. However, this isn't a bad thing at all, as you'll be able to use this program even without any prior knowledge of PC cleaners. With just a … Read more

Review: Challenge yourself as well as your friends in addictive 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool isn't the most complex pool simulator, but its style and low barrier to entry make it one of the best. It seems basic enough on the surface, but the challenging group of players and ample rewards add some depth. It's a fine time-waster no matter what your level of skill is and can help you improve your game in real life.

If you've ever played 8 Ball, you'll jump right into this game without much difficulty. New players are greeted with a basic tutorial just in case they're new to the stripes-and-solids … Read more