Sid Meyer Pirates! for iPad review

Sid Meyer Pirates! for iPad lets you take your thirst for adventure to the high seas to explore uncharted waters and plunder enemy vessels. When you take control of your first ship, several nations will be trying to buy your allegiance, but you're free to strike out on your own and amass a crew that can dominate international waters near and far.


Multifaceted objectives: While a lot of your energy in the game is focused on building up your crew and fleet, you also have an overarching goal of avenging your family. Clues to the whereabouts of the … Read more

Credit Karma Mobile review

Credit Karma Mobile offers straightforward credit reporting with tools that observe all significant incidents that may damage your credit score. Fully integrated with CreditKarma.com, this free application is a great utility for those who want to track their financial standing.


Comprehensive coverage: The main features of Credit Karma are its "Credit Report Card" and "Notifications," which give you up-to-date, instant access to a variety of monitoring tools. The report card breaks down detailed reasons for your credit score; and for a free app, this type of coverage can't be beat.

Accurate reporting: Credit … Read more

Pico review

Pico is designed to make the collage-making process as streamlined as possible, giving you the freedom to create and share your collages quickly. Pick out your photos, choose a layout, make some tweaks, and you're ready to share a memory with friends and family via email or Instagram.

The main page of this app defines the word Pico as "to easily create beautiful collages and share them with your friends and family." Below that, there's a button to start creating a collage. Tap that, and you'll be taken immediately to your camera roll, where you … Read more

Mini Me review

Mini Me is a game that lets you dress and customize your character, and then go visit friends, grow plants, cook tasty treats, and chat. Even if you don't know anyone who plays the game yet, you can visit random other players to make new friends and earn rewards. And since helping benefits everyone, you'll get plenty of help from your fellow players, as well.

The first thing you have to do when you open Mini Me is to create an account. This just requires choosing a username, and then entering your birthday so the game knows which … Read more

Droid NAS review

Droid NAS makes wireless file sharing from or to your Android easy, but you'll need a Mac to use it. The program does not work with Windows, which is a little disappointing. Still, if your computer and your Android aren't normally friends -- and that's possible if you're using a Mac -- this app will help you bring them together without a cable.

This program serves as a wireless bridge for your files. When you connect to it, you can share your files over any Wi-Fi service, letting all of the Macs on that network access … Read more

Plex Home Theater for Mac review

Plex Home Theater for Mac supports a wide range of audio and video formats, providing a complete playback experience, but suffers from a perplexing interface and other quirks. This review is for the free version, which lacks the synchronization, automatic uploading, and cloud storage services of the subscriber's edition.


Great online content handling: Plex Home Theater for Mac does a great job of playing and organizing online content in a variety of formats except FHD videos in Matroska containers. It helps you maintain a large video library without any hassle.

Content sharing: This player allows you to share … Read more

Sendoo review

Sendoo lets you create and send all kinds of multimedia greetings to family and friends using one of their many handy templates. Using this program, you can quickly create an eCard, add a special message to a photo, or select a clip of music to send to someone.

When you first open Sendoo, you'll have to enter your name and phone number, so that you can send messages through the app. Next, a pop-up window appears showing you how to access all of the app's features. From your main screen, just tap the large + icon in the upper … Read more

Review: A Tack for Mac features a fast-paced gameplay and nice graphics

A Tack for Mac features fast gameplay that involves shooting push pins at pencils. Inspired by classic Space Invaders, this game comes with easy-to-learn controls that enable gamers of all ages to join in the fun, making it a suitable family game. The good number of graphic options allows smooth performance on any machine.

After a straightforward installation, A Tack for Mac greets you with a settings screen where you can adjust the resolution and the level of graphic detail using two sliders. The gameplay, itself -- aiming and shooting push pins -- is extremely easy to get started with, … Read more

Review: Enjoy a fast, intuitive and feature packed Cal: Any.do Calendar & Widget

Cal: Any.do Calendar & Widget successfully manages all your day-to-day tasks and activities, allowing you to plan your time more effectively without forgetting anything.

After the installation, Cal welcomes you with an appealing promotional video, which loops until you start the app. The app's interface is basic but appealing -- a calendar displaying the current month. With just a click on the plus icon you can add a new event and set a reminder. There are also a few other neat settings you can adjust for each event -- set a location where the event will take place, … Read more

Review: Move: A Brain Shifting Puzzle provides you with a fun brain teaser

Even though it features rather basic graphics, Move: A Brain Shifting Puzzle is a unique-enough puzzle game that is guaranteed to amuse you. Its introductory levels make the game easy to learn regardless of your experience level. This version even features a Color Blind mode welcoming those who have trouble recognizing colors.

Move features a basic yet clean interface devoid of fancy graphics. The sounds are pleasant, but if you prefer to play without any sound, you can also turn them completely off in the Settings menu. In addition, you can also choose to connect to Facebook, as well as … Read more