ConvertXtoDVD review

ConvertXtoDVD gives you the tools you need to take any video files from your computer and burn them to a DVD. While this procedure has always been possible, this program removes the complications and makes the process accessible to even novice users.


Excellent interface: When you open this app, it's clear what you need to do to add files, how to make any desired adjustments, and then convert and burn them to a DVD. All technical aspects of the process are handled for you, and optimal settings are automatically chosen. But if you have more experience with this … Read more

Back up your phone's files with MyPhoneExplorer Client

As smartphones become tiny laptops, people store more and more important files on them. However, smartphone memory can still fail, so it's vital that you back up your gadget to save those files. MyPhoneExplorer Client is full of features to help you do that, but there are too many strings attached.

Before you can even start using MyPhoneExplorer Client, you have to download a desktop companion. When you do, the program will try to install some very nasty spam software with it. When you finally go through a painful setup process, you will be greeted by an app that … Read more

Drag and play

MPlayer X for Mac is a feature-rich media player built for everyday use. It packs all the features most users enjoy with VLC Media Player, but at the same time, it features a great look similar to that of QuickTime X. It also utilizes the multitouch gestures Apple built in into its native applications.

The media player's simplistic look is designed to feel like a native application on the user's Mac, and it manages to play almost any type of video format really well and without any hiccups. We liked that the controls disappear as soon as you … Read more

Xmarks the spot

It's not uncommon for people to have multiple computers these days: home computer and work computer, or desktop and laptop. Although the ubiquity of computers is convenient, spreading our computer use over several different machines can make it difficult to keep up with our data. Fortunately, bookmarks are something that you can easily sync across machines or browsers thanks to Xmarks for Chrome. This simple extension keeps your bookmarks consistent across locations, ensuring that you always have access to the sites you need to remember.

Like most Chrome extensions, Xmarks installs easily. The extension then guides you through a … Read more

Audio converter

BonkEnc Portable Extracts and converts audio files. It offers users a lot of versatility. It converts audio to and from MP3, Ogg Vorbis, MP4/AAC, and FLAC formats. It will convert large audio files to smaller formats to play on your portable audio player, post online, or burn to disk. You can also use it to rip tracks from CDs to your computer and convert them to your chosen format.

BonkEnc Portable is easy to understand and navigate, and it supports many different languages. It contains a User's Guide and an FAQ, and there's a Help file you … Read more

Drivers, use caution

Driver Robot is a free utility that offers to scan your PC for incorrect and out-of-date drivers. It's also a marketing ploy designed to upsell a $30 software package and subscription to a driver database. Whether it's a scam or a lifesaver might depend on your skill level, how you use your PC, and how old your system is.

Driver Robot is one of many such utilities out there, and they have similar looks, functions, and even marketing techniques, which typically involve securing a high ranking on Google and other search sites so that you'll hit on … Read more