Numerous review

Numerous is an innovative tool that you can use to keep track of just about anything numerical that's important or interesting to you. Just choose from some of the preset suggestions, or create your own categories to start viewing certain aspects of your world through statistical representations.


Two views: When you take a detailed look at any of the items you're tracking, you'll have two different options for viewing the data. Holding your device in a vertical position will give you a list of values in chronological order, while switching to a horizontal orientation will generate … Read more

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross review

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross provides tons of information to help you address almost any type of emergency situation you may encounter with your pet. With this app, you can follow the steps outlined for basic treatment, and even find the nearest animal hospital.


Transportation instructions: In addition to step-by-step instructions on how to provide pre-vet care for your sick or injured pet, the app also includes tips on how and when to transport your animal to the vet. This can be especially useful for animals who are in pain or who have had a serious injury.… Read more

Kingsoft Clip review

Kingsoft Clip adds an advanced clipboard to your smartphone or tablet that you can use to quickly copy text and documents via the cloud from your device to another Android device or Windows computer. This well-made, accessible app makes document management between devices much easier, but can end up being quite costly, since it charges you for every 20 clips you transfer once you've run out of the initial free quota.

Kingsoft Clip installs quickly and doesn't require the Kingsoft Office suite to run, though it integrates with it. The app greets you with a polished green and … Read more

Neat review

Neat is an excellent complement to your wireless scanner that gives you access to any document you've scanned on your mobile gadget. There's no reason not to have this app if you already have a Neat scanner. It saves you from storing dozens, if not hundreds, of files on your smartphone or tablet while still letting you access them.

This app is made to work with Neat portable document scanners, giving you access to all of the files you scan. You can even scan business cards and other documents with your phone's camera and have them uploaded … Read more

MorphVOX Mac Voice Changer for Mac review

MorphVOX Mac Voice Changer for Mac lets you modify and disguise your voice through either a built-in microphone or headset. It integrates with online games and VoIP programs, or you can use it to create voice-over tracks for multimedia projects.


Good help: This program comes with an excellent Tutorial and complete Help documentation, as well. Even if you're familiar with this type of program, it's nice to have these resources to refer to if you're having trouble accessing one or another feature of the program. And for novice users, these Help options will be invaluable when … Read more

Quick Web Search review

Quick Web Search is a browser specially optimized for searching specific terms online, and it opens ready to receive your search criteria. With this browser, you don't have to repeatedly tap search boxes to bring up the keyboard or remove previous entries, making searching the Web easier than ever.

The interface of this app is straightforward, with a search box in the middle of the screen when you first open it, and a keyboard already displayed on the screen. Just type in your search term, and hit "Go," and you'll be taken to a page displaying … Read more

3D Monster Truck Parking Simulator review

3D Monster Truck Parking Simulator is a game that lets you develop and test your skill as a monster truck driver on various courses. The graphics are great, and the controls are quick to learn. But to get good at this game, you really have to put in some time.


Multiple modes: You can choose from Normal, Kids, Baby, and Fun modes when you start playing this game. Each of these modes features an adjusted level of difficulty based on the ability of the target audience, making it possible for a wide audience to enjoy this game.

Customizable controls: … Read more

Smash Hit review

Smash Hit is a game that lets you hone your skills at smashing glass obstacles that get in your way by hitting them with balls. Smash sparkling pyramids to accumulate more balls, and use those to keep advancing through one area after another, leaving shattered remnants in your wake.


Impressive graphics and effects: The worlds you're navigating in this game are beautifully designed, with all kinds of different glass structures for you to pass through or smash. Any time you hit an object and break it, the glass shatters very realistically, just as it would in the real … Read more

UnityPDF review

UnityPDF gives you the tools to combine multiple PDFs into one file, or to split a single PDF into multiple files, with just a few clicks. With multiple options for customization, this app can carry out just about any type of merging or division you need.


Splitting options: When you're dividing up a PDF with UnityPDF, you have the option of using a Quick Split, which turns each page of the original document into its own file, or specifying page numbers for each new file. This lets you control exactly where you want each part of an existing … Read more

Ralph's Killer Muenster review

Ralph's Killer Muenster is a puzzle game that challenges you to try and unscramble the escaped muenster's genetic code to stop its spread. Neighborhood by neighborhood, you have to make alterations to one shape to make it match the other and solve one more link in the muenster's genetic sequence. Only when all of the matches have been made will the city finally be safe.

When you open the game, you'll see a short animation that depicts a delivery truck for Ralph's Killer Muenster driving through a city on a dark and rainy night. The … Read more