Flood -- American Red Cross review

Floods are among nature's most destructive disasters, but you can be prepared in advance with the free Flood app for Android by the American Red Cross. This free app teaches (and quizzes) you about floods, how to prepare for them, and what to do when flooding occurs. It delivers flood alerts and disaster notifications, finds shelters, and even helps you notify worried family members that you're safe.


Flood warning: Customizable Alerts and Notifications let you know when it's time to head for high ground.

Educational: Learn about what causes floods, famous historical floods, and other flood-related … Read more

Indian TV Pro review

Watch TV, movies, and sports from India anywhere in the world your Android device can go with the Indian TV Pro app. At least that's the promise. Many of the video streams require MX Player, but even then it was hit or miss to find actual programming.


Indian TV: You don't have to be an expat to enjoy Indian TV programming, but it's a slice of home for millions who are.

News and sports: We had the best luck accessing Indian TV news and sports, especially cricket. Some channels only become active before matches, apparently.

Movies … Read more

SlideShare Presentation App review

SlideShare Presentation App lets you find and view professional presentations on your Android device and share your favorites with other colleagues on the world's largest presentation and business info community. You can browse, search, and view millions of professional presentations, save content offline, and share presentations with colleagues and other professionals through SlideShare as well as sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Old-school ties: The combined resources of SlideShare and LinkedIn put you in contact with millions of other professionals in many different fields, including business, industry, academia, and research.

Stay focused: Categories like Technology, Education, Marketing, and … Read more

Free Webcam Recorder review

Free Webcam Recorder records and produces video in six different formats using your Webcam. You can also take still pictures with this fast application, but routine crashes and lack of support may discourage you from continued use.


Excellent, accessible recording: Free Webcam Recorder supports MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, MPG, and MOV file types, so you will always be able to share and view your videos. All video formats, as well as the still pictures, retained the quality of our native Webcam.

Easy to use: This application is very basic in its design and layout. There are only four main … Read more

Free MP3 Cutter review

Free MP3 Cutter is a modestly sized application that features a great design and is effortless to use. Making and sharing new audio files is easy to do with this program, but you may be turned off by the limited features and support.


Engaging, straightforward layout: Free MP3 Cutter displays the audio file in a neat visual design, so cuts can be made exactly where you want, even to the millisecond. There are only a handful of nicely sized buttons and labels with this application, which eases much of the process.

Excellent performance: We easily cut and created audio … Read more

Free MKV to MP4 Converter review

Free MKV to MP4 Converter produces high-quality videos with its small but sturdy application. The design and layout of this application is excellent, but there is an obvious lack of features that detracts from your experience.


Intuitive design: Using this program is easy due to the large buttons that guide you to precisely where you need to be. We were surprised that Free MKV to MP4 Converter doesn't feature any advertisements on the application, which is not common for free software.

Awesome conversion: We converted an assortment of MKV files with no hang-ups and no watermarks. Most converted … Read more

Classic Shell review

Classic Shell is a powerful application that gives you access to tons of customization options for your operating system. Changing your Start menu, Windows Explorer, and Internet Explorer is easy with this innovative application.


Easy install: For its magnitude and impact on the Windows operating system, we found Classic Shell to be quite easy to install and configure. We quickly changed our Windows theme without any errors in formatting or usability.

Loaded with options: From the general Windows theme to the Start menu icon, Classic Shell gives you the ability to modify and tweak your user interface. The variety … Read more

Tornado -- American Red Cross review

If you live in a tornado-prone area, you might want Tornado -- American Red Cross on your Android phone or tablet. This informative free app helps users prepare for possible tornado outbreaks, issues alerts, and even finds shelters and emergency services if need be. It also teaches about tornadoes and even quizzes (and rewards) your knowledge.


Educational achievements: This app teaches the science of tornadoes, famous historic tornadoes, and other information. You can quiz yourself to win Achievements certifying your knowledge.

Emergency tools: Tapping the briefcase icon opened a full menu of Emergency Tools, including a Flashlight, strobe light, … Read more

Beats Music review

Beats Music provides high-quality streaming and relevant music news in an eye-catching music player. Combining social networking and customizable music options, Beats adds another dimension to your typical mobile streaming service.


Attractive, basic interface: Beats Music uses classic swiping motion to navigate between tabs and offers an appealing design through its bold color scheme. The search results screen layout filters by song, album, artist, or playlist to provide an orderly list.

High-quality playback: Beats Music plays audio in two formats: standard and high quality. Both formats had excellent sound and streamed music with no delay.

Unique features: While many … Read more

DC Comics review

DC Comics satisfies the relentless demand for comic book content, being a title catalog, an online store, and a comic viewer at the same time. It's a gorgeous app that makes it easy for you to enjoy classics, as well as discover free titles.


Panel by panel guided view: We tested DC Comics on the limited screen estate of a Galaxy S3 and a larger Nexus 7; on both devices, the panel-by-panel viewing feature made our day by automatically focusing on individual panels and keeping the story flowing and the pages turning.

Gorgeous graphics: Comics look crisp, beautiful, … Read more