Review: Robosizer automatically resizes images when they are attached to e-mails

Robosizer automatically resizes images when you attach them to an e-mail or other correspondence so that sending and downloading is smooth. Many images, especially those taken by digital cameras, are too large to easily send in e-mail or to upload online, but it's hard to know just by looking at one. Manually resizing them can also be challenging and time consuming, especially if you're not familiar with the software to do it. But Robosizer takes care of all of that for you.

Once you install it, this app works automatically from the taskbar on the lower right of … Read more

Notable: Quick Reminder 0.9.3 Review

Most note-taking apps on Android can do everything but sit up and beg. That means creating a quick, short note can be tougher than it should be. Notable: Quick Reminder fixes that by only allowing you to create one line notes. It might work if you just need a note fast, but you'll probably be better off with a more dynamic reminder app.

Notable: Quick Reminder focuses on just taking quick notes with no frills. That means there's no online syncing, list support, Web page clipping, or anything else you'd find in most note-taking apps. The only … Read more

Auto Flasher ROM flash utility 0.9.3 Review

Flashing your BIOS on a computer is almost a rite of passage for super users. Now, you can do the same thing on your Android gadget with Auto Flasher ROM flash utility. It lets you update any part of your custom ROM if something goes wrong. It's also relatively easy for rookie rooters, but they should proceed with some caution.

Since Android doesn't let you flash stock builds, you need to root your phone to use this app. If you haven't rooted, the app will kick you out before you get a chance to explore anything. If … Read more

Cstitch creates cross-stitch patterns out of your pictures

One of the best things about retro TV is the look at how things used to be, such as 70s sitcoms making a big deal about men doing needlepoint. That's an offhand way of introducing Tom Klein's Cstitch, a free program that creates cross-stitching patterns from images. You can take almost any image in almost any format and turn it into a pattern that you can save as a PDF or print out. You can use the same picture for a variety of patterns, such as changing the square size or colors for matching patterns on projects of … Read more

Site jumper

Here's a new way to launch a Web site: from your Firefox toolbar. With the Firefox extension Site Launcher, you can swap out your bookmarks for an overlay window of links you conjure at any time with a quick keyboard shortcut.

You customize your own list of go-to sites; a handful of presets helps streamline the process. Getting a further one-letter shortcut for each site, however, is the stroke of genius. Once we had those memorized, we skipped the menu entirely and pulled up new sites straight from the keyboard. A few visual options round out the extension.

Outlook and Google Calendar become one

For anyone who relies on a digital calendar to keep them on track, Google Calendar Sync is a must-have application. The free download isn't fancy or even pretty--a simple log-in and options list comprises the system tray icon. However, the meat of the application is what it can do, which is flawlessly add details of Outlook calendar items to Google's Calendar, and vice versa if you so choose. At any time, you can make it unidirectional in the options, and how often the tool updates is entirely up to you.