Battlefield 4 review

Following the critically acclaimed Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 continues the tradition of nonstop mayhem that is the sandbox/first-person-shooter genre. Battlefield 4 has a large selections of weapons, vehicles, and maps and keeps the action coming.


Bigger arsenal, more customization: With over 100 weapons and 35 vehicles, Battlefield 4 carries an even greater arsenal than its predecessor. Keeping its tradition of load-out customization, the game lets all players find their perfect bread-and-butter setup.

New engine, new mechanic: The Frostbite 3 engine not only brings brilliant graphics clarity to Battlefield 4, but it also lets players level the playing field … Read more

The 404 1,448: Where rich or poor, it's nice to have money (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Jill's appearance on CBS News: Is WhatsApp really worth $19 billion?

- Financial spring cleaning: what to keep, what to shred.

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CoPilot GPS navigation app wants to improve your commute

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, this week, app maker ALK Technologies is showing off its most recent additions to its CoPilot GPS app, a free app with downloadable maps, turn-by-turn navigation, and directions. The company has added two new features that aim to make your commute better.

The first new feature is CommuteMe, which learns your daily commute route as you drive, tracking the streets and freeways you prefer to use. Once it gets a good picture of your daily commute to and from work, it will start to alert you about traffic problems on that route. It … Read more

Saving the Net from the surveillance state: Glenn Greenwald speaks up (Q&A)

Big Brother may be watching you. But Glenn Greenwald is watching Big Brother.

That's not a bad take on how the 46-year-old constitutional-law attorney turned crusading journalist turned thorn in the side of the NSA might describe his mission.

At least in part. Greenwald is doing more than just watching. By combing through the tens of thousands of classified NSA documents leaked to him by Edward Snowden -- and publishing in newspapers around the globe report after report on the secretive agency's mass-spying activities -- he's got the world watching too.

Through his efforts, he's looking … Read more

Nest Protect is the smoke/CO detector to beat

How do you make a smoke detector cool? It's hard, and more difficult still to glamorize a carbon monoxide detector. Under ideal circumstances, you'll never hear a peep out of either.

Nest took a crack at reinventing the boring old smoke alarm anyway. The upstart company, famous for its five-star Nest Learning Thermostat, aims to reimagine the dull, annoying, or dysfunctional white-label products around your house. As such, Nest took the passive wall wart of yesterday and transformed it into the Nest Protect, a Wi-Fi-ready smoke alarm and CO monitor. And while the Nest Protect doesn't necessarily … Read more

NSA foe Greenwald whips his new media venture into shape

Glenn Greenwald -- the journalist who got the scoop on the NSA's mass surveillance programs courtesy of whistle-blower Edward Snowden -- has been busily assembling the team for the new online publication he's co-creating with $250 million in backing from eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

And a series of tweeted announcements by Greenwald over the last few days gives a glimpse of how the closely watched venture's editorial focus is shaping up.

In an ironic, Snowdenesque twist, news of the venture leaked to BuzzFeed last month, generating a flurry of discussion in media and Internet circles.

The New … Read more

Mega CEO: Forget anonymous e-mail. Think privacy (Q&A)

The future of secure, private e-mail doesn't lie in Silicon Valley, or Silicon Alley, or even in the Northern Hemisphere, but in New Zealand.

At least, that's what Mega.co.nz Chief Executive Vikram Kumar wants to turn into a reality.

After Kim Dotcom's Mega shook up the secure storage world, offering a mind-boggling, industry-leading 50GB of encrypted free space, the company startled the world again by announcing that it would be building an encrypted e-mail service -- but only after the unexpected closure of Ladar Levinson's Lavabit.

In the wake of the unexpected secure e-mail … Read more

Vizio Co-Star LT allows cable picture-in-picture

With the ongoing popularity of the Roku family and the Apple TV it's natural for AV manufacturers to want to take a piece of the action. While most TV manufacturers have a similar box, devices such as Sony's NSZ-GS8 are based on the much-maligned Google TV platform. Unfortunately for the well-known search giant, people never took to its set-top box due to a combination of obtuse early software and high-profile spats with content producers and manufacturing partners.

Vizio, after releasing its own Google TV box last year, has shifted to its inhouse smart TV suite for its newest … Read more

Can MonoPrice's $84 five-speaker/subwoofer system outperform a sound bar?

From the way things are going multichannel home theater speaker systems will be on the endangered species list in a few years. Sound bars epitomize the "good enough" direction the market has taken, and most folks are happy with them, mostly because they sound better than the speakers built into their TVs. That's easy, but how do sound bars fare compared with a bona fide 5.1-channel subwoofer/satellite system? For this shootout I wanted to keep the budget in check, so I used MonoPrice's 8247 sub/sat system, and compared it with a couple of … Read more

Google looks to help startups start up, unveils hub network

Gone are the days of starting companies in your garage. And Google thinks it can help with the change in venue.

The tech giant announced Wednesday that it will be partnering with co-working spaces and "startup hubs" -- where young companies can get access to office space, mentors, and other resources to help them grow -- to create a hub network that'll help startups commune.

The initiative is being overseen by Google for Entrepreneurs, the arm of the company that focuses on nurturing startups. Google already has startup hubs in London and Tel Aviv, but this new … Read more