Can't get enough Radio Shack all of a sudden? Here's more

No, I can't believe Radio Shack can actually emerge from its '80s bunker. But you have to admire the effort. And, frankly, the honesty in admitting what it had become.

Many chose the ad in which stars from the 1980s arrive at a Radio Shack with the express purpose of gutting it as their favorite ad of the night.

So, as the company watched its shares rise just because of that ad, it pumped out more videos to make you believe that '80s were just a phase it went through for around 30 years.

Here's Cliff Clavin from &… Read more

Retro 1980s case turns iPhone into 'brick' handset

Once upon a time, only the coolest (and wealthiest) people had mobile phones, and those phones were the size of a large guinea pig. This magical time was known as the 1980s.

If you pine for the days when acid wash jeans and Phil Collins ruled America, then ThinkGeek's Retro iPhone Case is for you.

Slip your iPhone into this case and lose all pretense to having a sleek, modern telecommunications device. All of a sudden, you have a brick-sized 1980s phone to go with your "Miami Vice" pop-collar jacket and gelled hair.

This honkin' huge case … Read more

How many crates can you collect?

Super Crate Box is a maddeningly addictive arcade platformer with a very simple concept, but manages to keep you coming back for more. Using left and right directional buttons on the left and buttons for jumping and firing on the right, your only mission is to stay alive and collect weapon crates. When you collect one, another appears randomly on the map and you receive a random weapon for fighting off the endless rampage of deadly monsters.

Super Crate Box is one of those games that is highly rage-inducing. Even the slightest touch by one of the enemies ends your … Read more

Great stop-motion vid of favorite '80s toys

From Hot Wheels to Legos, this stop-motion video by French Web designer and animator Micael Reynaud provides a wonderful trip down memory lane.

The two-minute clip, titled "The King of Lego Land," is simply brilliant. And I'm ecstatic that Magic 8 Ball made it into the roundup, along with Nintendo games, Transformers, and of course, Legos.

How many of these toys did you play with as a kid? … Read more

Just like game cabinets of old

Buganoids is a free arcade game with 8-bit graphics, old-school sound and gameplay, and a circular range of movement reminiscent of classic stand-up tube-shooters like Tempest and Gyruss.

Buganoids' schtick is simple and addictive: you move clockwise or counterclockwise around the "surface" of a planet, shooting into the interior to take out advancing enemy bad guys--in this case, menacing little bees, birds, turtles, and centipede-type creatures, which emerge from holes in the planet's surface. The game's interface is explicitly styled after a stand-up arcade game: under the main screen, you press photo-realistic buttons to rotate left … Read more

Mix Tape USB

It's been raining '80s nostalgia gadgets around here lately. Between the Lasonic iPod boombox, Plusdeck EX cassette ripper, Speak & Spell speaker mod, and buckets of Transformers tschotkes--we're just waiting for Prince and John Cusack to pull up in front of CNET in a Delorean.

Here's another gadget to throw on the '80s retro-tech heap. The Suck UK Mix Tape USB is a Flash thumb-drive cleverly masquerading as a vintage Hitachi cassette tape. No word on pricing, but the product is poised to launch in the UK in September. But why wait? This looks like a totally … Read more

Photos: Greatest arcade games of the '80s

Imagine you have a time machine, a pocket full of quarters and a Walkman with Siouxsie and Smiths cassettes (OK, you can bring your own). Your mission is to travel back to the '80s, the golden age of arcade games, and play your favorite one.

Which would you pick?

Would you sidle up to Asteroids, Frogger, Centipede, Donkey Kong? ... Need to jog your memory? Check out this News.com gallery of the classic games of the 1980s.

007 phone, Roger Moore vintage

The Chinese manufacturer that came up with this "VIP 007" phone apparently had its decades mixed up when contemplating the retro-styled handset. Either that or it was particularly fond of Roger Moore, because the design of this so-called James Bond phone looks distinctly like one of those caveman versions (sorry, Geico guys) from the early '80s, though 50 or 60 pounds lighter.

True to that unfortunate form, this GSM handset sports a gigantic antenna and has its receiver on the edge of the phone, as shown on Akihabara News, but it does apparently have a color display to … Read more

RCA's new Small Wonder: Not a creepy robot girl

RCA announced a new version of their Small Wonder minicamcorder today. A follow-up to the Small Wonder EZ101, the Small Wonder EZ201 is an extremely simple pocket camcorder with an extremely low price tag. With a suggested retail price of $130, the EZ201 is predictably spartan: a tiny, 1.5-inch LCD screen flips out for framing shots, and it records videos onto SD cards (not included). The camcorder has both a standard TV connection and a pop-out USB plug for easy viewing and transferring of movies.

RCA also announced the RCA Memory Maker, an accessory DVD-burning dock for the EZ201. … Read more

Alarm clock features old-school TV design, incongruous remote

This cute little alarm clock that i read about on Tokyomango looks like one of those little portable TVs that made a brief splash in the '80s. Actually, in my opinion, it looks more like a toy radar device that would be found in a Fisher-Price "My First U.S. Navy Ballistic Missile Submarine" playset. But that's beside the point.

So it looks like it operates just like your average alarm clock. And since this is the Age of Laziness, it comes with a remote control. As Tokyomango's blogger points out, the remote control is, well, … Read more