$1 speakers

Phorus' wireless speaker won't worry Sonos

Did you know that 2013 is the International Year of Quinoa? Until this year not many people outside of health shops would have heard of the once-Incan-cultivated grain, but now it's seemingly everywhere. The same goes for wireless audio, for while the UN probably isn't considering lionizing Sonos next, more competing products have cropped up in the last 12 months than seemingly in the last five years.

Play-Fi emerged late last year as an Android streaming protocol, but with the addition last month of an iOS app, the system is getting a little closer to the power offered … Read more

Monoprice 9774 vs. Monoprice 10565 (vs. Energy Take Classic): Are they different?

A few months ago, Matt Moskovciak and Steve Guttenberg reviewed the Monoprice 9774, finding them to be incredibly similar to the Energy Take Classic. Too similar.

I got in both speakers, and tore them apart, finding them to be pretty much the same. Or as close to the same as two speaker sets can be. A lawsuit happened. Then, suddenly, everyone was happy.

Now, we've got a new set of Monoprice speakers. How different are they (if at all?).… Read more

Sonos Play:1 speaker on sale, despite no mention of launch

It looks like Sonos plans to announce a new wireless speaker. And, thanks to at least one Target store, that might happen sooner rather then later.

The Sonos Play:1 is on store shelves in at least one Target store, a leaked image published on The Verge Wednesday has revealed. The person who snapped the photo showed that both a white and black version are available for $199.99. The speaker comes with a single speaker, unlike the Play:3 and Play:5, which have three speakers and five speakers, respectively.

Sonos made a name for itself in the home … Read more

Are the Energy Take Classic and Monoprice 9774 the same?

A recent CNET review of the Monoprice 9774 by Matt Moskovciak and Steve Guttenberg revealed that, beyond striking physical similarities, they sounded nearly identical to the more-expensive Energy Take Classic speaker system.

A recent lawsuit seems to bear out that Energy feels the same way.

So how similar are they? I acquired sets of both to take apart and compare the guts. Further, I enlisted the help of measurement wizard and speaker guru Brent Butterworth to measure the frequency response.

The results were very interesting.… Read more

A powerhouse bookshelf speaker from Monitor Audio

When I dropped by the Park Avenue Audio NYC showroom, I was on a mission to find an audiophile bookshelf speaker that wouldn't break the bank. The store's selection covers a wide gamut, but the majority of speakers are $1,000-plus per pair. Then I ran across the Monitor Audio "Silver" RX1; it's a medium-size bookshelf speaker, measuring a tidy 12.3 x 7.3 x 9.4 inches. At 15 pounds, it feels surprisingly heavy for its size. It has a 1-inch ceramic-coated aluminum/magnesium-alloy dome tweeter and a 6-inch metal woofer. The speakers … Read more

The Audiophiliac's Top 10 speakers from $40 to $400

Update, September 10, 2012: This Top 10 list was originally published on August 31, 2011.

I cover a lot of high-end, audiophile-oriented gear in this blog, but I also love finding great-sounding affordable products. Match any of the stereo speakers on this list with any amp from my post on "Top 10 great-sounding amplifiers from $40 to $450," and you'll get amazing sound value. Unless noted otherwise, the prices listed are for pairs of speakers.

Dayton B652 ($40) The price is no typo; the Dayton Audio B652 is a midsize, black vinyl-covered monitor speaker, 11.7 inches high, 7.1 inches wide, and 6.5 inches deep. Fit and finish are decent, but the rear panel's spring-clip wire connectors won't provide a tight grip on the wires, so they may fall out when you move the speakers.

I've seen clips on $100 speakers, so I can't really complain about spring clips on $40 speakers. Bass definition is fine, but deep bass is lacking. The B652's bass is reasonably flat to 70Hz, so you may not need to add a sub. The speaker earned its reputation by delivering surprisingly accurate tonal balance, exceptional detail, and transparency. The B652 speakers are available for $40 a pair from Parts Express.… Read more

$1 homemade speakers: Doable?

The Audiophiliac's primary mission is turning readers on to high-quality audio products and great music, but today, it's more about super lo-fi.

Google's YouTube has loads of wacky videos on how to make cheap speakers. Check out my favorite so far, "How to Create a High-Def Speaker for Under a Buck," right. It doesn't work, but it's the most entertaining.

After that, watch "Attempting to Make a Homemade Speaker for Under a Buck." It's a response to that first one.

If you really want to give speaker building a try, … Read more

Voix upgrades anorexic speakers

If thin is in for everything from phones and headsets to TVs and MP3 players, then certainly the same should be true for loudspeakers. And while the slimming trend has claimed many other victims in this category, this pair from Voix seems particularly anorexic.

First released early last year, the MPX 2.1 system has been upgraded for home theaters, churning out 72 watts of sound through each speaker, according to Tech Digest. It can be hooked up to an HDTV or most versions of the iPod, including the iPhone. Just be careful when handling them so they don't … Read more

More speakers from outer space

Ridiculously expensive loudspeakers seem to be something of a trend on Crave lately, alongside more realistic products for the rest of us. And while not all can command prices of $150,000, there's no shortage of those that can still drain a budget in a hurry.

One thing we've noticed is a curious phenomenon regarding their design, which appears to get more interplanetary with each level of pricing. The "Vivid Audio B1 Loudspeakers," for example, have taken an alien-type form that we've observed in other species in the galaxy.

Maintaining a unique design is a … Read more