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Moto 360 smartwatch to ship in limited quantity, says report

Motorola's upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch, which will use Google's Android Wear, might not be readily available, a new report claimed.

The Moto 360's circular design and thus, circular-shaped components, make it exceedingly difficult to manufacture it in large quantities, Android Headlines reported on Wednesday, citing a person who claims to have knowledge of the launch plans. Therefore, Motorola will either have to deal with limited supply in all the countries it plans to launch the smartwatch, or it will have to cut back on launch locations out of the gate, the report claimed.

Motorola shed some light on the Moto 360 on TuesdayRead more

Man, mad at Internet seller, texts him Shakespeare (all of it)

Getting mad occasionally results in getting even, but often only in getting madder.

Ultimately, the whole point of revenge isn't even to get even at all. It's to feel that you have.

Edd Joseph needed to feel better about an internet transaction. As the Bristol Post declaims it, he bought a PS3 online for 80 British pounds (around $132) on the Gumtree site and the transaction went perfectly.

Except for the tiny detail that he didn't receive his PS3.

This he deemed an arrow of outrageous fortune. So he mulled and cogitated and pondered and thought therefore … Read more

LG to launch G Watch with Android Wear

LG is getting in on the Android Wear game.

The company has built a smartwatch in partnership with Google that it will call the G Watch, LG confirmed on Tuesday. The G Watch runs Google's modified wearables platform, Android Wear.

Engadget earlier reported the news.

LG didn't provide any details on the device, but an image in the Engadget report shows the device with flight times. The G Watch will work with voice commands and will come to market sometime in the second quarter, LG said.

Google on Tuesday announced Android Wear. The platform is a modified version … Read more

Accused movie theater shooter was himself texting, report says

A couple of months ago, Chad Oulson was shot dead, allegedly by retired policeman Curtis Reeves in a spat over Oulson's texting before a movie started.

It's easy for cases like this one from Florida to be forgotten.

Once it emerged that Reeves was said to have had previous arguments with movie theater texters, one imagined that there mightn't be any new facts.

On Thursday, however, the prosecution reportedly released documents that show Reeves himself was texting just before the movie started.

As the Associated Press reports, Reeves' son Matthew, himself a police officer, allegedly received a … Read more

SoftBank chief eyes 'massive price war' with Verizon, AT&T

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son has officially put a target on the backs of AT&T and Verizon.

Speaking to Charlie Rose in an interview Monday, Son said that he'd "like to have the real fight" for mobile supremacy, adding that if he can get to that point, he would enter into "a more massive price war."

SoftBank, which acquired a controlling stake in Sprint last year, is reportedly mulling a merger with T-Mobile USA to create a more competitive alternative to the big two of AT&T and Verizon. But Son's comments … Read more

LG G3 could be dustproof and water resistant, report indicates

LG's successor to the G2 could be both water resistant and dust-proof, according to Korea's ETNews.

Presumably, the handset will be known as the G3 and will make its debut in the second half of the year. Hardware specifications are a bit muddy at this point, but the rumor is already churning. Early chatter suggests a Quad HD (1,440x2,560 pixels) display, a 64-bit processor, and a 16-megapixel rear camera may be in order for the smartphone.

Looking ahead, I'd anticipate more handset manufacturers to adopt water resistance and dust proof capabilities. Sony, for example, has … Read more

Sony tempts Xperia smartphone owners with snazzy themes

Love your new Xperia phone's waterproof design but not so much its software UI? Apparently Sony feels your pain. The company has been at it again, touting the virtues of its Xperia Theme Android skins. First announced as part of Sony's Xperia phone upgrade to Android 4.3, the device maker used its official blog today to drum up buzz around the Xperia Theme engine. … Read more

AT&T offers price cut for 2GB 'Mobile Share Value' plans

AT&T is cutting the price of its 2GB Mobile Share Value Plan.

The company announced Saturday that starting tomorrow -- Sunday -- customers with one smartphone can sign on to the 2GB plan for $65 a month, and customers with two smartphones can sign on for $90 a month. In both cases, that's a $15 drop from current Mobile Share Value Plan charges, the company said.

Customers can bring their own phone, buy one at full retail, or finance one through AT&T Next.

The plans come with unlimited talk and text, 50GB of cloud storage, … Read more

Unannounced Samsung 'activity tracker' pops up on FCC site

Samsung is working a new, unannounced product through the regulatory process.

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday published files submitted recently by Samsung showing details on what the company is calling an "activity tracker." The product number doesn't match up with any fitness devices shown off so far this year by Samsung, making the blogosphere guess that it's actually the rumored, and unannounced, S Circle fitness tracker.

Details are slim on the device, due mainly to Samsung requesting that the FCC keep private most of the product's features, but the files indicate that the product … Read more