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Tumblr woos TV networks too, teaming up with Viacom

Tumblr is the latest social network to woo television as an advertising partner, announcing Viacom as the first television programmer to strike an marketing partnership with the Yahoo-owned blogging site.

Television networks have been the prom queen every social network wants to take the the dance lately, as they look for ways to turn their finger-on-the-pulse intrinsic value into actual advertising dollars.

Twitter has been wooing TV networks with marketing partnerships that shore up the newly public social network's revenue capabilities. Facebook, the biggest social network in the world, has been shouting about its value for marketing television lately … Read more

Facebook to marketers: Expect drop in News Feed distribution

Facebook has been alerting marketers that they will likely see the organic reach of their Page posts decline over time, CNET has confirmed with the company.

The social network has been known, especially of late, to fudge with the formula that picks and chooses the content to push to members in News Feed. The company did not cite any specific changes to the News Feed algorithm that would be harmful to Pages, the equivalent of profiles for brands, but it is telling clients that their regular status updates will reach fewer people.

"Over the past few months, we have … Read more

Facebook sees surge in mobile ad sales -- report

Google still owns the biggest slice of mobile ad sales. But Facebook is increasingly carving up more of that pie, according to eMarketer.

The two giants together snagged more than two-thirds of last year's $17.96 billion in mobile ad sales, eMarketer reported Wednesday. Mobile ad spending worldwide surged by 105 percent last year and is forecast to jump another 75 percent this year to $31.45 billion.

Google is by far still the top recipient of all that spending, grabbing 49.3 percent of mobile ad revenue last year. But that number showed a small dip from 2012 … Read more

Glasshole heaven: Hotel offers free drink if you wear Glass

Being seen in public wearing Google Glass is a statement.

Some, though, see it as a statement that you are tone-deaf, socially blind, and congenitally self-righteous.

Casinos have banned it and one Seattle restaurant owner described Google Glass wearers as "man children stinkin' up the joint."

But now one joint has come to Glassholes' rescue. As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, the Stanford Court, in San Francisco's snooty Nob Hill, is welcoming Glass wearers.

Indeed, it's not just opening its arms. It's opening its pockets, by offering a free cocktail to anyone who DOES wear Glass in its Aurea Lounge.… Read more

The enchanting Tesla ad that wasn't made by Tesla

You'll see quite a few Teslas in the San Francisco Bay Area.

They're like plaid shirts for the affluent. They say: "I'm cool, but I care."

The greatest joy of the Tesla isn't that it's electric, or that you can talk to other cool, caring people as you stand at the charging station at your local organic supermarket.

It's that it's a genuinely beautiful car. It's almost a pity that it's so socially and politically correct.

Like the most beautiful products, the car is the best advertisement of all. … Read more

AT&T celebrates nerdy engineers failing to pick up girls

You can tire of children.

And anyway, how are kids really going to persuade people that your network is wonderful -- or at least a little better than it used to be?

AT&T has therefore retired its cute kiddies who sit in a classroom and talk nonsense, in favor of the one thing that can offer you sense about your network: nerdy engineers.

To coincide with your coming temporary obsession with college basketball, the company is releasing a new campaign, featuring two (slightly) charming AT&T engineers. (Played by actors, of course.)

In one ad, we see … Read more

How a selfie with a rapper can improve your Facebook status

On occasion, I'm forced to disappear to the Wine Country in order to commune with nature.

If I feel that the last vestige of niceness is disappearing from me, a few hours spent in the company of the people of Napa and their grape products creates a reawakening, as well as a need for a hotel.

Late on Friday afternoon, I was sipping some very fine Honig cabernet when a young man engaged me in conversation.

He was 24 years old, he had a flip phone, and he was in crisis.

"I've got to leave in a … Read more

Activist group to debut barcode-scanning boycott Israel app

The group that went after actress Scarlett Johansson for being a spokesperson for the Israeli company SodaStream is now setting its heights even higher.

The Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is about to come out with a smartphone app that will help people carry out boycotts against Israel, according to the International Business Times. The beta version of this app is slated to be ready in the near future.

The app will come with a barcode scanner, allowing users to scan products with their smartphones to see if the manufacturer has ties to Israel. The idea is to give … Read more

Google Maps cruises the rapids of the Colorado River

Rafting down the rapids of the Colorado River and gazing up at the walls of the Grand Canyon is not something many people get to do. But now Google Maps is sharing the experience with the masses.

On Thursday, the Web giant released its newest Street View Trek, which navigates "America's most endangered river." Partnering with American Rivers conservation group, Google has mapped out the course of the Colorado River, highlighting attractions along the way, like North Canyon, Nankoweap Granaries, and the Redwall Cavern.

"Now with Google Street View, you can ride the whitewater rapids, cruise … Read more

Facebook TV: Video ads now interrupting your News Feed

Facebook will gradually introduce 15-second video ads that auto play in News Feed to its 1.23 billion members following a three-month test of the product, the company said Thursday.

The new ads, called "Premium Video Ads," are modeled after television spots and are meant to give advertisers with deep pockets -- ads reportedly cost anywhere from $1 million to $2.5 million per day -- access to the broadest swath of Facebook users at specific intervals during the day.

Video ads play without sound when they appear on the screen. Members can scroll past an ad, or … Read more