World's largest TV, 'Big Hoss,' is as long as a jet

They say everything's bigger in Texas, and now they have the TV to prove it.

The "Big Hoss" TV was turned on for the first time in front of a live audience Wednesday night at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. The screen, built by Panasonic, measures 218 feet wide by 94.6 feet tall. That means it's longer than Boeing's biggest 767 (the 400ER), and taller than a seven-story building. To put it in home electronics terms, it's a 2,852-inch TV. The display features 20,633.64 square feet of HD LED lights that broadcast 4.8 million pixels and 281 trillion colors.

The TV has a 140-degree viewing angle so it can be seen by people in a large swath of seats at the Speedway, and it takes a crew of five people to operate it from within the attached control room. The screen is also allegedly able to handle wind speeds of up to 120 mph, as well as impacts from projectiles like hail, something that was confirmed by workers hitting golf balls at the LEDs, according to ESPN. … Read more

LG G Pro vs. iPhone 5S? Alternative brackets to March Madness

March Madness doesn't have to be just about basketball. You can get a tournament fix without ever setting eyes on a round orange bouncy object or the extremely tall humans who use it.

Instead, you can bask in a much nerdier alternative tournament where you get to do things like root for Neil deGrasse Tyson versus the Dowager Countess from "Downton Abbey" or cheer on the iPhone 5S in a pitched battle against the LG G Pro 2.

Welcome to the world of alternative brackets. Here are five to feed your competitive fire, and they have pretty much nothing to do with basketball.… Read more

Mobile March Madness tips for staying in the game

You've got March Madness fever, and the only solution is more cowbell. Scratch that. The only solution is to harness the awesome power of mobile technology and turn your smartphone and tablet into your personal ball boy.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or someone who fills out your bracket based on which mascot is most likely to eat the other, you can rely on your mobile device to provide non-stop tournament coverage. You can also rely on it to be the most discrete way to watch games, check your bracket, and see what social media has to say while you're stuck at work.… Read more

Hey, boss, 12 percent will watch March Madness in meetings

We have come to that time of year when a group of possibly inebriated, supposed experts decides which colleges will send their teams to the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

This cultural beauty pageant is branded on American hearts like few other events. You may not know where Butler University actually is, but you wrap your arms around it, as if your own child was on the team.

This causes problems for industrial productivity and personal gadgetry.

Sports have always been more important than work. Therefore, workers are more likely to watch sporting events that happen to occur during working hours.

Indeed, … Read more

Shaq reveals Apple fanboy credentials

As you drifted from one ridiculous work problem to another today, as you wondered whether your tolerance threshold was being reached, you probably mused to yourself: "I wonder how much Shaq spends on apps."

Because this blog is primarily a sociopsychological service, I can help you with that question. For at SXSW, Shaquille O'Neal revealed the true depths of his inner geek to The Wall Street Journal.

"I'm not ashamed to say I'm a geek," he said. Which is good, as he might be ashamed to say he's a Laker, given that … Read more

'Star Wars' AT-AT walkers invade Sochi Olympics

Finding the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics rather dull? Add some AT-AT walkers from "Star Wars" shooting lasers at downhill skiers and you have a sport worth watching.

This "Star Wars" - Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics mashup video aired on TV2 Denmark's show "Natholdet med Anders Breinholt" (Night Shift with Anders Breinholt), with humorous results. You don't need to speak the language to appreciate AT-AT's attacking unsuspecting Olympic athletes. … Read more

If there's one Sochi video that deserves to go viral, it's this one

The Russian Olympic charm offensive has, on occasion, tilted toward the offensive rather than the charm.

How beautiful, then, that one moment at the Sochi opening ceremony stands out for its sheer unbridled passion, joy, and camp(fire) togetherness.

In the warm-up to Friday's opening ceremony, the Russian Interior Ministry's Police Choir decided to offer its rendition of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky."

This version is a work of art. The helmeted creators of the original could never have imagined such a thing. It makes theirs seems like a mere ditty from the dungeons of desperate … Read more

Sochi: A streaming event of Olympic proportions

For the Sochi Olympics, NBC will plow head first into streaming nearly every moment of the games over the Internet, but still stops short of giving everything to everyone.

The broadcast network NBC and its partners -- distributors like cable and satellite providers and tech companies like Adobe and iStreamPlanet -- have embraced the concept of bringing as much as they can online. What we're getting this year: nearly every moment of competition and more curated video on the Web; easier sign-on and more pay-TV providers on board to let their customers watch online; and more supported devices and … Read more

In Sochi, the Olympics-size job of running Olympics IT infrastructure

As the Winter Olympics get under way today, one of the main narratives emerging from Sochi, Russia so far is that of gross incompetence, unfinished construction projects, widespread computer hacking, and a general sense that corruption has been the biggest winner.

Yet, with thousands of Olympic athletes and tens of thousands of spectators arriving in Sochi, the show must still go on. The opening ceremonies are tonight, and soon, skiers, skaters, lugers, and so many others will be competing for precious gold as millions of people around the world watch. Behind it all is a massive technology infrastructure, years in … Read more

$25,000 Beats headphones for Seahawks, Broncos only

Beats by Dre headphones are hot commodities in the athletic world. One particular style, however, is in very scarce supply because it's only in the hands of Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks players. The special headphones come courtesy of the company as a sort of congratulations present to the two teams that survive the war of attrition that is the NFL season.

Seahawks offensive lineman Michael Bowie tweeted out his thanks for the swag and shared the headphones' $25,000 value with the world. The cans sport an large gold or white-gold logo commemorating this year's big game in New York. There are a few diamonds studded in there, as well, courtesy of Graff Diamonds.… Read more