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Gadgettes 188: The Mega-Segment Farewell Episode (podcast)

I hope you are sitting, and not standing. For this is in fact the final episode of Gadgettes. Yes, it sucks. But the show will always live on in the archives. Before you start re-listening to every single past episode, enjoy our final sendoff where we (appropriately) cover nearly all of the segments from the show.

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Wii Fit for Valentine's Day: It's ok. Really.

I got the Wii Fit for Valentine's Day. And yes, I know that the Wii Fit is verboten as a Valentine's Day gift, and is in the same category as like, sugar-free candy or the 30 Day Shred DVD (which, by the way, is a fat-burning miracle). But here's the thing: my husband isn't trying to tell me I'm fat. He just knows I want a Wii fit. Therefore, I am happy that I got a Wii Fit. It's fun. Can we please, ladies with geek leanings, please try to get the message out … Read more

Belkin doubles down on wireless HDMI

Belkin today announced the pricing and planned availability for its FlyWire wireless HDMI accessory. The unit will eventually be available in two separate versions: a $1,500 multi-room unit set to hit in October, and a stepdown $700 model dubbed the R1, which is intended for single-room installations.

TheFlyWire wireless HDMI kit garnered a nomination for the Best of CES Awards back in January, where it successfully demonstrated the ability to wirelessly transmit uncompressed high-definition video and audio. (See a CNET TV video of the FlyWire in action after the break.)… Read more

Can Tru2way succeed where CableCard failed?

If the industry press is to be believed, Tuesday's announcement that Sony would be producing TVs with Tru2way compatibility was a watershed event--the electronics world equivalent of the Magna Carta or the Treaty of Versailles. But let's step back a bit and examine what this really means.

Tru2way is a digital cable technology developed by CableLabs that's designed to be built directly into TVs, eliminating the need for an outboard set-top box. In theory, you'd be able to buy a Tru2way-compatible TV, bring it home, connect it to your coaxial cable, and instantly be able to … Read more

Zappos vs. Piperlime: A head-to-head

I am a big and vocal fan of for all things shoe. Huge selection, decent (if not bargain) prices, and free shipping. Returns are dead simple, and my love for Zappos has, at times, bordered on actual zealotry.

So, when the Gap Empire introduced Piperlime, I wasn't buying. It seemed like a Zappos rip-off with a more yuppie-friendly design scheme, and even though I'm a Banana Republic card holder and Gap Empire devotee, something about Piperlime just didn't work for me. Plus, they gave me the Web site hard sell--a constant barrage of coupons and … Read more

Sew your own iPod, laptop case

Standard black laptop cases: boring. Fancy laptop cases: expensive. Sewing your own laptop/iPod case: Probably totally inconvenient, but in the end perhaps rewarding--if, that is, you like bobbins and seam rippers, or even know what they are.

Still not convinced? You probably can't buy a laptop case in crazy tattoo-inspired fabric (see below), but you could make one. And because this is a family friendly-ish blog, you'll have to click through to some of the other, ahem, interesting fabrics you could pick. Of course, sewing your own will require a few hours of precious time and owning … Read more

Fashion for gadgets, Singapore-style

Accessorizing gadgets is an addiction, and it can sometimes be a chore as well. Finding the right bag, sleeve, case, or even screen protector for your music player or notebook can be a harder decision than choosing the device being protected. Here's another company that may complicate the decision even further: Fabrix, a made-in-Singapore brand of cases for tech products.

Fabrix seems to have its focus on design. For example, all its iPod cases are slip cases, which mean you have to remove the player to view a video or to change the volume--a no-no for people who'd … Read more

Gold Lantern VisorTalk: Bluetooth car speakerphone with caller ID

There are plenty of Bluetooth hands-free speakerphones for the car out there, but the Gold Lantern VisorTalk distinguishes itself with a caller ID display--all the better to screen calls while you're on the road. Otherwise, the VisorTalk--so named because it clips to the sun visor--has all the standard features covered: It sports Bluetooth 2.0 (for pairing with any compatible cell phone) and a full duplex speakerphone, and the rechargeable battery is rated at 8 hours talk time and 200 hours standby (a car charger is included). And that "H" button centered below the display is a &… Read more

Rotating iPod case can spin speakers too

On the rare occasions that our bosses let us leave the desk and visit the gym, some of us at Crave have found that rotating cases for the iPod come in surprisingly handy for their flexibility. And apparently we're not alone, because others are coming up with new 360-degree designs all the time.

The latest example not only rotates the case, but has built-in speakers that can be spun around too. The two tiny speakers can be exposed on either side of a classic or fifth-generation iPod, then twisted behind the player in a hidden position, according to Popgadget. … Read more

Bringing the old Polaroid snapshot back to life

If there's one gadget that's been egregiously over-produced, it's the digital photo frame. We've never understood the need for so many brands, versions, and sizes, except for the networked Ceiva (though we're not so sure about the whole refrigerator thing).

So if companies insist on making these already-overdone products, we appreciate some originality--as in the idea for a retro-styled Polaroid snapshot lookalike conceived by photographer Dave Friedman. The people at Polaroid apparently agree, according to Stuff, because they're working to make the concept a reality.

As originally envisioned, the wireless frame would present photos … Read more