Sony tempts Xperia smartphone owners with snazzy themes

Love your new Xperia phone's waterproof design but not so much its software UI? Apparently Sony feels your pain. The company has been at it again, touting the virtues of its Xperia Theme Android skins. First announced as part of Sony's Xperia phone upgrade to Android 4.3, the device maker used its official blog today to drum up buzz around the Xperia Theme engine. … Read more

Sprint approves KitKat update for more Samsung smartphones

Sprint on Wednesday confirmed plans to issue Android 4.4.2 updates to a number of Samsung Galaxy devices.

According to a post on the carrier's blog, the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Mega, and Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 are in line to receive KitKat updates. As a result, the mobile gadgets called out will benefit from features such as enhanced messaging options and a more intuitive interface. In addition to the standard fare of OS features, the lock screen will be updated to allow for quick access to cameras.

While Sprint did not … Read more

HTC all but confirms dual camera for HTC One 2

In case you haven't been paying close attention, HTC is really excited about its upcoming flagship refresh, the "all new" HTC One, that's set to debut later this month.

The company is so excited, in fact, that it has taken to various social media channels to promote the smartphone. Uploaded just today, HTC told its Twitter and Facebook followers that life will become "twice as beautiful on March 25."

What's more, an image accompanying the update shows six photos, each with a "two" theme. While the use of the number could … Read more

How to get a no-contract iPhone 5C for $299.99 and $30 monthly

Here's the sitch: You want an iPhone, but don't want to get locked into a two-year contract to the tune of $70+ per month. Without that carrier subsidy, however, you're looking at a minimum of around $550 just for the phone.

If you're willing to take a few extra steps and wait a little while for some cash back, you can score what is arguably the best current-gen iPhone deal, well, ever. Specifically, you can get a no-contract Virgin Mobile iPhone 5C (16GB) for $299.99 and nearly unlimited service for $30 per month. Here are … Read more

Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile to carry Samsung Galaxy S5

Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile have thrown their names into the Samsung Galaxy S5 hat.

The two prepaid Sprint brands on Friday announced intentions to carry the flagship device in the second quarter of the year. Neither carrier was ready to disclose a price or specific date; however, the handset will be compatible with Sprint's Spark LTE network.

Historically, high profile devices such as the Galaxy S series take a few months to trickle down to the prepaid brands. But, given the early press announcement, we might be optimistic that the Galaxy S5 bucks the trend and arrives in … Read more

AT&T serves up Android 4.4 to Samsung Galaxy S4

AT&T on Wednesday confirmed that the Android 4.4 update is ready for Samsung Galaxy S4.

Expected to roll out over the coming days, the KitKat update also brings a number of other noteworthy changes. Specifically, it adds compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy Gear as well as the ability to drag and drop to uninstall apps. AT&T, for its part, promises improved call quality.

The update is a sizable one, weighing between 412MB and 842MB, depending on which version of Android the user is currently running. Because of its size AT&T will only allow … Read more