Ford Fiesta ST is full of thrills

As Subaru will only offer the WRX and STI in sedan formats, the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST may well be the hottest hatchback in the land. In ST form, the little Fiesta subcompact gets 197 horsepower, a suspension affording easy apex rotation, and brakes that shave off just the right amount of speed. Down a twisty track, I reveled in the perfectly responsive steering.

The only thing I found to complain about with the Fiesta ST is that the car just isn't outrageous enough. The array of bright colors (green envy, race red, and molten orange) don't quite … Read more

Geneva auto show's perfect storm of tech and exotica

Some auto shows fizzle, hitting a dead zone in product cycles so that manufacturers have little of note to announce. This year in Geneva, the opposite happened, with automakers from every segment showing off exciting new models and concepts.

There were supercars and hypercars. There were compact SUVs and hot hybrids. There were cars of the past and of the future. And Apple joined a couple of automakers to give the first public look at CarPlay, formerly known as iOS in the Car.

The show stealers were the exotics, vehicles that sell in limited quantities at prices ranging from a … Read more

Koenigsegg: There can be only One:1

GENEVA -- They call it the first megawatt car because its turbocharged 5-liter V-8 produces 1,000 kilowatts. That's 1,341 in horsepower. They named it the One:1, because it has a power-to-weight ratio of one horsepower per kilogram.

Swedish automaker Koenigsegg brought its new One:1 supercar to the Geneva auto show, demonstrating an unparalleled level of engineering. In silver and black, this road legal Agera R sibling can make it up to 273 mph.

More extraordinary, Koenigsegg notes that the One:1 can make it to 248 mph, 400 kmh, in just 20 seconds.

Carbon fiber … Read more

Home networking explained, Part 9: Access your home computer remotely

Editors' note: This post is part of an ongoing series. Check Related Stories below for the previous installments.

If you've been following this series, you'll know that I explained the LAN and WAN ports on a home router in part 1. And now, I need to tell you how you can use this information to remotely access your device at home. For example, if you know how to use Remote Desktop, a built-in feature of Windows, to control a computer in a different room of your home, how about doing that from somewhere away from home, and save … Read more

5TB hard drive is here, inside LaCie's latest Thunderbolt storage systems

The hard-drive capacity race has just started again as LaCie announced today the availability of a 5TB internal hard drive in its three Thunderbolt series, the 5big, the 2big, and the d2.

This is the first time a new capacity was announced not by the original maker, which is Seagate in this case. However, LaCie has been part of Seagate since 2012. This is a SATA3 Desktop HDD internal drive that spins at 7,200rpm, model number ST5000DX000.

The addition of the 5TB drive option (up from 4TB) means that LaCie's Thunderbolt series can now up its top capacities … Read more

Not every Subaru all-wheel-drive system is created equal

Yes, almost every Subaru model that you can buy today comes equipped standard with the automaker's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system (only the rear-driven BRZ does not). However, you may not know that not all Symmetrical AWD systems are created equal. Despite sharing the same name, there are at least four different all-wheel-drive systems in use today.

The standard viscous coupling First up is the system that most people tend to think of when the subject of Symmetrical AWD comes up. Found in most of Subaru's vehicles equipped with a manual transmission, the system that we'll call "… Read more

Nissan cranks 400 horsepower from three cylinders

Racing might seem frivolous to the uninformed, but it serves as a proving ground for technologies that will find their way into production cars. Nissan will hit endurance races this season with an extraordinarily efficient engine in its ZEOD race car that should be the basis for new developments in its production cars.

The ZEOD race car uses a design similar to the DeltaWing car Nissan raced last season. For power, it will use a gasoline-electric hybrid system that should be competitive with the likes of the Audi R18 e-tron. In the last two 24 Hours of Le Mans races, … Read more

Lexus RC F makes performance play

DETROIT -- Lexus has been sharpening its performance cred in recent years with the launch of the IS F and the LFA supercar, but the launch of the RC F at the 2014 Detroit auto show suggests the previous moves were more than a passing whim. The RC F features a V-8 engine and a sport coupe design that should garner the appreciation of any driving enthusiast.

The RC F follows the launch late last year of the RC 350 model. Both use the same body, although the RC F gets some aero enhancements, such as a spoiler that automatically … Read more

Bentley bumps up its V-8 power in new Continental

DETROIT -- Bentley gave its new Continental GT V8 S its North American debut at the 2014 Detroit auto show, rounding out the model line-up for its powerful and luxurious coupe.

The new model marks the fourth version of the Continental GT coupe Bentley has released. Previous models include the GT and GT Speed, both powered by a 6-liter W-12 cylinder engine, and the GT V8, with its 4-liter V-8 engine. Bentley engineering chief Rolf Frech told CNET that the new GT V8 S fills the gap between the GT V8 and the standard GT models.

With 500 horsepower, the … Read more