Level up with Weber Elevations Tiered Cooking System

The fight for prominence on the grill can be a vicious one. The steak mauls the chicken while the vegetables argue on. And who knows what the pork is planning. How is such troublesome behavior ever to be overcome? The first answer, of course, is to give them their space. Even though everything gets all mixed up in your tummy anyway, that doesn't stop us from overcrowding the grill -- especially those first few grill sessions of the season, as we reacquaint ourselves with outdoor cooking.

There is a second solution. Look up. And skewer.

The Weber Elevations Tiered Cooking System grill rack and skewer set ($54.99) (… Read more

Darth Vader's BBQ tongs flip burgers with Force

If you've been searching for the perfect grilling accessory for your Bantha burger cookouts, take a look at these: "Star Wars" Lightsaber BBQ Tongs from The Fowndry. These geeky tongs are modeled after Darth Vader's own lightsaber hilt from "A New Hope."

These officially licensed lightsaber tongs have a removable transparent red cover and even make the signature sound effect that left many a Jedi quaking in his boots. Conveniently, though, these lightsaber tongs are powered by AA batteries instead of the Force. … Read more

Bring the food to the fire with Gaucho Grill

The quest to tame fire takes on different shapes and sizes every time the backyard grill gets fired up. At least one characteristic, however, can be counted on to remain the same: fire is hot. Of course, it's this defining characteristic that makes our food taste good, but it's what we do with it that makes all the difference. Some like a raging fire, some like it low and slow. And some like to let fire just do its thing, and bring the food to the flame.

The means to save food from being burnt to a crisp … Read more

Take your cooking to the next level with this tablet stand

The kitchen countertop is a dynamic environment. Food, in all of its various forms, finds its way onto the kitchen counter, only to end up eaten. But it's all those steps before the grand finale that keep it interesting. Before the first bite can happen (not counting the nibblers), all the sorting, chopping, and general prep work must take place. With all those moving parts sooner or later something is bound to fall to the floor. More and more, that something is in danger of being a tablet.

Tablets of all sizes have made their way into the kitchen … Read more

Tefal ActiFry goes Mini for countertop convenience

What's better than a delicious fried meal? Two delicious fried meals, of course. Except that's not exactly true. In fact, anyone who has dove in too deep into super-size fries knows there is an inversely proportional relationship going on there; sometimes more is most definitely not better.

Bulky waistlines often go hand in hammy hand with bulky deep fryers. Since deep-fried foods happen to be delicious, modern technology strives to counter this effect by enabling cooks to use less oil. Tefal has done this with their ActiFry appliance. And now, they even made that smaller.

The Tefal FZ2000 ActiFry MiniRead more

Stacking All-In-One Kitchen Tool Set keeps it all together

The clatter and clang of the kitchen is a sound that means good things are to come. Usually, that is. Sometimes the sound does not mean cookies or other treats will be immediately forthcoming. No, that cacophony of sound sometimes means the needed kitchen tool is not within reach, or worse yet, may be lost in the deep wilds of the back of the cupboard.

The All-In-One Kitchen Tool Set ($40) is a fun kitchen gadget collection that stores easily, and perhaps more importantly, does so as a cohesive whole. Shaped like a bottle when all put together, the set … Read more

Cook sous vide as simple as can be with Sousimple

The kitchen is made for tinkering in. Except unlike other tinkering areas like the garage or the back yard, one gets to eat the results when constructing in the kitchen. But as it turns out, there is more to do than just test recipes and food combinations.

The Sousimple sous vide kitchen controller is a Kickstarter project that takes an interesting approach to introducing kitchen tinkerers to the cooking method. Designed to be a bare-bones entry machine, the device keeps costs down by keeping things simple. Instead of a sous vide unit that requires an immersion circulator, precision control, and … Read more

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet pizza oven cranks up the heat

I sure could go for a slice of pizza right now, how about you? Might as well get a whole pie, right? I mean, it holds up nicely in the fridge and then there will be leftovers; leftover pizza is always good to have around. What's that you say? You would rather have something fresh and homemade? Well sure, but you know the oven doesn't get hot enough. Look out back...? Oh, what's that?

That is the Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Artisan Fire Pizza Oven and it wants to bake your pizza. Not only does the outdoor countertop … Read more

PolyScience Discovery Series Immersion Circulator makes a splash

Cooking is fun. Not only that, but it offers something appropriate no matter the mood. Sometimes the right thing is to cook something fast and straight to the point, and then at other times, hanging out in the kitchen for a long and slow meal is not only desirable for a particular cooking process, but also one that matches the mood. And then sometimes what's required is a little of both: exciting and slow at the same time.

PolyScience, makers of precision laboratory equipment, have been in the cooking game for a while now. Supporters of sous vide cookingRead more

Get ready for 3D-printed pasta, in any shape you want

Imagine you went out to eat and sat down to a meal of pasta shaped like the Batman logo. If a collaboration between Italian pasta maker Barilla and Dutch research organization TNO comes to fruition, restaurants could one day have 3D food printers that make this a reality.

According to Dutch news Web site Trouw, the two have been working on a fast 3D food printer that prints pasta and is targeted at the restaurant market. Diners could bring a USB stick containing their 3D designs, and chefs could plug-and-print on the spot. … Read more