World's largest TV, 'Big Hoss,' is as long as a jet

They say everything's bigger in Texas, and now they have the TV to prove it.

The "Big Hoss" TV was turned on for the first time in front of a live audience Wednesday night at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. The screen, built by Panasonic, measures 218 feet wide by 94.6 feet tall. That means it's longer than Boeing's biggest 767 (the 400ER), and taller than a seven-story building. To put it in home electronics terms, it's a 2,852-inch TV. The display features 20,633.64 square feet of HD LED lights that broadcast 4.8 million pixels and 281 trillion colors.

The TV has a 140-degree viewing angle so it can be seen by people in a large swath of seats at the Speedway, and it takes a crew of five people to operate it from within the attached control room. The screen is also allegedly able to handle wind speeds of up to 120 mph, as well as impacts from projectiles like hail, something that was confirmed by workers hitting golf balls at the LEDs, according to ESPN. … Read more

Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 now on sale for $350

Oculus' vision of virtual-reality gaming took another step closer to reality on Wednesday with the public availability of its second Rift Developer's Kit (DK2).

Game makers can purchase the headset for $350 today from the Oculus Web site, with an expected ship date sometime in July.

Oculus said many of the headset's features are ready for the average gamer. These include "key technical breakthroughs" such as "low-persistence, high-definition display and precise, low-latency positional head tracking."

The DK2 takes cues from Oculus' Crystal Cove prototype, including a low-persistence OLED to tamp down on simulator sickness … Read more

GamePop regroups for spring, signs Ubisoft, Warners

You might've thought the game console world was settled territory, but GamePop is hoping to change that perception.

BlueStacks' microgaming GamePop console, announced last year, has been delayed until late in the second quarter, according to a company representative. But at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, they've got what they hope is enough to keep players enticed: the big guns, major game makers.

Warner Brothers, UbiSoft, and GREE have signed on to distribute existing games, and perhaps new ones, on the Android-powered console that lets you play mobile games on your TV, joining smaller game vendors … Read more

What BlackBerry did right (video)

You probably already know that BlackBerry is in serious trouble -- a once vast smartphone empire that's now facing ruin. But that doesn't mean BlackBerry hasn't made several serious contributions to the tech world. Hit play to see Adventures in Tech explain what BlackBerry did right.

We have BlackBerry to thank for popularising the notion of taking your online world with you, as part of your mobile phone. It started with decent mobile email, but found mainstream popularity beyond the besuited business world.

When the first iPhone was revealed in 2007, Steve Jobs made fun of devices … Read more

Galaxy S5: How Samsung built its Galactic Empire (video)

As the Galaxy S5 enters officialdom, Samsung is the biggest smartphone maker in the world -- presiding over an indomitable gadget kingdom. But how did a company best known for Blu-ray players and TVs become the all-eclipsing superpower it is today? In this special episode of Adventures in Tech, we explain the Galaxy strategy, and tell the story of how Samsung forged its Galactic gadget empire. Press play now.

The new Galaxy S5 undoubtedly plays it safe, with a design that's almost identical to that of the S4, and a screen that's only a fraction of an … Read more

Kids play with gadgets more than toys, study says

Why bother twisting real, plastic arms when you can play twisting games on an iPhone?

What's the point of unpacking a board game when you can alleviate boredom instantly on an iPad?

Kids, you see, don't need the hassle. They just want instant gratification. Yes, they're little adults.

A study performed by child-education specialists the Michael Cohen Group, suggests that touch screens have overtaken all other forms of playful delight for kids.

The research, which examined the world of Digital Kids, shows that more than 60 percent of parents say their kids aged 12 and under play … Read more

Microsoft to sell $25 Xbox One Media Remote in March

Xbox One owners will soon be able to buy a Media Remote to handle the entertainment on their consoles.

Slated to arrive in early March, the Xbox One Media Remote will let console users direct the playback of Blu-ray discs as well as streaming video, Microsoft said on Thursday. Dedicated Back and OneGuide buttons will offer access to TV shows and movies listed on the Xbox One's program guide.

Xbox One users will also be able to use the Media Remote on their TVs to control the power and volume through Kinect, which can talk directly to your TV … Read more

I bought $20 worth of bitcoin at an ATM in Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- It smells like cigars in here, which makes sense because I'm in a cigar bar called Imbibe in the trendy Nob Hill neighborhood of Albuquerque. I'm not here for rye whiskey or a smoke, though. I'm here to buy some bitcoin.

The Lamassu bitcoin kiosk sits prominently on a counter, not far from the door. It's being promoted as the first publicly available US bitcoin vending machine. If it's not the first, it's definitely one of the first. Eric Stromberg, owner of Enchanted Bitcoins, the kiosk operator, stands beside it with an Asus Netbook at the ready.… Read more

Xbox One hit by black screen bug

A new update for the Xbox One didn't quite go smoothly.

Many Xbox One users who downloaded the latest update say their screens now go black when they press the Xbox Button on their controllers. A number of them commenting on both the Xbox One support forums and Reddit's Xbox thread report that the audio remains alive even as all screen activity goes dark. Some have responded to the bug by unplugging and replugging their consoles, while others were able to recover by holding down the power button to reset the machine.

In response to a tweet from … Read more