Insanely lifelike Morgan Freeman portrait painted on an iPad

A talented artist can get a lot of mileage out of the various art apps available for the iPad, but we ain't never seen anything like this. Digital artist Kyle Lambert has created a portrait of actor Morgan Freeman that's so lifelike we wouldn't have believed he'd painted it at all -- never mind on an iPad.

Luckily, he shot a time-lapse of the process so we can see exactly how it was done. About 200 hours and 285,000 brushstrokes have been condensed down to just three minutes so that you can see, stroke by stroke, how the picture was put together. … Read more

Oceanhorn: A loving tribute to The Legend of Zelda

Nintendo has stated, firmly and more than once, that it won't be bringing its proprietary titles to mobile formats. If The Legend of Zelda were to come to mobile, though, we don't think it could do a better job than the newly released Oceanhorn.

After being in the works from the Finnish developer behind Death Rally since 2011 (and promised for a 2012 release), it's landed for iPhone and iPad -- and the time in development shows. … Read more

Sci-fi fans, get every Cinefex issue on your iPad

If you have any appreciation for the effects that have made many movies so thrilling, especially before computer graphics became the standard, you've probably flipped through Cinefex.

Since its launch in 1980, the much-lauded special- and visual-effects journal has explored everything from how AT-AT Walkers were animated for "The Empire Strikes Back" to the dinosaurs in "Jurassic Park" and Peter Parker's alter ego in "Spider Man 3."

Now, a Kickstarter campaign is offering 30 years of Cinefex editions for the iPad, including issues that are sold out and hard to get. … Read more

Koala iPad mount lets you stick it to your bathroom

I confess. I sometimes set my iPad on the bathroom counter and watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" episodes with closed captions turned on while I take a shower. No, it's not an elegant solution. There's a danger of shower splashing, or knocking it over while toweling off. I should probably be looking into acquiring a Koala Mount instead.

The $20 Koala Mount from Dockem is advertised as "damage-free," meaning you could potentially stick them all over your apartment and still have a good shot at recovering your security deposit when you move out. The Koala works with all iPad generations, even the iPad Mini, as well as several popular Android tablets.… Read more

Crave giveaway: Two leather iPad cases from Kavaj

Congrats to Gene W. of Highlands, Texas, for winning a Kanex Sydnee four-port recharging station in last week's giveaway. Is your iPad in need of a new outfit? This week's prize is for you.

We're giving away two sleek iPad cases from Kavaj, a purveyor of leather gadget jackets started by two former employees of Amazon in Germany. The winner gets one Berlin case in black that fits the iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4, and one Berlin case in brown for the iPad Mini. Both slender, supple jackets boast a classic minimalist style and can … Read more

Laptopify your iPad: trying out Belkin's keyboard cases at CES

LAS VEGAS--iPad keyboard cases galore litter CES, but Belkin has some nice new models up its sleeve, including a clever one that converts your old Apple keyboard. I gave them a whirl over at Belkin's booth.

The Convertible Keyboard Case (top), announced at the show, costs just $49 and adopts a standard Apple bluetooth keyboard to become a pretty portable keyboard case. The foldable case essentially acts as a wraparound folio/stand, but its design is elegant, finding a way to fold the Apple keyboard's tubular back into the design without adding bulge.

The Ultimate Keyboard Case is … Read more

iPotty for iPad aims for high-tech toilet training

LAS VEGAS--Everybody walking by the CTA Digital booth at CES 2013 does a double-take at a colorful plastic object on the ground. They stop and stare. They take pictures. One woman declares it the best thing she's seen at CES. It's the iPotty for iPad, a toilet-training device for digitally connected kids. It's a fairly straightforward potty trainer with a holder designed for the iPad.

The first thing I look for is splash protection for the tablet and, fortunately, it's there in the form of a plastic sheet that fits over the iPad. There's a lid that turns the contraption into a seat. There's also a pee guard for the boys. All of it comes apart for cleaning.… Read more

Nibiqu iPad keyboard not much thicker than a Smart Cover

Tablets are dandy just as they come, but sometimes you can really stand to have a keyboard at your fingertips. You can carry around something like Apple's wireless keyboard or a fat case with a keyboard built in. Or you can get behind the Nibiqu iPad keyboard project on Kickstarter.

I don't really know what Nibiqu stands for, but I do know it's mighty thin at less than a quarter inch in thickness. It doubles as a case, but the most compelling aspect is the full keyboard with keys that depress. The maker is advertising it as "the thinnest keyboard for your iPad," though it may have some competition in that department.… Read more

Robots invade iPad with content-rich app

I was once served tea by Honda's Asimo, arguably the most advanced humanoid robot in the world.

Watching the machine sidle up to my table and serve the tea with the elegance of a veteran waiter, and then bow to me before retreating, was nothing short of astonishing.

The experience reinforced my belief that no matter how many times you see robots in photos or videos, nothing can match a real-life experience.

Asimo can be hard to meet, but with a lavishly illustrated new educational app from IEEE Spectrum, you can get interactive with him and 125 other bots -- from Rethink Robotics' Baxter assembly bot to Waseda University's keyboard-playing Wabot 2, and learn all about them. It's the next best thing to seeing robots up close. … Read more

iPad gaming wheel gives you something to hang onto

The iPad is the perfect size for holding in your hands and playing racing games, it's just not very comfortable for long sessions behind the imaginary wheel. Kolos, an iPad racing wheel, is looking to give your sweaty iPad hands a better grip.

The Kolos wheel can be held on its own or attached to a base with an auto-centering mechanism. A table clamp keeps the base secure. The hand grips are made with an anti-perspirant rubber coating for those times when your heart is racing as you take a corner at full speed.… Read more