Voice is not enough: Motion is key to Android Wear

Google and Motorola rolled out their joint vision of Android Wear, the Moto 360, and the future of wearables on Tuesday. (LG also gave us a taste of its upcoming G Watch.) Based on the few videos and all the information released for developers, it appears that Google's wearable platform is a fancy port of Google Now "cards" and voice control in a pretty spiffy, new form factor.

While this is the focus of the developer preview out this week, don't be fooled. Android Wear will be much more than just some full-faced watches that respond to speech, taps, and swipes. For the past few years now, Google has been telegraphing that it is much more interested in how we ambulate our entire bodies, not just our index fingers and vocal cords. … Read more

3D-printed corset wraps model in revisionist Eden

Multimaterial is going to be the next big thing in 3D printing, allowing for multiple colours and materials in a single print session. And 3D-printing company Stratasys is right in the vanguard with its Objet500 Connex3, unveiled in January.

The printer has three nozzles, which makes it possible to print in three materials at the same time -- or three different colours, cyan, magenta and yellow, for an entire rainbow of colour options.

What could you do with such a printer? Well, the potential options are amazing. But perhaps an artist is the best person to showcase just how beautiful 3D printing can be. Michaella Janse van Vuuren, a South African artist, designer, and engineer, has used the Objet500 Connex3 to create a range of fashion accessories in a collection she calls the Garden of Eden -- a subverted version of the biblical myth in which, she says, the woman is free and powerful.… Read more

Kaiju monsters go high-fashion for 'ultra' shopping center debut

The ultimate superheroine Mother of Ultra is the perfect supermodel for an ad campaign to celebrate the "ultra renewal" of 97 stores in the Amu Plaza Hakata shopping center in Japan.

Mother of Ultra, as well as kaiju monsters Alien Baltan, Dada, and Pigumon strut their stuff on the catwalk. In other videos, Mother of Ultra invades the city of Fukuoka itself, modeling the latest fashions most likely found in the newly updated shopping center. … Read more

Be your own light show in app-controlled CuteCircuit clubwear

London-based designers Ryan Genz and Francesca Rosella create clothes worthy of sci-fi fashionistas. Their latest CuteCircuit collection, which debuted at this year's New York Fashion Week, features miniskirts, jackets, dresses, and accessories with LED-lit designs controlled by an iPhone app.

"We're trying to bring a new dimension, to have everything be controlled by iPhone or a smartphone of some kind, so there's some way users wearing interactive garments have really cool ways to control what they're wearing," Genz explained behind the scenes of CuteCircuit's fashion show. … Read more

Kissing YouTube video goes viral (oh, no, it's an ad)

Here is the lesson from the Web this week: it takes just a couple of days to get 25 million people to pay attention.

All you have to do is show them other people enjoying their first kiss. And, preferably, being slightly embarrassed about it because they're total strangers.

This fine artistic ruse emerged on Monday, courtesy of filmmaker Tatiana Pilieva.

Here were 10 pairs of people meeting for the very first time, locking eyes, and, shortly thereafter, lips.

We sighed in wonderment. Well, not all of us. Some of us were suspicious about the fact that these people were, on the whole, remarkably pretty. … Read more

Bulletproof men's suit blends Bruce Wayne style, Batman-worthy tech

Sartorially, Bruce Wayne certainly had the life. When he wasn't on the job, he got to wear million-dollar suits, thousand-dollar watches, and ties that cost more than a few hundred bucks. When he switched into Batman mode, he got to flaunt a slick cape, body armor that made him look ripped, and one hell of a belt. (By the way, I'm talking here of the movie reboots, not so much the Adam West days.)

Now, a Zurich-based company known as Suitart has developed a men's suit that combines a whole lot of Wayne style with an ample dose of "kapow!" It's called "Diamond Armor," and for good reason: the suit fabric is embedded with 880 black diamonds; the lapels and stitching feature an additional 600 black diamonds with a total weight of 140 carats; and the jacket buttons are made from steel embedded with even more black beauties -- 280 to be precise. … Read more

Gotham-inspired garb puts Catwoman on the catwalk

New York-based fashion duo The Blonds -- David Blond and Phillipe Blond -- strutted their fall and winter 2014 collection at New York Fashion Week with Selina Kyle-meets-Bettie Page punk-glam outfits that would make even Catwoman purr.

Inspired by costumes donned by Catwoman in comics, movies, and the iconic TV show "Batman," The Blonds' upcoming line of dresses, coats, and leggings looks like it would befit a life of crime and passion in Gotham City. … Read more

Crave giveaway: Kisai Rorschach wristwatch from Tokyoflash

Congrats to Kelly W. of Twentynine Palms, Calif., for winning four waterproof iDevice cases from LifeProof and and Incipio in last week's giveaway. What do you see when you look at this week's prize? Think carefully; your answer might say a lot about you. We're giving away a Kisai Rorschach wristwatch from Tokyoflash.

Like other watches from the purveyor of wacky timepieces, this one takes a circuitous route to telling you it's 5 o'clock. It uses an e-paper display from E Ink to create inkblots in increasing levels of difficulty. … Read more

Preen's Darth Vader dresses channel your inner Sith

Stormtroopers and Sith Lords on the catwalk? At London Fashion Week, both strutted the runway in "Star Wars"-inspired clothing designed by Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi from Preen.

This homage to a galaxy far, far away is beginning to look like a fashion trend. Last week, droids, Yoda, and Luke Skywalker showed up on the New York Fashion Week runway in a fun new collection of "Star Wars" dresses by Rodarte.

Known for its eclectic mix of punk and vintage fashion sense, London-based design house Preen is a hit with everyone from Scarlett Johansson to First Lady Michelle Obama. … Read more

Classic arcade watch puts a game cabinet on your wrist

You love classic arcade games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders, and you want the world to know it. You could wear a hip T-shirt with a Donkey Kong logo on it, or you could scrap all sense of subtly and strap ThinkGeek's classic arcade watch to your wrist.

The watch looks like a mini arcade cabinet complete with a tiny joystick and little red button. What it actually does is tell the time with a pair of moving asteroids and a spaceship. The fictional game on display is called "Galactic Defense." It comes out in March for $59.99.… Read more