Star Apps: Kiss

Kiss has never been known for its humility. But there's no need for false modesty when you're one of the biggest rock bands of all time. Kiss has released 44 albums and sold 100 million of them over a 40-year career, and the band has an army of fans like no other. To mark its ruby anniversary, Kiss will hit the road with Def Leppard for a 40-plus-city tour that promises to be bigger and better than any Kiss concert before. I chatted with singer Paul Stanley about the summer tour, being inducted into the Rock and Roll … Read more

Star Apps: The Glitch Mob

Electronic trio the Glitch Mob's sophomore album, "Love Death Immortality," lives up to its epic title. The 10-track recording's grand, encompassing sound was honed onstage at some of the biggest worldwide venues over the past couple years, and the themes explored -- captured in the title -- are universal. In contrast to the group's debut album, "Drink the Sea," "Love Death Immortality" is richer, with real instrumentation, and more robust, with strong female guest voices. The band's live show is equally massive, with spectacular interactive concert visuals that the musicians … Read more

Mapping the human face in 900 megapixels

Daniel Boschung is a cartographer, but not as you know it.

He creates intricate photographs captured by his robotic camera that provide incredibly high-resolution overviews of paintings and insects.

For his latest project, Boschung set his camera on faces. He asked his subjects to remain perfectly still for 30 minutes as the robot took their portrait.

Each of the finished photos consists of 600 individual shots all stitched together. The level of detail captured is amazing, turning a regular portrait into a map of the human face. Eyelashes, stray hairs, and pores get captured in all their macro glory with incredible depth-of-field. Just like a gigapixel image, you can zoom in and out to explore every facet of the photo. … Read more

Could selfies be pushing more Americans to plastic surgery?

Plastic surgeons say they're seeing more patients who want facial surgery, and they attribute the rise to social media and the growing "selfie" trend.

In response to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, one in three plastic surgeons reported seeing an increase in requests for facial procedures by patients who wanted to look better online. The doctors reported that between 2012 and 2013, they saw a 10 percent rise in nose jobs, a 7 percent rise in hair transplants, and a 6 percent rise in eyelid surgery. … Read more

Colin Powell, pioneer of the selfie?

The young think they're all so clever.

When they get older, they realize that they were right all along.

They don't actually get more enlightened as they age. Indeed, they look back and wish they'd been more insistent about their cleverness when they were young.

As living proof, might I present retired general Colin Powell?

Here is a man you might think of as a voice of loyalty and reason. But on Thursday, he proved himself a man far, far ahead of his time.

He posted a selfie. No, not one taken with his iPhone last week … Read more

BBC News suffers spectacular, entertaining camera disaster

In the short annals of Monday joys, this might have a permanent place.

For it seems that as Britain watched its BBC News today, some citizens could not believe their eyes.

I am grateful to YouTube poster Ben Bristow, who captured the event for, hopefully, an infinite posterity.

As a fine and wise lady presenter called Caroline talked about apologies and financial costs, the rug seemed to be pulled from beneath her.… Read more

App automatically 'Likes' your friends' Instagram photos

What are you supposed to do when so many of your friends suddenly think they're photographers?

The minute they got Instagram, they believed in their hearts and eyes that they were Mario Testino or Ansel Adams. At the very least, they cannot imagine why National Geographic hasn't called.

You know that, at heart, they're more fragile than "American Idol" contestants. So you dutifully click "Like" on every one of their photos.

But if you're following more than 20 people, this can become more taxing than making sure there's no dirt under … Read more

GoPro falls from plane, lands in pigpen, gets snuffled

There have been plenty of videos of GoPro cameras surviving in crazy circumstances, but none of them have a surprise ending quite like this one. Mia Munselle found a camera in the pen where she keeps three pigs. The footage she recovered from it explains how it got there.

The camera fell from an airplane carrying skydivers last summer. Munselle told Crave she didn't discover it until recently due to the simple fact that she doesn't spend much time walking around in the pen. She confirms the camera is a GoPro Hero, either a 1 or a 2.… Read more

SanDisk rolls out speedy UHS-II, U3 Extreme Pro SD

Hot on the heels of two high-profile announcements for bandwidth-hogging cameras, SanDisk unveils an Extreme Pro SD card ready for both of them. With a rated burst write speed of 250MB/sec, it's equipped for continuous shooting at maximum speed with the Fujifilm X-T1, and its U3 classification of 30MB/sec sustained transfer makes it suitable for 8-bit 4K video recording with the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4. If you're looking for a speedy download solution to match, SanDisk is also offering a USB 3, UHS-II drive, the appropriately named SanDisk Extreme PRO SD UHS-II Card Reader/Writer.

I … Read more