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37 years later, world's first Apple reseller to close its doors

Although Apple has a group of stores all its own, the company has a chain of resellers that are also authorized to sell and fix its products. And now, its oldest reseller is shuttering its doors.

FirstTech, a company once known as Team Electronics, will close its doors next week, the company confirmed to

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After nearly 37 years selling Apple's products as an authorized reseller, the company has decided that it can't keep profits high enough to justify keeping its doors open. The main culprit, the company … Read more

Apple chops iPhone return policy to 14 days

Apple has shortened its return window for iPhones from 30 days to 14 days.

The change not only brings the policy in line with Apple's other products, it also makes the return window consistent with those of most phone carriers. Previously, customers who wanted to return an iPhone could do so within 30 days, but were still on the hook for early termination fees with carriers if the return was made after two weeks.

But as 9to5Mac, which first reported the news, points out, the extra time was helpful for customers looking to make minor changes to their iPhone, … Read more

New San Francisco Apple Store gets final approval

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday gave final approval for a major new Apple store to be built in Union Square, a high-traffic tourist area in downtown San Francisco.

The new store is designed by Foster + Partners, the UK-based architecture firm that designed the company's new spaceship-like headquarters in Cupertino, slated to open in 2016. So clearly, the new location is something of a flagship store for the company, especially given its proximity to Apple's corporate home in Silicon Valley. Apple already has an existing store nearby, on Stockton Street.

"We are thrilled that the … Read more

Apple's 1976 marketing plan included Apple Stores

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Apple opened its first retail stores in May 2001, but it turns out the idea for the tech giant's shopping hubs came 25 years earlier.

Regis McKenna, the legendary Silicon Valley marketing guru, talked about his first meeting with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak back in 1976, during a fireside chat Thursday at the Computer History Museum here.

The pair came in looking for someone to help market the Apple II. During the meeting, McKenna rubbed Woz the wrong way and hit it off with Jobs. McKenna initially turned down Apple's business and showed … Read more

Apple closer to opening 'iconic' 'flagship' San Francisco store

Apple is known for opening haute-design retail stores. There's the massive glass cube in New York City, the high-columned facade in Berlin, and the futuristic transparent cylinder in Shanghai.

The company announced last May that it was planning to open the mother of all retail stores in San Francisco -- near its Silicon Valley home base. Of course, projects like these must go through copious planning meetings, blueprint revisions, and city approvals.

But now, Apple is now one step closer to its vision. The San Francisco Planning Commission voted to accept Apple's plans (PDF) for its new store … Read more

Apple to open first retail store in Brazil next week

Apple is finally launching its first store in Brazil.

The Web site for the new store points to Rio de Janeiro's VillageMall shopping center as its locale and February 15 as its launch date. The store will be Apple's first in Latin America, joining its hundreds of other outlets, most of which are in the US and Europe.

The store will host a couple of workshops on opening day devoted to the iPhone and iPhoto. A workshop on the following day will focus on the iPad, while subsequent workshops will cover iCloud and the Numbers app.

Apple first … Read more

Tim Cook lands in Turkey, could he be planning an iPad deal?

Apple CEO Tim Cook's visit to Turkey this week has been in the works for a while now. It coincides with the opening of the company's first retail store in the country. However, during his visit, Cook also has plans to meet with Turkish President Abdullah Gul on Tuesday.

Word has it that Cook will be discussing an initiative that could bring millions of iPads to children in Turkey's schools, according to AppleInsider. The deal is said to be worth as much as $4 billion.

The iPads are a central component to Turkey's technology education initiative, … Read more

Apple store using sniffers to combat B.O.?

Have you noticed that not everyone cares too much about the odor they emit?

Do you recoil at times when you walk past an apparently pleasant-looking person, as the olfactory experience they incite might call for fumigation?

I confess that one place where this might be an extreme problem is the Apple store.

Apple stores are so full of humanity at most times of the day. One has to squeeze through, in order to venerate a product or two.

A report suggests that Apple is aware of this slightly stinky problem. Rocco Pendola of the Street says that the very … Read more

Is there anything wrong with being an insane Apple fanboy?

This week, people are gathering in the world headquarters of orgies for the biggest, most breathless gadget orgy in the world.

They will walk around the halls, their mouths agape, their heart-rates elevated and their fervor that they are in the future's core undiminished.

It's curious, then, that some wish that all gadget fanpersons would just calm down.

I was moved this week by Walt Mossberg's Recode appeal to fanboys and fangirls. "It's not a church. It's just an Apple store," ran the headline.

Rationally, this is correct. However, humanity has always been … Read more

Mac Pro, made in the US...eventually

Its design and price tag are polarizing Apple fans and detractors alike, but one thing is for sure: The new Mac Pro is selling strong. After going on sale Thursday with a ship date of December 30, the cylindrical desktop powerhouse is already delayed until February.

"Demand for the all-new Mac Pro is great, and it will take time before supply catches up with demand," an Apple spokesperson told Forbes. The Mac Pro is made in the US -- manufactured and assembled in Austin, Texas -- and Apple's terse response does little to indicate whether or not … Read more