MobileMe users' complimentary iCloud storage plans expire Sept. 30

MobileMe users who have been accessing iCloud storage at no charge over the last couple of years will soon lose that right.

Apple recently posted on its site that as of September 30, MobileMe users will no longer have complimentary storage through iCloud. On that day, Apple will move its former MobileMe users to its free 5GB plan. Customers who need more storage will need to buy it through iCloud.

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Apple: No more 25GB freebie for ex-MobileMe users

MobileMe users' 25GB of free iCloud storage is about to run out.

Apple today began notifying former MobileMe customers that their free 25GB iCloud accounts will be reduced to 5GB as of Sept. 30, MacRumors reports. Customers have to free up space or pay for 20GB of additional storage, which costs $40 a year.

Apple earlier this year shuttered MobileMe in favor of its new iCloud storage. The service allows users to back up and store their documents and media on the cloud.

All iCloud users automatically receive 5GB for free, and all music, movies, TV shows, apps and books … Read more

MobileMe, a rare Apple screwup, finally bites the dust

Come Sunday, Apple will make good on a year-old promise: MobileMe, its paid cloud sync and storage service, will go dark.

That means files that users have stored on the service -- as well as the sites they have published through Apple's iWeb software -- are going to disappear as well.

MobileMe users ought not to be surprised. The very same day that it named a replacement service, Apple said it would be closing up MobileMe. Since then, the company has steadily nudged people toward migrating their accounts to iCloud, which opened up last October.

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Apple issues another OS X 10.7.2 build, with no known issues

A couple of weeks ago when Apple began ramping up its releases of beta builds of OS X 10.7.2, I made a premature guess that this indicated the final public release of the update was very near at hand. Two weeks later Apple is still issuing new developer builds of the update, suggesting it is working hard at refining the build and ensuring that the new features in it--namely those relating to iCloud--are as bug-free as possible. In addition to new features, the build should address a number of issues that have cropped up involving the initial OS … Read more

OS X 10.7.2 beta includes built-in iCloud

Apple stepped up the development of the upcoming OS X 10.7.2 update and released a new beta build of the OS to developers for testing on Sunday. The main focus of the 10.7.2 update is support for Apple's iCloud service, which is Apple's successor to its MobileMe online services and offers a more "Cloud-based" array of options for syncing documents and online purchases as well as managing their use on multiple devices you own.

Until now Apple's iCloud services have been a separate installation for OS X developers and testers, but with this latest update, Apple has included iCloud built into the OS as MobileMe has been in past versions of OS X, and as iCloud is intended to be in its final release.

The OS X 10.7.2 update is anticipated by many Lion users not only because of iCloud, but also in hopes that it will address some outstanding bugs that have cropped up with the initial 10.7.0 release. These include black screens when waking from sleep and when performing some graphics manipulations, shifting application windows and Finder items, touchy HDMI output when using adapters, and even a potential security flaw with handling LDAP-based authentication on enterprise networks.

Apple did issue a quick 10.7.1 update a few weeks ago that included new video drivers to address some graphics problems in Lion, but this small update was released relatively quickly and was likely already in the works before 10.7.0 was released, to address known problems.

In addition to developing iCloud support in OS X, Apple is also working on implementing support for it in various applications, including its iWork and iLife programs. As a result, when OS X 10.7.2 is released, expect there to be numerous updates available for other programs as well. In all, 10.7.2 will be a significant update that is likely due out any day now, so be sure you maintain a full and restorable backup of your system in anticipation of its release.

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Apple temporarily closes iTunes Match sign-ups

Less than a day after opening up its iTunes Match service for developers to test, Apple has hit the brakes, keeping new developers from signing up to use the service.

In the new beta version of iTunes that contains the feature, Apple has replaced the sign-up tools with a note saying "iTunes Match beta testing has begun with an initial set of developers," and that "over the next days, we will continue to expand our testing. Please check back later to subscribe."

iTunes Match is the service that scans a user's library to find music … Read more

iCloud support could be headed to Snow Leopard

Apple frequently saves its newest features for the latest versions of its hardware and software, though a notice on a preference pane from an older version of Mac OS X suggests the company could be adding functionality from its upcoming iCloud service to the previous version of its operating system as part of a future software update.

Macrumors today posted a purported screenshot of the .Mac settings screen from Tiger (the OS before Snow Leopard and Leopard) noting that it's no longer able to sync up to Apple's servers because the account itself has been upgraded to iCloud. … Read more

Apple releases new developer builds of OS X 10.7.2 and iCloud

As part of its testing of new software revisions, Apple has a developer seed program in which it provides beta builds of its operating system and applications to developers to get feedback and root out bugs before releasing the products to the public. Given the transition to iCloud from MobileMe that is slated to come next month, Apple has been actively testing both iCloud itself and other software that will be interfacing with the online service, including iPhoto and OS X.

In the past couple of weeks, Apple has been releasing developer builds of OS X 10.7.2 to … Read more

How much iCloud storage will you need?

Apple's iCloud service is just around the corner, and if you plan on using it, you'll want to know whether the freebie 5 gigabytes will be enough, or if you'll need to upgrade to one of Apple's extra paid storage plans.

I got to wondering that same thing ahead of the service's launch, which Apple will only say is coming sometime this fall, especially given the company's claims that the 5GB should be "plenty of room."

For those who need more, Apple's offering three different storage tiers at $20, $40, and $… Read more

Find my Mac tracking tool crops up on

The feature that will let Mac owners remotely keep an eye on the location of their computer has gone live on the developer testing version of Apple's

As noted by both 9to5mac and Macrumors this evening, developers with pre-release versions of Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 are getting access to an iCloud feature that lets them both track, and remotely secure their computer. That feature's now accessible through, the Web front end for Apple's upcoming cloud service, which went live to developers earlier this week.

In order to make use of … Read more